How Much Do Beach Houses Cost To Rent?

Renting a beach house is an easy vacation. Just pull up, unpack, and let the fun begin. Some places even allow you to bring along your beloved fur friends. But how much do beach houses cost to rent?

Renting a beach house can cost anywhere from $60 per night to over $10,000 per night, depending on the location, size of the property, and the time of year. Cheaper options are found during the off-season and further away from the water. Seaside resorts and coastal towns closer to cities will often be more expensive than more remote communities.

When looking at renting a beach house, it is crucial to think about the needs of yourself and your fellow guests. This doesn’t just apply to the style of property and the distance of travel, but also the type of beach experience desired. Thus, some questions need to be asked before diving into the rental market.

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Beach Property?

Before you look at which beach properties are within your budget, you need to consider your needs. Go through a checklist before plunging into the hunt.

What is the smallest type of house I can rent?

Be honest with yourself; eight people are not going to work in a one-bedroom cabin. But a family of four might find a two-bedroom place is more than enough space. The smaller you are willing to go the greater your options.

What amenities are must-haves? Is there anything it can’t have?

Nabbing a property close to the sea isn’t worth it if Granny can’t do stairs and the place is on stilts. Don’t set your vacation up for failure if you know that renting a home with less than two bathrooms will start World War III. It is good to be flexible but be realistic about what you and your guests require for an enjoyable vacation.

How close does your accommodation need to be to the beach?

If you want to walk out your front door and onto the sand, it will cost more than driving ten miles. On the other hand, maybe downsizing from a three-bedroom to two-bathrooms is worth it for a 24/7 view.

How far am I willing to travel?

Sure, that property eight hours away might be twice the size at half the price, but will your marriage and children survive the road trip? Some people think of it as an adventure; others would rather walk on nails. It’s a personal choice.

How flexible are your dates?

Certain times of year are pricier than others. For example, holiday weekends can sometimes cost more than a whole week during a slower month. Also, some places will have better prices for a Monday-Thursday rental than a Friday-Sunday.

What kind of beach experience?

Some beaches have lots of sand, warm water, and hot sunny weather. Others are rocky, windy, and cold. Do you want to surf and snorkel without a wetsuit? Do you hate crowds? Are you easily bored? Be honest with what you want before you commit to renting a place. It isn’t a good deal if you and your guests are miserable.

Also, keep in mind some places might be party-central for six weeks and dead-relaxing for the rest of the year. If you are hoping for a certain vibe, make sure it is the right season for your expectations.

5 Quiet Beach Towns with Vacation Rentals

Bandon, Oregon

Bandon Oregon

Bandon is located on Highway 101 on the Southern Oregon coast, with around 3,000 people. It has sandy beaches with many rock features that attract a variety of birds. The town also has golf courses and cycling, hiking, fishing, boating, and kayaking.

Vacation home rentals run between $105 to $225 a night. On the higher end is this three-bedroom beachfront property with parking. But if you are willing to give up the view, you’ll save about a hundred a night for this roomy three-bedroom vacation home.

Gulf Shore, Alabama

Gulf Shores Alabama

Many people forget that Alabama has beaches and some fine ones too. Gulf Shore not only offers plenty of saltwater fun, but there is a zoo, golf, museums, and a water park.

Vacation home prices fluctuate depending on the season, size, and how close you are to the water. This three-bedroom property is only a five-minute walk to the beach and ranges between $107-$543 per night. However, this five-bedroom beachfront property with access to a pool will cost between $466-1,680 per night.

Lubec, Maine

Lubec Maine

Lubec is a quiet town full of rugged, natural beauty. It takes pride in its lack of movie theaters, shopping malls, fast food, theme parks, and stoplights. This is a beach town to visit when you want to relax and enjoy the solitude.

Vacation rentals range from around $100 per night to $1,500. On the lower end is this tucked away two-bedroom home with unobstructed views for an average of $250 per night. However, those truly looking to get away from it all can escape to this secluded ten-bedroom home situated on 46-acres for an average of $1,500 per night.

Pacific Grove, California

pacific grove california

Pacific Grove, with around 15,500 people, is tucked between the pricier destinations of Monterey and Carmel. Not only does the town have picturesque beaches, but there is also a Farmers’ Market, golf, coastal hiking, tennis courts, a butterfly sanctuary, and it is home to the oldest continuously operating lighthouse on the west coast.

Pacific Grove’s vacation home market is broad, ranging between $99 to over $1,500 per night, depending on the time of year. This cute-as-a-button two-bedroom cottage is an easy walk from the town center and only averages $99 per night. But if you are craving luxury, views, and an easy walk to the beach, there is this gorgeous home that will run you between $599-$1,599 per night.

Saint Michaels, Maryland

st michaels maryland

This beach town is known for its boating and fishing. But there are also biking and walking trails, antique shops, and museums to visit, along with art galleries and nationally recognized gardens to admire.

The town offers plenty of properties in the $120-$450 range. This gorgeous two-bedroom place even has a pool for an average rate of under $450. But there are many options for those looking to splash out, including this waterfront property with a heated swim spa for an average rate of $1,000 per night.

5 Party Beach Destinations with Rental Accommodation

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City New Jersey

It is difficult to be bored in Atlantic City. Aside from the beaches and gambling, there is the boardwalk, amusement parks, fantastic restaurants, and an aquarium.

Renting a beach house in Atlantic City does tend to be on the pricy side. Deals on apartments can be found much easier, for less than $100 per night. But there are some bargains out there, but some will require a minimum stay of up to two weeks. Check out this three-bedroom house near the beach; its average/night rate is $317.

