Best Family Beaches Near Fort Myers

With summer fast approaching, finding family beaches seems like an impossible task. Yet, spending time unplugged with your family is the best way to build memories. Fort Myers has several family-friendly beaches that are perfect for you to spend the day with your loved ones, swimming in crystal waters and building sandcastles.

Among the best beaches to visit are Causeway Island, Captiva Beach, and Bowditch Point Park. There are several stunning beaches to spend your days on; some are more secluded while others are more popular. No matter what you favor, there will be a beach for you and your family.

Taking a vacation doesn’t need to be work. So while it can feel like a challenge finding a family-friendly beach to spend your days at while still being affordable, there is no shortage of options close to Fort Myers.

What Are The Best Family Beaches Near Fort Myers

1. Captiva Beach

While it will be advantageous to arrive early at Captiva Beach to find a parking spot, Captiva Beach is beautiful and can be found on the northern point tip of the South Sea Resort. Kids will absolutely love Captiva Beach as it is filled with endless shells – making it nature’s perfect treasure hunt.

You can often see dolphins in crystal clear waters, and it is known as one of the most romantic beaches in the area. It is perfect for spending the day playing in the sand as the beach stretches for miles.

There is also a pontoon boat selling beverages and snacks in the shallow waters, ensuring that you can buy food even if you run out of supplies. It is free to enter Captiva beach, and there are many restaurants and shops close to the beach. Your children can spend the day building sandcastles and will love seeing dolphins in the water.

2. Bowditch Point Park

Bowditch Point Park is the last few miles of beach on Estero Island and is perfect for children as there is lots of excitement. You can spend the day renting a kayak or watching watercraft enter the Gulf of Mexico. There are guided walks, and the beach is beautifully decorated with mangroves and driftwood.

There are concession stands and restroom facilities available, making it perfect for spending the day at the beach with access to the facilities you’ll require. You won’t need to leave the beach for a full day, and the only things you’ll need to bring with you are a towel and sunscreen.

There are plenty of activities to keep your children busy throughout the day, and it is an affordable beach to visit. You can take beautiful photos among the driftwood and spend the day making beautiful memories with your children.

3. Lighthouse Beach Park

The Lighthouse Beach Park has a deep history that spans over 120 years. Unfortunately, the old lighthouse structure cannot handle visitors, but you can read about its history. This makes the Lighthouse Beach Park not only a fun visit, but it can also be educational and a great way to teach your children about the local history.

It is located at the eastern tip of Sanibel, and you can spend the day looking for shells or fishing. There are often fish in the shallow waters, which children can observe and learn from. There are a number of bike rentals around, and you can bike through the Lighthouse path.

There are restroom facilities available and picnic areas. You can have an abundance of family fun here at the Lighthouse Beach Park. It is safe and has no shortage of activities for kids to enjoy.

4. Tarpon Bay Beach

Tarpon Bay Beach is a quieter beach, and the calm waters are perfect for spending the day swimming in. This is not a crowded beach, so there aren’t concession stands, but there is parking available. You will need to bring with supplies for the day.

There are plenty of shells which makes it perfect for a treasure hunt, and the quieter beach is excellent for children who aren’t as comfortable swimming. In addition, you can often see dolphins swimming in the calm waters.

It is truly a beautiful beach and a gem you will want to visit if you prefer a calmer environment. It will feel like you are on your own secluded beach.

5.Cayo Costa State Park

There are nine miles of beautiful beach sand to play on at Cayo Costa State Park. It is the perfect beach to spot wildlife at, such as dolphins, manatees, and a variety of birds. In addition, there are trails for off-road bike adventures and no shortage of shells for you to find.

There are fewer crowds at Cayo Costa State Park, which makes it perfect for spending the day relaxing, but you can only access it by boat. Therefore, it is best to pack a tent or gazebo to ensure that you have a shady spot to sit under for the day, and ensure that you have enough food and snacks to last you the day.

You can hike along the beach, and there are designated campsites and cabins for you to stay in overnight. In addition, Cayo Costa has restrooms, picnic areas, and concessions stands, making it the perfect beach to spend the day at. 

6. Dog Beach Park

For a genuinely family-friendly experience, the Dog Beach Park is the best place to take your children and your furry friends. It is just south of the Lovers Key State Park. There is free parking available, and portable toilets to use.

It is a popular beach over the weekend, and dogs are allowed to run off-leash. Children will absolutely love watching all of the dogs having the time of their lives. The waters are calm and perfect for swimming in.

Doggie shower stations are available to rinse off your dogs before you put them in your car.

7. Bowman’s Beach

Bowman’s Beach is among the most popular white sand beaches in Fort Myers. There are miles of white sand that are perfect for shelling, and the water is calm. This beach is an incredible place to spend the day swimming and is picture-perfect.

