girl with happy hat at sunset on the beach with her convertible car from victoria to tofino

Why I Drive a Daily Beater Car

Here is why I have a beater car for my daily driving and why you should consider the car you drive. My daily beater car is a 2002 Toyota Camry that my parents bought years ago for my mom to …

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Excited euphoric happy young man holding reading paper postal mail letter amazed overjoyed by good news, got new job celebrate taxes refund receive salary payment loan approval sit at home table

8 Most Intelligent Ways To Use Your Tax Refund

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes an exciting time for many. It’s Tax Season, and while you may not like doing your taxes, you’ll certainly like the refund that comes with them. Although the average refund …

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couple holding papers talking about the best long-term dividend stocks

5 Best Long-Term Dividend Stocks in 2023

The collapse and government takeover of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank reminded people about the risks of investing. The stock market plunged in response. The banks were too highly concentrated in tech startups and cryptocurrency businesses, both riskier asset …

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Portrait of cheerful beautiful young woman lying with her dog on the beach

5 Smart Ways To Save On Vet Bills

  Each year, we budget for the expense of an annual checkup for both of our dogs. To balance the bills, some people choose to spread this expense over multiple appointments throughout the year. We prefer to save up and …

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