3 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and many of you are still searching for that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

And, just like EVERY holiday in this country, you have also been constantly bombarded by advertisements claiming to have that perfect Mother’s Day gift.

For a price!

While most stores have been advertising Mother’s Day sales and specials for weeks, you may still be looking for something that will both fit into your budget AND be meaningful.

Trust us, just because something costs a lot does not automatically make it meaningful, and the commercialization of Hallmark Holidays such as this one is just another way for corporations to try and take your money.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s wonderful to give your mom some extra attention on a special day just for her.

But are any of those material objects advertised by stores really the perfect gift?

Are they really going to convey your feelings and make your mom happy?

Chances are, they won’t.

But there is some good news because there are ways to have a truly meaningful day with your mom without being sucked into the commercialization that surrounds this day. If you’ve been reading any of our articles, you’ll know that we place value on frugalism and saving money. However, we also believe in spending money on the things that really matter.

With those principles in mind, we’ve compiled a list of 3 Mother’s Day gifts that will not only save you money but will actually serve the true purpose of Mother’s Day.

They’ll be meaningful.

1. Make Your Own Gift

Despite the research that warns against placing value on material possessions, we feel there are some exceptions to this rule.

These exceptions come when there is a strong emotion or memory attached to the object.

Have you ever owned something that you would never give up? You felt so strongly about it that you wouldn’t part with it even if you’re life depended on it?

Of course, you have, we all have.

This is known as sentimental value, and it’s a very real and valuable thing.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between holding onto something because it’s truly special and priceless to you and just hoarding items that don’t really have any special meaning or value.

When we talk about sentimental value, we are talking about special items given to you by those you love and care about or something acquired during a special event or time.

For instance, I have a small stuffed mouse that my grandma gave to me many years ago. I also have a Hawaiian shirt of hers in my closet. I will never part with these things because my grandma passed away many years ago from lung cancer, and these are the only objects I have that connect me to her. Everything else is in my memories.

If you want another example, I have a gold chain my mother gave me many years ago. Normally it’s kept safe in my room, but when I miss my mom or am struggling with my emotions, I’ll wear it so she can be close to me. This is one of the only objects I have connecting me to her, while the rest are in my memories.

These are examples of strong emotional ties to objects because of who they represent. In these cases, placing value on objects is more than permissible.

So why did we tell you all this?

Coming back to Mother’s Day ideas, a great way to give your mother something that will be extremely valuable to her and low-cost to you is to make the gift.

If you’re artsy, you could draw or paint her a picture, make some jewelry, or a carving. Maybe you’re good with clay or pottery, in which case you could make something using that medium. Perhaps you garden and grow her a plant.

If working with your hands isn’t your thing, make something using your mind.

Write her a poem or a song, or write down some of your favorite memories and thoughts. You could even write your own personalized Mother’s Day card.

The possibilities are literally endless.

But the best thing about this type of gift? It will mean the world to her.

The emotional attachment she’ll have to an object made by her own hands will far surpass anything you could ever find in a store.

Because it was specially made by you.

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2. Do Something To Help Her Out

If making a gift isn’t your thing, you can still give your mom a meaningful present in the form of helping her out with something.

Many people take their mom out to breakfast or dinner on Mother’s Day, and that is still a good gift.

What would be even better AND save money?

Make her breakfast or dinner yourself!

We all know making food at home is much cheaper than eating out, but it does take a little effort to do it.

Again, gifts that require forethought and effort are more meaningful, and your mom will appreciate a home-cooked meal of her favorite foods far more than spending a bunch of money to take everyone out to eat.

But maybe you don’t trust your cooking skills?

No problem! Do something else for your mom instead.

Think of some chores you can take off her hands. Maybe it’s mowing the lawn, weeding, or cleaning the house.

Whatever task or tasks, show mom you appreciate all she does for you and the family by taking over her responsibilities for the day and letting her spend some time doing what she wants to do.

3. Give Her Your Time

This last one is our favorite and is the most special and meaningful thing you could ever give your mom.

Your time.

As we get older, we tend to drift away from our elders, especially our parents.

Maybe we’ve moved away and only see them once or twice a year. Maybe we still live in the same area, but life has us so busy we can hardly seem to find the time to see them.

As life gets busier, we find that we never seem to have the time to spend with our parents until we run out of time. Once in a while, we all need to stop and ask ourselves what is keeping us so busy and if those things are more important than our mom.

You don’t ever want to find yourself in a place where you wish you had spent more time with someone because nothing you ever do will replace the guilt you’ll feel once that someone special is gone.

Especially if your mom is older, the most valuable thing you can give her on Mother’s Day is simply your time.

Clear your schedule and spend the day doing whatever she wants to do. Maybe you have a plan for the day, or maybe you just play it by ear and see where the day takes you.

Maybe you just hang out at the house and talk. Maybe you go for a drive. Maybe you take her to a movie, go shopping, or grab a bite to eat.

It doesn’t really matter WHAT you do. What matters is that you DO it. That you’re there.

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Moral of the Story

Mother’s Day is a commercialized day, but it is an important one nonetheless.

We typically don’t show enough appreciation for the ones we love in our everyday lives, so on this Mother’s Day, set aside your busy schedule and give mom the attention she deserves.

Luckily, the most meaningful gifts are also the least costly.

The perfect Mother’s Day gift isn’t something you get in a store. It’s something you make yourself, a task you take on for her, or the simplest of all, quality time spent with her.