Despite its popularity, you will still feel like you have just discovered a gem when you step onto Bowman’s Beach. The parking is close by, but there are few facilities available, and it is recommended that you pack enough supplies to last you the day.

A children’s playground will keep your babies occupied if they get bored of the perfect waters. Bowman’s Beach also has hiking trails for you to enjoy, and there is a restroom available and picnic stations. 

8. Lynn Hall Memorial Park

One of the most loved attractions in Fort Myers, the Fort Myers Beach Pier, can be found at Lynn Hall Memorial Park. Lynn Hall Memorial Park is an incredibly popular beach and has plenty of activity during the peak seasons.

You can play volleyball, sunbathe, fish, and swim in crystal clear waters. However, don’t worry about packing too many snacks as concessions stands are available. There are also charcoal grills and picnic areas to spend the day bbqing with your family.

Parking is $2 an hour, and there are restroom facilities available. Lynn Hall Memorial Park offers the perfect beach day.

9. Causeway Island

For an exciting day of watersports, Causeway Island is the beach to visit. The wind makes it the perfect playground for those who enjoy watersports such as kite surfing, fishing, surfing, and skiing among others. There is an abundance of beach day activities to keep your children busy.

You can bring a tent or gazebo and set up a spot for the day. There are restrooms and picnic tables with charcoal grills for you to spend the day with family and friends. Parking is free. However, you will be required to pay $6 to enter the toll gate.

If you have a boat, you can pull into the island. It is vital to note that there aren’t any concession stands available, and you will need to bring with you everything you will need for the day. It is also a pet-friendly beach, but your fur babies will need to remain on a leash at all times.

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10. Barefoot Beach Preserve

Barefoot Beach Preserve is known as paradise, as the waters are crystal clear and dolphins love to swim in the area. It is 300 plus acres big and has an exceptional landscape to witness. The calm waters are perfect for swimming in.

Concession stands, picnic tables, and restrooms are available, making it an easy beach to spend the day at. Barefoot Beach Preserve even has showers to wash off under after a long day in the sea and sand.

It is a quieter beach and is close to a beautiful seaside neighborhood which makes the road to the beach a stunning journey. 

11. Lovers Key State Park

Previously only accessible by boat, Lovers Key State Park is named after the couples who would come to the park for some intimate time together. Now it is accessible by tram and boardwalks, and it is an incredibly popular beach to visit.

Lovers Key consists of four islands and is two miles of white sand beaches. You can hike and cycle on Black Island or kayak on Calusa Indian. There are concession stands for your ease of convenience.

Lovers Key has several watersports to keep you and your children occupied. There are restrooms and showers, and parking is available for $8 a day. Children can also play on the playground if they run out of activities to keep them busy. It is a popular beach for good reason.

12. Crescent Beach Family Park

Steps away from Times Square and the Fort Myers Beach Pier, the Crescent Beach Family Park is the perfect beach to spend the day in the sea and keep your children busy. There are sheltered pavilions and picnic tables available for you and your family to enjoy.

There are no concession stands, but shops are right across the road. There are sand volleyball courts and portable toilets available. There is also parking available nearby. The water is perfect for you and your children to spend the day splashing around.

13. Bonita Beach Park

Bonita Beach Park is the perfect beach to visit for a family day filled with excitement. There are sand volleyball courts, sheltered picnic areas, and the water is ideal for spending the day swimming in. There are also restrooms available.

Bonita Beach Park also has parking available for $2 an hour and charcoal grills, making it easy to keep your family entertained. It is nearby to the Royal Scoop Homemade Ice Cream, which has been open since 1979.

It will be easy to keep your children entertained with a day of sun, water, and family time at Bonita Beach Park. 

14. Yacht Club Beach

Although the Yacht Club Beach is closed through 2022 and 2023 for renovations, it is a beach you will want to visit as soon as they reopen. There are tennis courts, a marina, pool, and waterfront restaurants for you to enjoy.

It is easy to keep to make sure your children have a fun day in the sun, as they can play on the playground or spend hours swimming in the beautiful water. There are restrooms, picnic tables, and concession and food stands available.

You can easily lose time when you are at the Yacht Club Beach, and it is the perfect day to make memories with your family. 


Summer holidays feel like they fly by before you have a chance to do any of the things you have been dreaming of all through the year. Fort Myers has no shortage of perfect beaches to spend the day swimming, sunbathing, and even doing watersports. You can visit the Dog Beach Park with your fur-children or take your children to play volleyball at Bonita Beach Park. There are several beach day activities for you to enjoy and spend time making memories with your family doing.