Where Is The Clearest Water In Fiji?

Fiji is a nation famous for its distinctly clear water, and many of its islands have become extremely popular as vacation resorts and honeymoon destinations. While going on holiday in Fiji can be somewhat tricky, the scenery there is remarkable, and the incredibly clear water is something that you will never forget. It is a place that needs to be seen to be believed.

The places with the clearest water in Fiji include Natadola Beach, Rainbow Reef, Rakiraki, Yaukuvelevu Island, Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Lailai, Horseshoe Bay, and Castaway Island. Natadola Bay is the most popular of these locations and has the clearest water in Fiji. 

Many iconic and extremely well-known vacation spots in Fiji are renowned for their clear water. There are also many more destinations in Fiji that can be considered hidden gems. It is a country that needs to be seen, and there are many more locations that you need to read about before you go there. 

Which Fiji Island Has The Clearest Water?

Natadola Beach undoubtedly has the clearest water. It is the most popular location on the island. Natadola Beach is gorgeous, with snow-white sand and beautiful cobalt–tinted ocean.

Natadola Beach offers something for everyone. It has beaches ideal for swimming, as well as some beaches with larger waves that are suited to surfing.

Natadola Inside, being inside of the bay, is great for beginners or those looking for a calmer surf. Natadola Outside, being further out in the channel, has waves that will be better for more experienced surfers looking for a more challenging experience while on vacation. 

Where Is Clearest Water For Snorkeling In Fiji?

Due to the clear water found in Fiji, it is a favorite destination for many snorkeling enthusiasts. As Fiji consists of over 300 small islands surrounded by coral reefs, there is an abundance of sea life and hundreds of miles of colorful coral reefs to be explored. 

Rainbow Reef is one of them, with many dive operators that can guide you through the abundance of soft corals. It is named Rainbow Reef because the colorful corals often create a rainbow-like effect in the water. 

Rakiraki is also a very well-known snorkeling spot located on the northern tip of Viti Levu and has some of the most transparent water in Fiji. This allows you to see further and have a wider range of views. You can stay at the Volivoli Beach Resort and hire a boat to explore the vibrant soft coral reefs. 

Natadola Bay is also located on Viti Levu. It is a very accessible and convenient snorkeling spot with many species of vibrantly colored fish and stingrays hiding on the sandy ocean floor. 

For those who love sharks and want to experience them up close, Moya Reef is an absolute must on any trip to Fiji. About a 20-minute boat trip from Kuata Island, the reef has an abundance of black-tip and white-tip reef sharks. 

Where Is The Resort With The Clearest Water In Fiji?

Fiji is well renowned for having some of the best resorts in the world, with the stunning clear waters being an idyllic backdrop for a luxurious and extravagant resort. 

An excellent example is Kokomo Private Island Fiji, located on Yaukuvelevu Island. It is a stunning and highly exclusive luxury resort with a wide selection of activities. The activities offered at Kokomo range from snorkeling to a spa and infinity pools that overlook the gorgeous view of the clear ocean.

If Kokomo Private Island Fiji is too commercial for your tastes, then Vomo Island Resort might be more suitable. It is an island resort dedicated to nature lovers who want to relax and have a great time exploring everything the island offers. Transparent water is abundant around the island and will cater to those who are looking to spend time exploring the ocean. 

Vomo offers the use of snorkeling equipment, sailboats, windsurfing gear, and kayaks to explore the beautifully clear Fijian waters. Vomo caters to people who want a truly relaxing experience, with light gourmet meals, a spa, and a nine-hole golf course also available.

Why Is Fiji’s Water So Clear? 

Fiji has such clear water due to the coral reefs that surround the coast of some of the islands. They break up the movement of water currents. It prevents sediment and sand on the ocean floor from being disturbed. This is the primary cause of murky and opaque water and leads to more fine sand particles disrupting light.

Coral reefs also remove pollution from the ocean. Corals are filter feeders, so they consume pollutants that cannot dissolve in water and prevent them from settling on the ocean floor, keeping the ocean clear.

Is It Expensive To Visit The Clear Waters Of Fiji?

If you want to thoroughly experience everything during a visit to the iconic clear waters of Fiji, it can become quite expensive. Fortunately, the price range for a visit to Fiji allows for all budgets. 

Here are some of the costs you can expect during a two-week trip to Fiji:

  • Air travel can cost anywhere from $337 to $1837, depending on which country you are flying from.
  • Accommodation can range from $9 to $280 a night ($126 to $3920 for two weeks.)
  • The cost of food and beverages can range from $70 to 350 for the whole trip.
  • The cost of activities can vary wildly depending on where you are staying and can range from being free to upwards of $350 for your entire trip. The actual cost depends on the place you are visiting and what activities you plan on participating in once there.
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Is It Safe To Swim In Fiji’s Water?

Fiji’s ocean currents can be surprisingly strong, leading to a rough and somewhat challenging swim in certain areas. Hurricanes are also widespread from November to April, which can cause the sea to become unpredictable. 

Marine life is also a minor concern, with various species of sharks, sea snakes, and sea turtles living in the tropical waters of Fiji. They should be taken into consideration, as an unplanned encounter could spoil the memories of this dream destination.

Coral can also be a danger. It may look soft or delicate to an unwary observer, but in reality, it is sharp enough to cut through most wetsuits and can pierce deep into the skin. 

While there are many dangers to contend with in Fiji’s waters, arming yourself with knowledge of the dangers and safety protocols and making use of a local guide can reduce the risk of harm.

While there may be some areas of Fiji that are geared more toward those seeking adventure, there are a few areas in Fiji that allow you to experience the clear water with little to no danger. This includes beaches such as:

  • Natadola Beach
  • Blue Lagoon, Nanuya Lailai
  • Horseshoe Bay
  • Castaway Island


Fiji is an incredible country. The crystal clear waters, the varied fauna and flora of the islands, and the astonishing amount of aquatic life present in the country’s tropical oceans are breathtaking. It is a place that needs to be seen to be believed and will leave you with an unforgettable experience unlike any other.