85+ Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

The opportunity to give gifts is a great perk of the approaching holiday season! This list explores all the gift ideas for women that are classics, trending, and worth giving.

If you’re searching for holiday gift ideas, then this list is for you. Happy Shopping!

Holiday Gift Ideas for Women

Self-care Gifts

Everyone is constantly dealing with stress. Self-care is knowing how to manage that stress and take time to reset, which can take different forms. This list of self-care gift ideas can help you find something to help anyone.

  1. Spa gift card
  2. Spa/pedicure gift set
  3. Luxury robe
  4. Face creams, scented lotions
  5. Essential oil diffuser
  6. Subscription to the DryBar
  7. Help with a good night’s sleep (eye mask, aromatherapy lotion/candles)
  8. At-home massager

Travel Gift Ideas for Women

Travel gifts will likely never go out of fashion and are some of the most practical (and fun) items you can give. This list combines both notions for the traveler in your life.

  1. Travel Wallets
  2. Luggage set
  3. Luggage tags
  4. Practical & fashionable travel backpack
  5. Packing cubes
  6. Travel make-up kit
  7. DSLR camera for photography-loving ladies
  8. A travel gift card that can be used for a nice meal out or a spa day at their destination
  9. Universal adapter
  10. Pay for TSA precheck or Global Entry
  11. Turkish beach towel

Education & Learning Gift Ideas

Often, the only way to make time to sit and learn something new is if it’s been paid for. Consider these thoughtful gift ideas and give someone a unique educational opportunity!

  1. Books desired by the gift receiver
  2. A Kindle or e-reader
  3. Masterclass gift card
  4. Access to online courses or classes in their subject of interest
  5. Music Lessons
  6. A musical instrument of their choosing

Experience Gift Ideas for Women

Sometimes the best gift we can give is the gift of time with our loved one or time doing something that they’ve always wanted to do. These experience gift ideas allow for branching out, pushing comfort zones, and creating unique memories.

  1. Tickets to a ballgame
  2. Tickets to the ballet
  3. Concert tickets
  4. Book a tour or experience in their hometown
  5. Horse-back riding lessons
  6. Pottery classes
  7. Wine and paint night experience
  8. Tennis lessons with a tennis coach
  9. Reservations at a nice restaurant for a food experience
  10. Mixology class to learn how to make cocktails
  11. Wine tasting
  12. Scuba diving lessons
  13. Bungee jumping experience
  14. Sky diving experience (or indoor sky diving)

Luxury Gift Ideas for Women

Not everyone is into expensive, high-end items; however, every woman needs some luxuries in life, and this list can help with gift ideas!

  1. High-end handbags (or wallets)
  2. Fine jewelry
  3. A nice watch
  4. Perfume (or Eau de Parfum set)
  5. Leather jacket
  6. Cashmere sweaters (or scarves, hats, and socks)
  7. Silk pillowcases (excellent for your skin)
  8. Subscription boxes (e.g., Daily Look, Birch Box, Stitch Fix)
  9. Luxe, cozy throw blanket for the living room or bedroom
  10. Jewelry armoire

Food & Drink Gift Ideas

If you know someone who loves to cook, experiment in the kitchen, or is a foodie, this list will help you find something that works for them.

  1. High-end cutlery (think nice knife block, silverware, cooking utensils)
  2. Ceramic pots and pans
  3. Cast iron skillets (especially if they’ve been pre-seasoned)
  4. Recipe book
  5. Cocktail recipe book
  6. Solid wood cutting board
  7. Unique ice cube tray (e.g., round ice cubes for drinks)
  8. Pantry organization boxes and trays
  9. Kitchen Aid mixer
  10. Keurig coffee maker
  11. Instant Pot
  12. An air fryer
  13. Serving board or trays
  14. Cocktail glasses, stemless wine glasses, and assorted stemware
  15. Spice rack
  16. Wine fridge
  17. Gift cards to their favorite boutique
  18. Subscription to a winery wine club

Fitness Gift Ideas for Women

Staying healthy and fit takes time, energy, and money. Make it a bit easier and give the gift of fitness with these ideas.

  1. Reusable water bottles
  2. Membership at a local gym
  3. Class pass subscription
  4. Gift cards for yoga classes
  5. Yoga mat
  6. Workout outfits from Athleta, Lululemon, or their store of choice
  7. Dumbbell set
  8. Resistance bands
  9. Subscription to Down Dog app (yoga guide)
  10. Workout sneakers

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast

Experiencing the great outdoors, and enjoying it, requires having the proper gear. These gifts can help the ladies you know who love spending time outside with nature and being active.

  1. Camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, etc.)
  2. Skis
  3. Snowboard
  4. Hiking shoes
  5. Windproof jacket (or shell)
  6. Boat rental for a day
  7. Waterproof phone case
  8. Cooler (consider Yeti or Orca)
  9. Leak-proof drink tumblers
  10. Beach chairs (try Tommy Bahama)

Where to Shop

You can get these gift ideas for women in many places. Some specifically have to be purchased at the location where the gift is; for instance, horseback riding lessons likely need to be bought at the stable where the lessons occur, and spa gift cards are best purchased from the spa they’ll be using.

Most other things can be found in large, big-box stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and REI for outdoor enthusiasts or Saks Fifth Avenue for luxury, high-end items.

Places like Amazon, Walmart, and Target carry many gifts on this list. They are also a good place to look for gift cards.

When in doubt, another strategy is to shop at the stores you know they frequent. It’s a good way to get the quality of items they like and purchase within the categories mentioned above.

How To Save on Gift Purchases

Aside from usual sales and deals, consider the following ways to save money on gift purchases:


Signing up for Rakuten gets you cashback coupons for a wide variety of online merchants. Depending on the coupon, you’ll get back a certain percentage of the total purchase price.

Every quarter, you get a check in the mail with your total cashback earnings from the last three months. If you’re going to online shop, this is a great resource and way to save.

Outlet Stores

Almost every big-name brand out there has an outlet that enables you to get the same brand-name products at a lower price. They are worth checking out!

Purchase Gift Sets

Gift sets are especially easy to secure around the holidays. Items are bundled and cost less overall than buying all the items individually. It’s a great way to give a lot of gifts and not spend as much.

Credit Card Perks

Many credit cards offer cash back or a certain number of points for certain purchases.

Look into your cards and see if they offer perks anywhere you need to shop or what the cashback deal is. Many of us have multiple credit cards, so we might as well use the right one to get the most bang for the buck!


This list was compiled to help with holiday shopping; however, many of these gift ideas can be used throughout the year, e.g., for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or just because gifts.

Hopefully, this list provides plenty of ideas for the season to make it easier on you and save time. Though no matter the occasion, these gift ideas will surely make any lady in your life happy.

Happy Shopping!

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