Isla Blanca Beach, South Padre Island, Texas

Isla Blanca Beach

Isla Blanca Beach might be the party attraction, but there is plenty to do all around the island. People come here to kiteboard, windsurf, dive, fish, zip line, and enjoy the nightlife. 

There is a nice range of beach homes, but prices fluctuate with the season. Some places, such as this two-bedroom, can sometimes be rented for as little as $125 per night. This five-bedroom home comes with a pool and hot tub and averages $485 per night.

Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

Ocean Beach San Diego

Ocean Beach is known for its bohemian vibe, brewpubs, and fresh organic produce. Surfers and sunbathers flock to the beach, and the pier is a popular spot to catch fish. There is also live music and a steady stream of events. It is hard to experience it all in one vacation.

Prices can range from under $200 per night to well over a thousand. This two-bedroom home has a backyard and an ocean view with rates that start at $185 per night. For those that dream of a rooftop hot tub with a view of the sea, there is this five-bedroom property that even allows pets with a starting rate of $1,210.

Ocean Beach, Fire Island, New York

Fire Island New York

Fire Island has much to do, including surfing, beach volleyball, hiking, tennis, biking, and plenty of socializing.

This popular area generally is $475 per night and takes off from there. But there are some more affordable options, like this two-bedroom cottage with an ocean view that has an average per night rate of $425. Looking for something larger and on the beach, such as this five-bedroom home, and you’ll pay an average per night rate of $1,250.

Venice Municipal Beach, Venice, Florida

Venice Municipal Beach Florida

People love Venice beach because it has free parking, lifeguards, and plenty of perks such as picnic areas and volleyball courts. There is even a bus service that will drop you off should you not want the hassle of driving.

Venice is full of reasonably priced options only 3 to 10 minutes away from one of their many beaches, with average night costs $99-$350. This three-bedroom property comes with a pool and has an average per night rate of $219, and is an easy drive to many beaches.

Those wanting a bit of quiet at night should look at this two-bedroom property has an average rate of $124, and you can walk to a free ferry that takes you to a private beach.

5 Beach Island Rental Destinations Not in Hawaii

Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island Florida

Florida is all about good weather and soft sand. Amelia Island is a golfer’s paradise, has thirteen miles of beaches, and is full of wildlife.

Try something different and stay in Katies Light, a replicate of Thomas Point Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay. The three-bedroom home sleeps eight, and prices start at $420 a night.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Chincoteague Island Virginia

Stay nearby the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, where the wild Chincoteague ponies roam. The area is also known for its oysters and model boats. There are a number of beaches to enjoy and fishing, golf, and kayak tours.

There is a wide selection of vacation rentals and price points, which fluctuate with the season. This cozy living area and bedroom combo only sleep two, but it is right on the water and costs between $60 – $186 per night.

This three-bedroom home sits directly on the pier, allows pets, and has four parking spaces. It costs between $147 – $554 per night.

Currituck Beach, North Carolina

Currituck Beach North Carolina

If you enjoy wild horses and beaches, this area is for you.

The communities are essentially split into two. Corolla is the easier of the two to access. This eight-bedroom vacation rental is a holiday in itself and runs between $2,535-$7,295 per week.

In Carova, a 4X4 is required as there are no paved roads. On the plus side, you might have wild horses come right up to your vacation home’s windows. Check out this four-bedroom home that sits right on the beach that runs between $1,980 – $4,980 per week.

Fox Island, Washington

Fox Island Washington

Less than 4,000 people, this island town is connected by a bridge. The vacation rental market is broad. Check out this two-bedroom cottage that provides access to a private beach and unlimited use to a canoe, rowboat, and kayaks at an average of $349 per night.

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island Georgia

This sub-tropical island has 20 miles of bike paths. There are plenty of beaches, horseback riding, golf, miniature golf, birds, kayaking, playgrounds, and Georgia Sea Turtle Center.

Depending on size, location, luxury, and time of year, vacation homes can run from around 88 dollars a night to over five hundred. This four-bedroom cottage has ocean views and has an average rate of under 300 a night.

5 Awesome Beach Destinations Around the World

Awaroa, New Zealand

Awaroa New Zealand

Every day citizens of New Zealand stunned the world when they managed to buy Awaroa beach through crowdfunding. Now this magnificent area, only accessible by boat or walking across at low tide, belongs to the people as a National Park.

This beach is different from the rest, however, as accommodation options are limited. You can rent homes on the Awaroa Inlet for 100-200 dollars, or, to stay in the park, you will need to book at the lodge.

Boulders Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

Boulders Beach South Africa

Everyone knows that Africa has lions, but did you know there are penguins? That’s right, you don’t need to freeze to see these tuxedo-clad birds in the wild. Beach house rentals can be as low as 80 dollars per night to luxury homes for a little over $500.

Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang Vietnam

Vietnam has a gorgeous coastline, and Da Nang is a great place to access a number of these beautiful sandy beaches.

Prices and options are wide, with some apartments for as little as 12 dollars a night to renting a luxury home with a pool for over 400 dollars per night.

Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island, The Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach The Bahamas

Yes, the sand is naturally pink. No, it isn’t a publicity stunt. Yes, it creates incredible photographs during sunrise and sunset.

The beach house market is broad, from tiny homes for less than $150 per night to massive luxury rentals that run over $10,000 per night.

Uig Sands, Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Uig Sands Scotland

History buffs love Uig because it is where 112th century Viking chess pieces were found. Others adore the rugged area for its dramatic and hilly landscape. Renting a home for a week can cost anywhere from around 490 dollars to $1,130.