30 Crazy Fun Things To Do in Cocoa Beach

Surfing and strolling the white sandy beaches are among the best things to do in Cocoa beach. But Cocoa Beach isn’t your average beach destination.

Aside from the laid-back ocean vibe, this short strip of Florida’s Atlantic coast is filled with entertainment, outdoor activities, and luxury resorts.

This beach town is a must-see destination on the East Coast, with popular attractions, such as the Cocoa Beach Air Show, Cocoa Village, Kennedy Space Center, and more.

Keep on reading to discover my top picks for fun things to do in Cocoa beach.

Fun Things To Do in Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach offers many exciting activities to keep you entertained, whether you’re looking for a family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway.

The options for fun activities are countless, from dolphin tours and kayaking trips to sipping cocktails at the pier overlooking the ocean.

Here’s the list of top tours in Cocoa Beach:

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1. Hang Out at Cocoa Beach Pier

the pier in cocoa beach
Image Credit: tamara321 / Shutterstock

The pier stretches out into the Atlantic and is one of the must-see Cocoa Beach attractions. You can find here a variety of gift stores, rentals, diners, and live music along the raised promenade.

The pier is the beating heart of Cocoa Beach due to its strategic location and the array of activities it provides – from swimming, surfing, fishing, and dining to dancing.

It’s also the primary location for many local beach and surfing events.

Let the children play in the waves while you can compete in beach volleyball or grab a bite. Lifeguards are on duty at all times to give you peace of mind, and onsite showers make it easy to clean up.

2. Stroll the Beach at Lori Wilson Park

Lori Wilson Park is a beach that feels more like a park. Locals adore this place as it is one of the few public access beach spots in Cocoa Beach that still has free parking.

With 32 acres, there’s plenty of room to throw a frisbee, arrange a beachfront picnic or get the grill going in one of the pavilions.

For cleaning off sandy feet, there are outdoor showers and bathrooms accessible.

Are you traveling with a group? Make a beach volleyball team and play on the free volleyball sand court.

Or you can enjoy a stroll on the elevated boardwalk walkway surrounded by coastal forest overlooking the ocean.

Lori Wilson Park is also available to your furry friends at the dedicated Dog Park.

Don’t forget to snap a photo with the ‘I dream of Jeannie Lane’ street sign. The street is named according to the TV series from the 60s that was filmed in and around Cocoa beach.

Another popular public beach is Alan Shepard Park, but it tends to get more crowded because of its central location.

3. Check Out Ron Jon Surf Shop

No trip to Cocoa Beach is complete without a visit to the world’s largest surf shop, Ron Jon Surf Shop, located on North Atlantic Avenue.

The store features a wide variety of merchandise – everything from surfboards and water gear to skateboards and beach accessories.

As soon as you step inside the store, you feel like eternal summer fun.

Be sure to check out the sand sculptures, bright and colorful vintage cars, and other fun decorations outside the shop.

Even if you’re not into surfing, the Ron Jon Surf Shop is an iconic place worth the visit.

It’s also a great spot to buy souvenirs from Cocoa Beach. You can stock up on one-of-a-kind Ron Jon t-shirts.

4. Take a Peek at Florida Surf Museum

surfboards in a surf museum

The surf museum will enlighten you about Cocoa’s favorite sport and the local surfers.

It displays the artifacts that document the Florida surfing scene. Vintage surfboards decorate the museum’s walls and illustrate the history and evolution of surfing in Florida.

The Florida Surf Museum is easy to overlook because it sits right next to the famous Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

While shopping for swimsuits, beach gear, or sunscreen at the surf store, swing by the surf museum for a quick visit.

The museum has free entry with a small suggested donation fee of less than the price of a cup of coffee.

5. Climb the Top of Canaveral’s Exploration Tower

Port Canaveral FL/USA: December 10, 2018 –View of Exploration Tower and Fishlips Bar and Grill at water’s edge in Port Canaveral on a cloudy late afternoon. Open water is visible in distance.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Barbara Kalbfleisch

The exploration tower and lighthouse is a 7-story building with unique architecture and interactive exhibits.

Once you reach the seventh-floor observation deck, you’ll be amazed by impressive views of Port Canaveral, the Atlantic Ocean, the Banana River, and even the Kennedy Space Center.

