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What Should You Not Wear To The Beach?

Editorial credit: agsaz / Your beach bag is packed, and you are more than ready to hit the beach, but is there anything you have brought along that you should not wear to the beach? Giving some thought to …

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What Color Sunglasses Are Best For Beach?

Wearing sunglasses to the beach isn’t only an accessory; it’s a necessity! Sunglasses can help you to take full advantage of the summer without your eyes becoming strained or tired. How much protection a pair of sunglasses will offer depends …

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How Many Swimsuits For A 7-Day Cruise?

If you’re planning to take a trip on a cruise for seven days, you may be wondering exactly how many swimsuits you need to pack. Seven days is a long time to be out at sea, which is very exciting …

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What Type Of Dress Should You Wear On The Beach?

Deciding on a swimsuit that fits perfectly can be challenging, but choosing what type of dress you should wear on the beach can be just as tricky. There are so many styles of dresses in all different lengths, which are …

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What Makeup Should I Wear To The Beach?

The combination of heat, salt water, and intense sunlight can wreak havoc with carefully applied makeup and result in a cakey build-up, shiny skin, or worse, runny mascara. A trip to the beach demands an entirely different set of products …

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Swimwear To Hide Tummy And Thighs

One of the greatest things about living in the modern era is that there is swimwear available that will flatter every body shape. There is no need to avoid the beach or wear old-fashioned frumpy styles even if you don’t …

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What Material Are Sarongs Made Of?

Sarongs are worn worldwide by men and women from all cultures and backgrounds. These days, sarongs can be mostly seen on beaches as cover-ups over swimwear. If you are interested in making yourself a sarong, it is crucial to know …

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Does A Swimsuit Keep You Warm?

Swim in winter? That sounds exciting! How about scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, maybe kite surfing? Your swimsuit serves you well, and it never crosses your mind to think about keeping yourself warm on hot summer days when you have a …

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Can You Iron Swimsuit Material?

Are you wondering if you can remove the wrinkles in your swimsuit easily? Maybe by ironing it? Or is ironing a total no for swimsuit fabrics and materials? It would help if you avoided ironing when you want to remove …

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What To Wear To The Beach If You’re Not Swimming

Somedays you want to go to the beach just to enjoy the lovely sunshine but don’t want to swim, what type of outfits should you wear? Can you enjoy the beach without swimming? Yes, you can! This article looks at …

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