How Many Beaches Are There In The US?

Game nights at my home are not only a time of bonding but can also quickly turn into a debate, especially if you have teenagers. A question arose concerning beaches in the U.S. Needless to say; there was a lot of speculation on this one. Especially since we were curious to find out How Many Beaches Are There In The US?

Although there are no confirmed statistics, It has been estimated that there are 90 000 beaches across the U.S. There are so many beaches because there are between 88, 633, and 97 471 miles of shoreline in the United States, which excludes rivers and lakes.

After you have seen the estimation, I am sure it has peaked your level of curiosity further to want to find out the Top Beaches in The US and if there is any difference between the beaches on the east coast from the ones on the west. Look no further; journey with me to find out more.

Top 25 Beaches In The US

The US has some of the most beautiful beaches with white sands and rugged coastlines. Travelers have come from far and wide to enjoy the beauty these beaches offer. According to the 2021 travelers choice awards, below are a list of the top  25 beaches in The US and find out what makes them so special;

St Pete Beach In Florida

Perhaps it is ranked as number one because of the white quartz sand and the array of seashells or the perfect place to watch the sunset over the ocean.

Ka’anapali Beach In Lahaina, Hawaii

This beach is classed as paradise on earth. The clear waters make it great for snorkeling, swimming, or paddle boarding.

Moonstone Beach In Cambria, California 

This beach is called magical as it is a great place to look for moonstone and jade.

Wailea Beach in Wailea, Hawaii

It is situated on the Maui Coast and offers breathtaking views. If you are lucky, you might even end up seeing whales.

Cannon Beach In Cannon Beach, Oregon

This vast, pristine beach is breathtaking. Perhaps the variety of tidal pools and sea creatures makes it so special.

Napili Beach In Lahaina, Hawaii

This beach has a little cove. About 30- 50 yards in, a natural reef has tons of marine life living on it. Best snorkel experience I have had.

Ogunquit Beach In Ogunquit, Maine

The smooth, clear sandy floor and wide stretch beach are what make it so special.

Wai’anapanapa State Park In Hana, Hawaii

Situated along the beautiful coastline, the volcanic activity on the island results in the production of a black sand beach.

Madeira Beach In Madeira Beach, Florida

The beach is the ideal destination for morning walks as the beach stretches out for many miles. If you are lucky, you might even get to see a beach, Zamboni.

Kailua Beach Park In Kailua, Hawaii

This beach offers wide open spaces, white sands, fewer crowds, and a good park which helps complement its beauty.

Driftwood Beach In Jekyll Island, Georgia

This beach can be associated with the movie ” Walking Dead,” which made it the ideal movie spot considering the enormous oak- trees. A sight that is recommended for all photographers.

Ormond Beach In Ormond Beach, Florida

If you are looking for a less crowded beach near Daytona, this would be the beach of choice.

Henderson Beach State Park In Destin, Florida

This beach offers beautiful nature trails and a nice playground embedded in a wonderful park, making it a perfect place for families.

 La Jolla Cove In La Jolla, California

If you want to see lounging seals and pelicans, this is the spot you need to visit.

 Pensacola Beach In Pensacola Beach, Florida

The beach offers glorious white sands, clear warm water, and amazing views, with miles and miles of beach.

Treasure Island Beach In Treasure Island, Florida

Panoramic views, wide-open spaces, and incredible sunsets are a few of the reasons that make this beach so special, apart from the possibility of seeing some dolphins.

Siesta Beach In Siesta Key, Florida

Soft white sand and the Gulf of Mexico that says it all.

Clearwater Beach In  Clearwater, Florida

The fine white, sugar-like sand is the trademark of this beach. A dolphin or two might be playing on the horizon.

Coligny Beach In Hilton Head, South Carolina

With beautiful miles of sandy beach and nice walkways, it is no wonder this beach is so special.

Coronado Beach In Coronado, California

Boarded by a military property, you might even get to see some navy seals in training. The miles of white sand and gorgeous views make this place so beautiful.

Virginia Beach In Virginia Beach, Virginia

The amazing boardwalk and vibrant atmosphere add to the ambiance of the beach. Perfect spot to socialize and have some fun.

 Poipu Beach Park In Poipu, Hawaii

Swimming and snorkeling are the highlights of this beach. Rocks form a cove that protects the beach from the relentless waves of the Pacific.

Myrtle Beach In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you are looking for a long relaxing walk with beautiful sunsets, then Myrtle Beach is the place to be.

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Differences Between Beaches On The East Coast And West Coast

East Coast BeachesWest Coast Beaches
East Coast has boardwalks, except for Santa Cruz.No Boardwalks
Has barriers reefs which are the source of protection from large waves. However, the area is known for hurricanes.
In summer, there are dry weather conditions.The weather in summer is sticky and humid.
East Coast has a lot of influence from New York
People are always busy; hence the atmosphere is not as relaxed and laid back.
An ideal destination for surfing and offers a very laid-back atmosphere.  
The beaches on the east coast seem abandoned during the year.  The beaches on the west coast are prosperous all year round.
There is plenty of hotels, casinos, and buildings located around the beaches.
 Not many private beaches. The West Coast has an array of private beaches.

Are There Better Beaches On The East Coast Or West Coast? 

West Coast Beaches

  • If you are looking at an ideal beach destination, then the west coast beaches seem to have much more scenic routes, which lead to beautiful beaches.
  • You will rarely find flat beaches on the west coast, as there is often a cliff that you will need to descend to reach the beach.
  • As far as snorkeling goes, the west coast beaches are a perfect choice.

East Coast Beaches

  • The east coast has sandy, flat beaches with a modest dune line, except the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which has fairly large dunes that transcend into maritime forests, giving it a hilly effect in some areas.
  • Surfing on the east coast beaches is very modest, it may pick up slightly in winter and spring, but summer is not great for surfing.


Although there are no clear-cut statistics, it is evident that there are many beaches situated in the US. Apart from the estimated number, there could very well be some beaches that have not even been accounted for, considering the vast coastline. If you are going on vacation in the US, you will be spoilt for choice. The only decision left is which direction to take, East or West?