Other floors display exhibits about the area’s cultural history – from space flight and surfing to wildlife and the rich maritime history.

Kids will love a virtual ship’s bridge that allows you to navigate a boat through the Canaveral Channel and into the Atlantic.

6. Enjoy Pleasant Walk at Manatee Sanctuary Park

people in water with manatees

Ten acres of beautiful grass and public facilities are ready to welcome you. The park is not too far from where the cruise ships disembark in Cape Canaveral.

The Manatee Sanctuary Park borders the Banana River, a protected manatee habitat.

If you get lucky, you might see manatees feeding on seagrass along the park’s boardwalk, although it’s a rare occurrence.

Get some exercise and take a walk along the designated walking route or borrow a bike from A1A beach rentals and spend some time in the sun.

If you prefer something more relaxing, swing by the Little Free Library in Manatee Park by the bridge to check what books the neighbors have left to enjoy. Then, find a peaceful spot in the park, spread out a blanket, and relax with an excellent book.

7. Step Back in Time in Historic Cocoa Village

Cocoa, Florida USA - October 29, 2022: Historic Cocoa Village Sign.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/JennLShoots

This over 150-year-old Cocoa Beach neighborhood is known for its colorful stores and historic buildings.

Cocoa Village is a picturesque old town district filled with shops, including an antique mall, art galleries, and restaurants.

While you’re here, visit the Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse and Café Margaux, two historic structures adding to Cocoa Village’s charm.

8. Watch a Show at Historic Cocoa Village Playhouse

Historic Cocoa Village has a long history, dating back to 1918 when this theater was a Ford dealership that sold Model Ts.

It has been nicknamed “Broadway on Brevard.”

Playhouse is a small intimate theatre that hosts various events, such as plays, concerts, comedy shows, Broadway musicals, and other performances.

Check their website for more information on upcoming shows and events.

9. Go to a Concert or Have a Picnic at Riverfront Park

The Riverfront park is within walking distance from the Historic Cocoa Village and is a hot spot for live concerts.

Many events at the park are free and open to the general public. During the day, the park is a perfect spot for a leisurely walk.

The interactive splash pad is an excellent place for kids to cool off.

There are no picnic tables, but plenty of benches and open green spaces to relax. The park is also dog friendly and has a playground.

10. Take a Picture With Kelly Slater

statue of surfer kelly slater
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

Kelly Slater, regarded as one of the greatest surfers of all time, personally greets all tourists and residents of Cocoa Beach, metaphorically speaking.

Kelly Slater was born and raised at Cocoa Beach, where he learned how to surf. He’s a much-loved local icon in the surf community, having won eleven world championship titles.

You can take a picture with the statue at any time of the day.

The statue is located at 505 N. Orlando Avenue, at the north end of Downtown Cocoa Beach.

11. Experience the Launch of a Rocket or Spectacular Cocoa Beach Airshow

Any local would tell you that watching a rocket launch is never dull.

Experience the awe-inspiring and breathtaking sights of rocket launches that the Space Coast is known for.

Cocoa Beach’s premier viewing point is from the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier.

Check the Rocket Launch Schedule so you don’t miss out on any special events.

Cocoa beach airshow is one of those events that you won’t want to miss. It takes place once a year and features a spectacular visual flying demonstration by the US Air Force.

12. Touch the Moon at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County, Florida, USA May 6, 2016. NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/N. F. Photography

Are you curious about space exploration? Then the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the launch facility for NASA, is a must-visit place.

Whether you’re mildly interested in space or over the moon about the topic, a visit to the Kennedy Space Center is fun, educational, and awe-inspiring for all ages.

There’s so much to do, and you can easily spend an entire day here. It has interactive exhibits, IMAX movies, and educational tours of the actual launch pads and mission control rooms used during real NASA missions.

You can even touch an actual moon rock. It’s a sample brought back to Earth from Apollo 17.

Experience a shuttle launch ride or a journey that mirrors the orbiter’s time in space and return to Earth. See how astronaut crew members live, sleep, train, and work in a full-scale mock-up.

To make your visit even more fun, have a chat with an astronaut in a small group setting.

If you still can’t get enough of space exploration, head to the nearby Space Walk of Fame and Astronaut Memorial at Space View Park.

