8 Best Travel Gadgets To Consider for Any Trip

Even the most experienced travel enthusiast can find it tedious to pack travel essentials as you must get all the details right to make the trip worth your time and money. Packing right can make the difference. Unfortunately, you will often not know what you are missing until it’s time to use it.

Some less experienced travelers may not know what’s out there and the best travel gadgets to include in your itinerary. Get started on your journey by packing essentials and devices to improve your experience away from home.

You want to avoid the dread of lacking something critical during a vacation. While there are many travel gadget possibilities, we’ll discuss some products that will help solve annoying problems and make your trip more enjoyable. Whether it be a road trip, a luxury resort, or camping inside a National Park, these 8 travel gadgets will help make your trip better. These may also make great travel gifts for a frequent traveler in your life.

8 Travel Gadgets To Consider for Any Trip

1. A Wash Bag

First up on the list of useful travel gadgets you should prioritize is a wash bag, especially for road trips, van life, or camping.

Cleaning your clothes on the road is never fun, but when you have a gadget to help you with the work, it can feel more doable. A wash bag is a travel gadget you need when making long trips that could take several days or weeks. It’s especially ideal if you don’t stay in a fixed location to access washing amenities.

The benefit of wash bags is that they are portable as most weigh less than 5 oz. You can find pocket-size bags perfect for light packing, giving you the most compact “washing machine.” The bag is ideal for boating, outdoor adventures, travel, and even laundry at home.

It makes it easy to wash your clothes whenever and wherever – all you need is fill it with water, add the clothes and soap, roll and clip the bag, release any air, rub to clean your clothes, then rinse and dry. There are even wash bags with nodules that enhance efficiency to give machine-quality wash. Designed with a transparent window, you can see filling levels, and it’s easy to tell if you did a good job.

2. A Sand-free Beach Mat

A sand-free mat is a must-have travel gadget if you love lying on the beach or camping in the countryside. These mats quickly remove sand, mud, and dust from your surroundings by allowing particles to pass through. Being able to sunbathe without getting sand in your snacks is great and improves your experience on vacation. Similarly, if you love to enjoy an alfresco picnic in the country, sitting on a sand-free mat prevents dust from getting in your food.

You can buy these mats in different sizes, so you can pick the one that most satisfies your needs. For example, you could order a small mat that is good enough to accommodate a family of two.

When buying this helpful travel gadget, consider features such as UV stabilization to prevent fading. The mat should be resistant to mold and water and offer fast drying. Because the mats are often polyethylene, sand does not stick but falls through naturally. This makes the mats perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want versatility and durability.

3. Text and Location Communicator

When you are in the backcountry, you want to stay connected. A text and location communicator is one of the best travel gadgets for hiking as it allows you to send texts and show GPS locations. Besides packing sports shoes for your adventures, you also need to stay connected even when off-grid to ensure your safety if something were to happen.

The communicator sends messages via text rather than voice, making it a better option than a walkie-talkie. Furthermore, nobody will listen to your conversation as the message goes to specific recipients, and the texts are unambiguous. You also want small, light units for connectivity, which is perfect for light packing when traveling. However, these devices also have a few limitations. Their range is limited, so you might not be able to communicate in deep forests or hilly terrain.

4. Compact Purifier Bottle

This is a travel gadget that will help you when you visit places you cannot find clean water and is especially helpful for camping and hiking. The device offers a fast and powerful purification mechanism that makes water safe and clean for drinking. You can purify water from any source in under 30 seconds, so you will not need to buy bottled water. You can choose a purifier bottle designed for travel and backpacking to save space for your packing needs.

Using the purifier, you can remove 99.99% of viruses (e.g., SARS, Hepatitis, Rotavirus) and bacteria (e.g., salmonella, E. coli). It also removes protozoan cysts, and through an ultra-powdered activated carbon filter, it can get rid of heavy metals and chemicals. For usability, you can order a purifier with a replaceable purifier cartridge rated at 300 uses before replacement so that you can use the bottle indefinitely.

When touring an outdoor environment or you don’t have easy access to water,  you want a gadget engineered to stand up to challenging demands or emergencies, outdoor adventure, and international travel (camping, hiking, backpacking, and fishing).

5. Waterproof Led and Flashlight Flask

If you want a travel gadget for cold winter, a waterproof LED and flashlight flask would be a good option. This is a multifunctional travel gadget designed for harsh environments. You can pack a spirit of your choice and travel with it into the wilderness. The flask is perfect for camping, off-grid living, and emergencies.

Equipped with a flashlight, this travel gadget is a must-have if you are touring snowy terrain and expect to camp overnight. Most such flasks offer impressive 4 LED modules with SOS, Red, Bright, and Dim with up to forty hours of burn time.

The flask can carry up to 9 oz of liquid and comes infused with glass to preserve your drinks effectively. It’s strong enough to ensure you don’t lose your drink during your adventure. Besides, you get two stainless steel glasses, each holding 1.5 oz.

6. Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole

If your travels take you to colder climates, you can keep your feet warm and toasty using a ThermaCell rechargeable heated insole. It is operated wirelessly via remote control. The gadget is built with a foot warmer, which you place inside your shoes or boots — no wires or extensions to worry about as the batteries are packed intricately to ensure your comfort.

Most rechargeable heated insoles allow you to pick from three temperature settings: medium, no heat, and high at 111 degrees. Since the batteries may not run for many hours, you can use the insole for short periods, say 15 minutes, to warm up. Leaving the heater on longer could cause your feet to sweat, which introduces another challenge.

Whether exploring a cold environment or getting cold feet, these heated insoles will help keep you comfortable throughout your travels.

7. Solar Inflatable Light

Another packing essential for your travel is a solar inflatable light. When you buy travel gadgets, you should consider their suitability for your trips. A solar inflatable light can pack flat, and you can inflate it to create a waterproof, lightweight lantern. Most of these lamps offer up to 16 hours of LED light. The best part is that recharging takes about 7 hours in direct sunlight, so this could be an excellent item to carry if you are camping or otherwise in an environment where you may need light.

Besides, you can use it as an emergency light source when you are not traveling. Such a product can give you service for many years because the battery does not need replacement, and it’s made from durable materials. Like any other electronic gadget, when you are done with your trip, you should first fully charge the battery before storing the inflatable light.

8. Travel Iron & Steamer

Traveling does not mean incurring more expenses on laundry. Even in a hotel room, you can still handle all your clothes yourself if you have the right equipment.

One gadget essential to handling clothing while traveling is a 2-in-1 travel iron and garment steamer. Find a steamer that gives impressive steam, and its sole plate is ceramic coated for less resistance and long life. One with a heat-resistant carrying case makes it portable so you can use it almost anywhere. You also want to choose one with a soft-touch grip, locking the iron in your hand when in use.

The other benefit of using the travel iron and wash bag described above is that you’ll save space by not having to pack as many clothes because you’ll be able to wash and reuse them!


There are tons of travel gadgets out there for almost every aspect of your trip. Unfortunately, some of the more popular and flashy gadgets can cost almost as much as your trip!

Luckily, there are many great options on the market that are practical, useful, and fairly inexpensive. What other travel gadgets can you recommend? Is there something else that you can’t live without on your trips?