Fantastic Things To Do in Dubai in December

Come December, and you definitely feel the shift in the ambiance. It’s the season of cozy temperatures and a festive mood. This is the perfect time for a leisurely trip with your family and friends. But where should you go?

The holiday season is a great time to visit many destinations, but with so many things to do in Dubai in December, it makes for an excellent choice if you want to experience an extravagant and delightful holiday. So why does it make such a wonderful December getaway? Let’s find out.

Weather in Dubai in December

Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Asian continent.

Let’s clear up a misconception that Dubai is always extremely hot! Because it is a desert city, the weather is generally sunny throughout the year. However, the weather becomes milder, calmer, cooler, and more inviting from mid-October onwards.

There is a perfect weather pattern during the month of December, where it is not too hot or cold but just right for outdoor recreational activities.

It is true that Dubai has just different versions of summer, but it is mildest in December and January, considered to be Dubai’s winter months. The best time to visit Dubai is these months, especially in December.

The arrival of December brings the much-needed dip in temperature, hovering around 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. It is the ideal time to step outside, stroll around, and explore the city without getting worried about the scorching sun.

As far as apparel are concerned, you must dress in layers so you can add a shrug or shawl if it gets chilly in the evenings or at night.

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Things To Do in Dubai in December

The choices are endless for making your Dubai trip in December the most fantastic time of your life. You will not find a dull moment when you visit Dubai in December. Check out these must-see attractions and activities in Dubai during your December visit.

Dubai Shopping Festival​

people shopping in dubai

Dubai city is dotted with shopping malls, retail outlets, and street bazaars, which will satisfy a
shopaholic. However, visiting Dubai during December doubles up the thrill of shopping. Every year, the world’s largest shopping festival takes place in December and extends into the New Year.

The entire city of Dubai participates in making this mega event one to remember. It means price slashes and great discounts on merchandise, unlimited entertainment, live concerts, and bumper lucky draws and raffles to win for visitors.

In December, a visit to Dubai is an absolute must if you’re looking for the ultimate shopping experience. ​

Dubai Miracle Garden​

garden and water fountains things to do in dubai in december

Countless shades of floral blossoms as far as the eyes can see! This vibrant sight in a desert city is only available to view at Dubai Miracle Garden. This seasonal floral garden stays open only during the cooler months of Dubai, but December brings additional festive charms to this place.

Visitors can appreciate Dubai’s wonders by spending a few hours in this sprawling floral wonderland, with record-breaking features and outdoor leisure landscapes.

The world’s most extensive natural floral garden will enchant you with its vibrant and larger-than-life flower installations and aromatic ambiance. Moreover, it’s one of Dubai’s best Instagrammable places to visit.​

Global Village​

global village in dubai

Global Village is where the world comes together in one place, and you can only find it in Dubai! On a December trip to Dubai, you can explore Global Village, which offers a glimpse into the culture,
handicrafts, cuisine, and folklore of more than 80 countries.

A unique mega cultural event takes place here every year and is the largest gathering of different nations in the world. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to meet people from all over the globe in a single spot.

The best part of spending a day here is relishing delectable world cuisine, mingling with friendly people, and enjoying great entertainment.

Dubai Desert Safari​

car in desert

December is the best time to explore beyond Dubai city. The vast Arabian deserts have a pleasant feel throughout the day during this month. You can explore the Dubai desert at your will and per your

Fancy a hot air balloon ride? There is nothing like the feeling of gliding across golden dunes bathed in the morning sun in the Arab desert. Craving for some adrenaline rush? Check out dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and dune buggy Dubai activities.

The evenings hold the best versions of Dubai sunsets, and the cultural vibe you witness would be a tale you would love to tell your friends and acquaintance back home. ​

Christmas Flair and New Year’s Eve in Dubai​

Dubai is the perfect alternative to White Christmas for those who prefer unique experiences. A city
strewn with fairy lights, elegant festoons, and brightly lit Christmas trees is a beautiful sight to see.

Dubai Downtown, in particular, is a fantastic place to visit during the holidays when Burj Khalifa dazzles and lights up in vibrant light shows.

Ringing in the New Year in Dubai is undoubtedly an impressive experience on its own. Dubai’s iconic landmarks, picturesque shorelines, and city skyline are illuminated by fireworks displays during the New Year’s celebrations.

The city is abuzz with New Year parties, mega-events, live shows, and spectacular grand dining experiences. Dubai is where you should be if you want to celebrate the New Year with panache. ​

Dubai Beaches​

beach in dubai

Sunshine, sea, and sandy shores are the perfect antidote to stress, and Dubai has them all! The weather in December is ideal for relaxing on the beaches and getting a sun-kissed tan. Other months of the year are usually not ideal for taking a day trip to the beach.

However, the weather is excellent for a leisurely stroll on the beach and a quick swim in the water in December. Kite Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, La Mer, and JBR Open Beach are all spectacular beaches to visit in December. There are also beachside activities and watersports you can enjoy.

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Dubai offers the best of all experiences! However, its main drawback is that its climate is often too hot to explore outdoor adventures. December is the ideal month when the city has a spring to its step with the upcoming festivities and New Year celebration, along with a dip in temperatures.

So, while Dubai welcomes visitors all year, December is the month to get out there, bask in the sun, and stroll through the neighborhoods and districts, taking in all that the city has to offer.

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