13. Hand-feed a Giraffe at Brevard Zoo

MELBOURNE FLORIDA, FEB 23 2019: Brevard Zoo is a 75 acre facility located in Melbourne, Florida. The zoo is home to more than 900 animals.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Thomas Kelley

You can wander along the shaded boardwalks and see rhinos, giraffes, cheetahs, alligators, crocodiles, lemurs, jaguars, eagles, river otters, kangaroos, and many exotic birds.

Keeper chats are held throughout the day in which zookeepers feed and educate about various animals.

Stop by Paws-On, an interactive learning playground for children with aquariums, and the Indian River Play Lagoon, which has a small swimming area. And best of all, hand-feed a giraffe in Expedition Africa.

For a unique experience, Brevard zoo also provides kayak tours around animal exhibits.

14. Go on an Unforgettable Weightless Flight Adventure

Space tourism is here! Zero-G is a unique opportunity to experience real weightlessness, not just a simulation.

The Boeing 727 flies in parabolic arcs causing you to levitate in the cabin. This is truly an out-of-this-world adventure, and the price reflects that.

The Zero-G Experience includes

  • 15 parabolas, including lunar and zero gravity
  • Zero-G flight suit
  • Zero-G merchandise
  • Flight completion pin
  • Photos and videos

15. Spark Your Curiosity at the Museum of History and Natural Science

Brevard museum makes history come alive.

The interactive exhibits and historic artifacts guide you through the evolution of the area. The exhibits include an extensive shell collection, ice age fossils, Florida citrus Industry, Florida Pioneer History, Florida Cracker cowboy Culture, and more.

An Indian village portrays the life of the earliest settlers. A Cracker house and furnishings re-create a time of cowboys.

Outside the museum, you can learn about native plants and wildlife while walking through nature trails. One of the highlights is a butterfly garden.

And the best part is that admission is free.

16. Have Dinner With Live Music at Coconuts on the Beach

Coconuts on the Beach has a vibrant atmosphere with live music for most evenings. The bar/restaurant is directly on Cocoa beach, with sweeping views of the ocean and outdoor seating.

It’s a favorite hangout spot for locals. You can grab cocktails and eat seafood while watching the live performance. The restaurant is also open for lunch.

17. Visit the Dinosaur Store

Cocoa Beach, Florida/United States - May 22 2019: Adventure Zone in The Dinosaur Store an exciting adventure for all ages visiting Florida on Vacation.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Cody Petroske

Do you love dinosaurs, ancient cultures, fossils, gold, and crystals? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is absolutely the place for you.

Dinosaur store is a unique nature and science store which houses a fantastic collection of dinosaur teeth and claws, fossil shark teeth, and dinosaur replicas. 

Besides that, you can find interesting jewelry crafted from gemstones and amber, and other cool stuff in their gift shop.

Adventure zone is designed for family fun with arcade games, reptile runs, and a documentary about dinosaurs.

The store is located on Cocoa Beach Causeway.

18. Catch a Big Fish With Fin & Fly Fishing Charters

Fin & Fly is a top-rated fishing charter company in Cocoa with stellar Google reviews.

Spend a wonderful day deep-sea fishing off Florida’s space coast. You can catch various fish, such as mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, sailfish, kingfish, and more.

On board are experienced captains, top-of-the-line equipment, and all necessary fishing gear.

You can also choose from many different tours – inshore, deep sea, river, shark fishing, or even a bioluminescence night trip.

So choose your adventure and have an unforgettable fishing experience.

19. Spend Day Golfing at Cocoa Beach Country Club

Cocoa Beach Country Club is one of the best golf courses around Cocoa Beach. The Course offers 27 holes.

The golf course is surrounded by Banana Lagoon, Banana River, and beautiful nature.

The staff is friendly and welcoming. You can choose from golf packages and lessons for beginners and experienced players.

For a quick snack, you can stop by their 19th Hole restaurant. Playing at Cocoa Beach Country Club is a must for every golfer.

20. Take a Guided Kayaking Tour

Couple kayaking together in mangrove river of the Keys, Florida, USA. Tourists kayakers touring the river of Islamorada.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Maridav

Cocoa Beach has plenty of kayaking adventures to choose from.

Kayak with dolphins on Banana River, explore mangrove tunnels, or go on a night bioluminescent tour for something a little bit different. 

