Cheap Beach Table Lamps

When walking into a beach house, you get a certain feeling that evokes memories of happy holidays spent with family and friends. Besides the festive atmosphere, ocean views, and sound of crashing waves, the décor of a beach home plays a large role in creating ambiance. Unfortunately, the cost of décor items can be prohibitive.

Table lamps are inherently expensive. Prices often reach thousands of dollars. Thankfully, a few stores sell affordable table lamps that will contribute to your coastal home without making it look kitsch and cheap. Walmart, Houzz, Wayfair, and Overstock are a few examples.

Coastal homes are filled with textural materials such as rattan, grasscloth, and textured fabrics. Ocean-inspired accessories abound, with direct or metaphorical references to seashells, seaweed, and coastal animals. While there is an enormous amount of kitsch ocean décor available, it is possible to find tasteful elements to incorporate into your coastal home at an affordable price.

Cheap Beach Table Lamps

When referring to beach house décor, there is no single aesthetic that dominates. Beach houses are decorated in numerous ways depending on the owner’s tastes and budget. Apart from the stark, minimalist type of beach home, however, most coastal homes are cozy, homely spaces.

Generally speaking, coastal homes will have décor inspired by the coastal environment, however literal the references may be. Texture abounds, creating a rich, layered effect that helps add to the warm, comfortable, and relaxing atmosphere.

Rattan and grasscloth are commonplace, along with driftwood, jute, and plenty of robust fabrics. Almost any beach house will have accessories inspired by the ocean. Often, the washed-up items found by visitors and residents during their strolls along the beach will be incorporated into the home’s décor.

While it’s not advisable to go overboard with coastal references in your choice of accessories for your beach house, there is a way to go about this with good taste and restraint.

By carefully selecting table lamps that subtly reference the coast without being overly kitsch, you will be able to create an aesthetic that is simultaneously chic, durable, and cozy with a subtly ocean-inspired feel.

Table lamps are generally not cheap items by any means. While you can pick up a (most likely ugly and badly-made) table lamp for under fifty dollars, prices can stretch into the thousands of dollars.

This article illustrates a few examples of tasteful coastal-inspired table lamps from several online stores that will not break the bank. Some stores include Target, Walmart, Amazon, Overstock, Wayfair, Houzz, Bella Coastal Décor, and Caron’s beach house.

Ombre Ceramic Table Lamp, Walmart

This is another lamp from Walmart that will add to your coastal aesthetic without insulting the eyes. At only $42,98, you can’t go wrong with the Ombre Ceramic Table Lamp. A simple white and blue ombre glazed ceramic base is paired with steel accents and a textured white lampshade.

Jolina Rattan Table Lamp, Overstock

This contemporary coastal table lamp from Overstock boasts a natural texture with its airy rattan base paired with brass accents and a white linen drum shade. This lamp remains chic and contemporary with a nautical feel, making a statement in any part of your home while costing only $86.

Clear Glass Fillable Table Lamp, Walmart

This fillable clear glass lamp is a great addition to any coastal home. The sleek clear glass base, chrome accents, and crisp white shade lend a contemporary edge to your beach home. However, the glass base can be filled with your favorite combination of seashells and other small collectibles from the beach.

This feature helps contribute to the coastal aesthetic while remaining tasteful and allowing you to transform the lamp as you see fit. The low price tag of $74.99 makes this lamp a great choice.

nuLOOM Rattan Beaded Table Lamp, Houzz

This contemporary beach house lamp with a classic silhouette and clever coastal references is a welcome addition to any coastal home. The base uses rattan beads, matte grey accents, and a simple white drum shade. At only $77, this beaded rattan lamp by nuLOOM is a worthwhile purchase.

Jute and Brass Table Lamp, Houzz

At only $86, the Modern Home Soho Jute Golden Brass table lamp with a natural jute rope shade is an interesting and contemporary table lamp with subtle coastal references. The fine jute is stretched over a steel frame. Inspired by a mid-century aesthetic, this lamp is simultaneously coastal and chic and costs only $86.

Hudson Blown Glass Gourd Table Lamps, Lamps Plus

This is a set of two lamps for only $149.99. The blown-glass gourd shape is encased in a dark bronze metal frame. The lampshade is a crisp, textured burlap. These unique lamps will bring vintage style to your coastal home while remaining contemporary and coastal in their aesthetic.

Remember that you do not need to place the two identical lamps together – they can be placed in different rooms to give each lamp its own “time to shine.”

Galata Table Lamp, Wayfair

This is another quirky, tropically-inspired lamp with a base that resembles a palm tree. The base is manufactured using resin for added durability, and the shade is a hexagon made using rattan. The color brown allows the lamp to remain subtle while remaining true to the coastal aesthetic.

At $92.99, this lamp will add to your coastal home without a high price tag.

Harmony Fog Grey Table Lamps, Caron’s Beach House

This set of two lamps for $162.80 is contemporary and sleek yet pays homage to the traditional coastal aesthetic. While most of the other lamps from this online store are not cheap, they do have a few deals like this. Looking at deals like this, you will be assured of an affordable lamp of excellent quality.

Paget Pineapple Lamp, Walmart

The pineapple lamp will lend an edge of tropical style to your space in a tasteful way for only $98.47. The oversized brown pineapple-shaped base is quirky yet refined and discreet. Paired with an off-white textured lampshade, this lamp will work well in any coastal home.

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As you can see from the above, there is no shortage of table lamps available. While the prices of good quality and aesthetically pleasing table lamps may seem out of reach at first, a little searching will help you find a good deal that looks good in your home and suits your budget.