Historic Lighthouse Turned Vacation Rental: A One-of-a-Kind Experience in South Carolina

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Haig Point Lighthouse, located at the northern end of Daufuskie Island on Calibogue Sound. It is South Carolina’s only lighthouse where you can stay overnight for an unforgettable experience in one of the state’s most captivating destinations.

The Calibogue Sound, a junction between the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, separates Daufuskie Island’s northern shoreline from Hilton Head Island’s southern tip. Having no cars permitted on-site, Haig Point is only accessible by private ferryboat but undeniably holds one incredible sight: the historic Haig Point Lighthouse.

Picture yourself spending a weekend in the iconic square tower of Haig Point, where you will find two bedrooms on the second floor and a functioning navigational light source high above. Surrounded by lush golf courses amongst one of America’s most luxurious communities, this 40-foot lighthouse is nothing short of delightful – featuring a picturesque rocker chair-lined porch overlooking Calibogue Sound’s waters.

An Island Like No Other

Escape to a paradise of unparalleled beauty and convenience. From the private Haig Point embarkation center or Harbour Town’s 24-hour water taxi service, arrive in style for an unforgettable experience on this barrier island.

People get around by electric golf carts; you can only imagine how peaceful it is. And quiet. Not only that, but the marshes create a unique ecosystem you can’t find anywhere else. There’s an abundance of wildlife – hummingbirds, ospreys, sea turtles, dolphins – plus gorgeous beaches perfect for swimming or gathering shells.

There are 29 championship golf course holes, so you’ll have no trouble getting in a good round on the green. Expertly maintained equestrian facilities allow for lessons or trail rides and six courts provide an inviting backdrop as you work up a sweat playing your favorite game of tennis or pickleball.

Guests can take advantage of the activities available on the water through a range of watersports. Haig Point offers a unique atmosphere that doesn’t come with any pretense – it’s authentic and inviting.

Discovery Experience

Guests can enjoy a stay at the Haig Point Lighthouse with a Discovery Experience package provided by Haig Point. You will get one round of golf or an equestrian experience, along with luxurious Lighthouse accommodations and complimentary passes for the ferry, private embarkation center parking, and a free golf cart to use during your stay.

One of the most unexpected things about being on Haig Point is its remarkable convenience. Groceries, Amazon deliveries, and Instacart are delivered right to your front door. So if you forget something, it is as easy as a few clicks away. And if you wish to stay connected during your stay, the WIFI on the island is surprisingly fast.

A Beacon of Hospitality

Built in 1872, today, the lighthouse serves as comfortable lodging for guests at Haig Point. Just inside the kitchen lies an incredible feature; a transparent Plexiglas panel that allows visitors to get a glimpse of the old brick fireplace from the remnants of the tabby mansion it was built upon.

Lucky guests who stay the night are treated to two bedrooms upstairs, as well as a kitchen, dining room, and living room downstairs. The wooden rockers on the front porch offer exquisite views of Calibogue Sound – the perfect spot for some relaxing respite.

If you’d prefer to cook while staying at the light keeper’s house, a full kitchen is available for your use. The home exudes an old-fashioned charm, starring plush yellow walls and vintage wooden furniture, giving it the feel of a cozy family getaway.

The lighthouse beckons us back in time, providing us with an enchanting view into the past.

The Spirit of Maggie

There is a folklore legend about a friendly ghost named Maggie who is said to live in the Haig Point Lighthouse. While there have been no reports of any real hauntings, this fun little story has become a beloved part of Haig Point’s history.

Depending on who you talk to on the island, you will get very different accounts of the story. Some locals recount stories of someone walking up the stairs behind them only to turn around and find no one there; others share that lights would go on and off or items randomly tossed to the ground.

And then there are those who are adamant that Maggie lived out her life in Savannah, where she is buried, and that she never took up permanent residence at the Haig Point Lighthouse.

After spending three nights in the lighthouse with my family, I can report that there were no Maggie sightings or unexpected occurrences during our stay. Just magical sunrises from the master bedroom window and the calming sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks a few feet away.

Whether you believe in Maggie or not, a stay at the Haig Point Lighthouse is an unforgettable experience. As guests explore its beautiful grounds, they can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace and wonder at this historic landmark.

Keepers of the Light

Celebrations of the 150th Anniversary are already underway on Haig Point and will continue until early October. Events like a Lunch n’ Learn, Paint n’ Sip, and Lighthouse Family Photo Sessions culminate with a 150th Celebration Weekend on October 6-8.

At Haig Point’s Lighthouse, let your time be guided by the classic beacon at the edge of Calibogue Sound as you spend an unforgettable night in one of South Carolina’s most charming destinations. Come experience this sensational island escape celebrating 150 years of hospitality.

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