How Many Swimsuits For A 7-Day Cruise?

If you’re planning to take a trip on a cruise for seven days, you may be wondering exactly how many swimsuits you need to pack. Seven days is a long time to be out at sea, which is very exciting but also makes the preparation quite daunting. You will, without a doubt, be wearing a swimsuit every day, so you don’t want to be stuck without one.

It is generally recommended that you take around three to four swimsuits on a 7 day cruise so that they have a day to dry properly between activities. There is no restriction on how many swimsuits you pack, but you must bring at least one practical swimsuit and rash vest for more vigorous activities.

There’s more to a cruise than just lounging by the pool or on the beach, and there is also a myriad of exciting activities available to you over the seven days you will be traveling. You will need to pack the right type of swimming gear depending on what kind of activities you plan to participate in.

How Many Swimsuits To Pack For A Week-Long Cruise?

If you want to pack a new swimsuit for every day on your cruise, go ahead! Swimsuits don’t take up much packing space, and maybe you have some cute bikinis you have been dying to show off. You must pack at least one, however, and preferably around four so you can give each one a day to dry after swimming in it.

Perhaps your main priority is looking your best while you soak up some sun while relaxing at the pool, or maybe you plan to participate in more adventurous activities. Either way, you must ensure you have the swimwear you need for the various activities on your holiday, both on the ship and at your destinations.

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean in your best-looking swimsuit, only to find it filling up with sand, falling off at the most inopportune times, or leaving you with an odd-shaped sun tan? These practical reasons are why you need to keep in mind what type of swimsuits you pack for your holiday, especially if you are planning on taking part in all the activities the cruise has to offer.

A good recommendation would be to bring two swimsuits suitable for lounging by the pool or having a gentle swim in the ocean, and two swimsuits that can handle some more vigorous activity. It is also essential to pack a cover-up for walking around on deck and a rash vest or two for swimming in the ocean.

How Do You Dry Your Swimsuit On A Cruise?

Taking enough swimsuits to dry between activities sounds simple, but it’s a bit more complicated when you’re at sea. So, how do you dry your swimsuits when all you have is a cabin on a cruise ship?

Luckily, most cruise ships will have some kind of clothesline available in your cabin. You will likely find this in the shower area, where it won’t be in your way. You can rinse your swimming gear and then hang them up to dry. If your swimsuit is still not dry by the time you want to use it again, you can use the hair dryer to get the last bit of moisture out if necessary.

What Swimming Activities Happen On A Cruise?

The activities available differ depending on the ship you booked your cruise on and where you will be making your stops. Every vessel and each destination is different, but you can be sure to expect to find something for you.

Cruise ships have something on board for everyone; the same is true regarding water-based activities. You could spend your days lounging by a beautiful swimming pool or in a luxurious hot tub. Many ships have exciting waterparks and waterslides for passengers with the energy to spare! If you’re planning on using these, you will need a swimsuit that won’t fall off easily.

Each destination you arrive at will have its unique and exciting set of activities to enjoy, many of which involve the ocean or water. Some locations will have jet-skiing, snorkeling, or diving opportunities, while others may even have trails to a waterfall where you can enjoy some freshwater swimming.

Check Your Itinerary When Packing For Your Cruise

A helpful tip to remember when preparing for your long cruise is to plan. Take a look at your itinerary and note the places you will be traveling to. It will help to plan ahead of time and decide if you will participate in lots of water-based activities like snorkeling, diving, or jet-skiing. If you decide that these activities are for you, then make sure to pack the appropriate swimwear and a rash vest.

Are There Rules For Wearing A Swimsuit On A Cruise Ship?

There is only one rule for wearing your swimsuit on your cruise; that rule is that wearing your swimsuit should only be reserved for fun and games on the lido deck and nowhere else. This rule is why a cover-up is a helpful item to bring along so you can move between the lido deck and your cabin quickly.

The lido deck on a cruise ship is where you will find the pool, water slides, and hot tubs. You can walk around in your stylish swimsuit as much as you like here, but if you need to head back to your cabin, you will need to wear a cover-up. Don’t worry; the lido deck has everything you could need, including showers, change rooms, rental kiosks for bathing towels, as well as at least one bar and buffet!

If you’ve spent all day in holiday mode, wearing nothing but your swimsuit or cover-up, you might consider going all out and wearing them to dinner as well. Wearing your swimsuit at dinner is a big faux pax, so be careful! Many cruise ships enjoy a more formal dinner setting, and you must dress appropriately. Swimwear is definitely off the table.

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You can pack as many wetsuits as you like for your seven-day cruise, but it is recommended that you pack around four so you can always have one dry swimsuit available each day. You must also bring more than just your prettiest swimsuit, as it might not be suitable for the more strenuous activities you may want to participate in while on your cruise.

It would be best if you also brought along a rash vest, cover-up, and your swimwear choice. Wearing a rash vest will protect your skin from the sun while swimming in the ocean. A suitable cover-up is very useful if you need to leave the lido deck and don’t want to change in and out of your swimsuit.