21 Best Travel Gifts for Women That She Actually Wants


When you’re spending your hard-earned money to buy a gift for someone, it’s always a plus to know it’s something that will be put to good use. These travel gifts for women are a great way to show your favorite traveler how much they mean to you while elevating their travel experience.

Best Gifts for Female Travelers

Regardless of your budget or whether you’re shopping for special occasions or the holiday season, you’ll find the best gift ideas for your friends or family members on this list. These aren’t luxury travel gifts; these are essential must-have travel gifts that every female traveler needs.

1. Tech Case

These days it’s almost impossible to travel without our electronic devices. Still, managing all of the cords and chargers can be challenging. This travel tech case will keep all of her electronics organized and will quickly become a personal favorite.

The best thing about this case is she can use it daily to store all her chargers, cords, and adapters, so she’ll never get stuck with a dead battery.

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2. Hotel Door Lock

Safety while traveling is a significant concern, especially for female solo travelers, which is why this is one of the most important travel gifts for women you can give.  A portable door lock is a great travel gift – it’s small, light, and can be used on most hotel doors.

This lock is an easy way to secure a hotel room. Still, it can pull double duty to ensure extra privacy and security for homes, apartments, and dorm rooms.

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3. Digital Luggage Scale

One of the biggest travel challenges is keeping luggage underweight. Unfortunately, most airlines charge additional fees for overweight bags. Frequent travelers know to weigh their bags before heading to the airport, but it can be hard to know if your bags make the cut on the way home.

This small digital luggage scale is the perfect travel gift for over-packers. She can slip it into her travel bag and easily weigh her bag before heading home to ensure she won’t be subject to overage fees.

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4. Portable Charger

A portable cell phone charger is quite possibly one of the most useful travel gifts you can give. Nothing is worse than being on a trip and getting stuck with a dead phone battery.

This portable charger works with most mobile phone brands, including Apple, Samsung, and Google. In addition, it will extend her battery life for a long time, so she’ll never be lost without her phone when traveling to new destinations.

Plus, she’ll use this practical gift just as often when she’s not traveling – it will come in handy at home and work.

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5. Fanny Pack

Like it or not, fanny packs are really having a moment again. Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely seen the LuLuLemon belt bags. They have a cult following and are difficult to get your hands on since they constantly sell out. Still, they are absolutely perfect for traveling.

Give her one of these dupes instead. They are almost identical and come in a ton of different colors. These fanny packs may be a small size but big enough to hold her cell phone and essentials plus, they have a zipper pocket for small items.

These fanny packs are perfect for running errands and would also be a great pick for a birthday gift.

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6. Jewelry Case

Many travelers are hesitant to bring their jewelry along for fear of it getting lost or ruined. This travel jewelry organizer is one of the best travel gift ideas because it will keep all her special pieces safe.

This case has a place for everything, including earrings, rings, and necklaces, without occupying too much precious room in her suitcase.

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7. Custom Luggage Tags

Luggage tags may feel more impersonal; however, a personalized luggage tag is a unique gift she can keep for years.

She’ll love the minimalist design of these luggage tags. Choose her favorite color and have her initials monogrammed on the cover as the perfect compliment to her travel gear.

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8. GoPro HERO

Every woman with a love of travel needs a good camera to capture her travel memories. You can’t go wrong with a GoPro Hero. Not only are GoPros easy to use, but they are extremely durable. They can stand up to rugged terrains for even the most adventurous world traveler.

This camera is waterproof and captures great-quality videos.

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9. Refillable Water Bottle

One of the worst things about traveling is having to dump your water when going through airport security. You’re then left with the choice to buy a $6 bottle of water or throw yourself at the mercy of the airport fill station.

A filter water bottle is an excellent gift for your favorite traveler. She can fill her bottle with the worst-tasting airport water, and the filter will remove the contaminants and chemicals.

This stainless steel water bottle will keep her water cold for 24 hours, and the filter will ensure she’s always drinking great-tasting, clean water.

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10. Travel Bag

There is nothing more frustrating when traveling than not being able to easily access everything you need, when you need it. That’s why a great bag is the perfect travel companion for women.

This travel duffel is a best seller and is available in different sizes and colors. It has all the important features like a crossbody strap, luggage sleeve, and interior pockets to hold all her essentials. This bag is just the right size to carry on the plane or pack up for a weekend getaway.

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11. Travel Journal

One of the main reasons people love to travel is to make memories, but what good are memories if you can’t remember them? Give her a travel journal so she can record her favorite travel memories to read anytime she wants to revisit them.

This journal has a pen loop, a bookmark, and will easily fit in her suitcase, duffel bag, or purse.

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12. Travel Scarf

Some of the best gifts can serve multiple purposes. For example, a travel scarf is one of the best travel gifts for women because it can be worn as a scarf or a shawl for warmth. However, it can also be used as a blanket or rolled up as a pillow for her flight or road trip.

This travel scarf is hypoallergenic and has an ultraviolet protection factor – or UPF 50+ – to protect you from the sun.

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13. Compression Packing Cubes

Packing cubes have become a non-negotiable for many frequent travelers. But if she often struggles to fit everything she wants to pack, she will love compression packing cubes.

These packing cubes will still keep all her clothing organized, but they also compress to take up less space, allowing her to bring even more outfit options on her trip.

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14. Travel Pillow

Frequent flyers will love a cozy new travel pillow. Different styles and much better options are available so she can ditch her old-school neck pillow. This is one of the best travel gifts for women because long flights can be rough on our bodies, but the right travel pillow can keep her neck comfortable.

This top-selling pillow is made in the US from super-soft, eco-friendly Tencel fabric. It’s machine washable, hypoallergenic, and can also be used for lumbar support.

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15. Power Strip

Not all hotel rooms are created equal. We’ve all had the experience of not having enough outlets to charge our electronics each night. A quality portable power strip should be on everyone’s travel essentials list. It can also pull double-duty in her family room or home office.

This top-rated travel power strip is perfect to put on her hotel nightstand and has three outlets, three USB ports, a short extension cord, and can fit in the palm of her hand.

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16. eReader

Reading is a great way to pass the time on long-haul flights. Give your favorite world traveler an eReader so she can download all her favorite books without having to stuff them in her suitcase.

The Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for any bookworm. It’s small, lightweight, has a large display, and adjustable lighting.

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17. Hanging Toiletry Bag

A hanging toiletry bag is life-changing.

Instead of struggling to find all her toiletries in a traditional toiletry bag or unpack them all and clutter up the bathroom vanity, she can hang them. A hanging toiletry bag can be hung anywhere, and it will display all of her toiletries so she can quickly find what she needs.

This hanging travel toiletry bag has a swivel hook and elastic straps to keep bottles from leaking, making it one of the perfect travel gifts for women. In addition, it can hold full-sized products and cosmetics and has extra pockets for easy access.

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18. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are always an appreciated gift for travelers. Wearing headphones that block out noise and chatter on your flight, bus, etc., can be the difference between a relaxing and stressful trip.

You can find noise-canceling headphones in every price range. This particular pair is popular thanks to their small profile, good sound quality, and ability to pair with most electronic devices.

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19. Packable Tote or Backpack

An extra bag often comes in handy when traveling. Give her a packable tote bag or backpack for shopping or other excursions.

This foldaway packable bag has a zippered pocket for essential items, durable shoulder straps, and plenty of room to carry souvenirs. But the best part is it folds down into an attached pouch and can be packed away in her suitcase or used as a carry-on bag.

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20. Travel Wallet

Unfortunately, identity theft has become so prevalent, especially when traveling. Help keep her identity safe by giving her a travel wallet. Travel wallets typically incorporate RFID-blocking technology to stop thieves from scanning your wallets or purses to steal credit card information.

This water-resistant slim travel wallet will help her keep her cash, cards, and documents safe and organized. It includes a passport window, an ID window, four card slots, a zippered coin pocket, and, most importantly, blocks RFID readers.

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21. Toiletry Bottle Set

This gift will help cut back on waste and allow her to bring along all of her favorite products without the extra cost of purchasing travel-sized items each trip.

This toiletry set includes reusable squeeze and spray bottles in different sizes for her shower and beauty essentials, reusable jars for her creams, plus a mini spatula, funnel, and cleaning brush for easy refills.

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The Perfect Travel Gifts for Women

If all else fails, a gift card is always an excellent option for all travel lovers! Of course, this allows your loved one to purchase exactly what she needs, whether it be a specific item for her next trip or the perfect accessory she can’t travel without.

Not only are these the best travel gifts for women, but everything on this list would also make a great birthday or holiday gift!

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