Knowledgeable guides will navigate you through the calm and shallow Banana River, a playground for manatees and dolphins, surrounded by thick, lush mangroves.

The warm waters come alive on summer nights with the glowing plankton, making the night kayaking tour an unforgettable experience.

21. Sail Your Way on a Sunset Catamaran 

Sunset catamaran cruise launches from Meritt Island. Enjoy a beautiful sunset and relax on the boat with views of Florida’s Atlantic waters.

If you get lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins.

Enjoy tasty snacks and sodas as you cruise along. The cruise takes about 2 hours.

22. Ride the Waves at Cocoa Beach

Surfing has been the cornerstone of Cocoa Beach culture for many years, making it one of Florida’s most famous surfing spots.

The Space Coast beaches are perfect for beginner surfers but also experts honing their skills.

If you’ve never experienced surfing, this might be an excellent opportunity to get started. With the right surfing instructors, you’ll ride waves in no time.

The Cocoa Beach coastal waters are usually gentle, and the ocean is rock-free.

23. See Manatees in Their Natural Habitat

Who doesn’t love chubby manatees?

You can see them in the Thousand Islands area or Meritt Island.

Take an Eco-excursion and enjoy the manatees and the beautiful vegetation of Thousand Islands.

It’s an opportunity for you to get closer to some of Florida’s native aquatic animals and also learn about their habitat, behavior, and how to protect them.

24. Get Your Adrenaline Boost With 321 Kiteboarding and Watersport

If you prefer something more active rather than just chilling on Cocoa Beach, consider taking a kitesurfing lesson with 321 Kiteboarding and Watersport.

With a friendly and knowledgeable team, you can learn how to fly a kite on the waves of Florida’s Atlantic coast. They provide high-end equipment and excellent training.

On a windy day, it’s a great alternative to surfing.

25. Sip Cocktails at Rikki Tikki Tavern

Cocoa Beach, FL / United States - October 19, 2018: Watching tourists enjoying the beach from Rikki Tikki Tavern on a beautiful sunny day at the very end of the Pier!
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Beachside Tribe

Rikki Tikki Tavern is a laid-back cocktail bar right on Cocoa Beach Pier.

You can also grab a bite to eat here with a 360° panoramic view of the beautiful. They serve seafood, salads, and other beach eats.

A nice cocktail might be exactly what you need to have even more fun in the sun.

26. Savour Delicious Seafood at Fat Snook

Foodies, I’ve got you covered.

For seafood, the Fat Snook is the place to go. Service and food are top-notch. The ingredients are fresh and sourced locally.

You’ll probably want to try almost everything on their menu because their food selection and quality are excellent.

People rave about this seafood restaurant, so don’t miss out.

27. Have a Blast at Escape Cocoa Beach

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can retrieve indoors and spend a day plotting your escape with family and friends.

The challenges are well thought out, diverse and fun. It’s a great way to test your logic and problem-solving skills in a fun environment.

The staff is friendly and helpful, so be sure to give them a visit!

28. Challenge Yourself at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures

Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures is a great spot for fun family activities.

There are many unique challenges and a zip line in a canopy of beautiful oak trees, making it an enjoyable outdoor “jungle” for kids and adults alike.

The staff at Cocoa Beach Aerial Adventures will gear you up quickly, so you’ll have a safe but exhilarating experience.

29. Pay Tribute to Veterans at Brevard Veterans Memorial Center

The Brevard Veterans Memorial Center on Merritt Island is a short drive from Cocoa Beach.

This museum aims to educate the public about United States war history, with an extraordinary selection of military items ranging from the Revolutionary War to some of the most current battles in the Middle East.

There is a memorial area with helicopters, a tank, a truck, and a plane. 

In addition, kids can try some scavenger hunts.

Overall, there is a lot to learn about, and admission is free.

30. Try the Famous Florida Key Lime Pie

The Florida Key Lime Pie Company is the best spot to grab an ice cream or a treat. Besides ice cream, they serve a selection of Key Lime Beers, Key Lime Cooler Cookies, Key Lime Candies, Key Lime Chocolates, Key Lime Pretzels, Key Lime Wines, jerky and more.

They also serve one of the most famous desserts in Florida, Key Lime Pie. It’s a must-try worth every penny!

You’re sure to find something here to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Top Things to Do Near Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach Pier, FL - USA - April 2, 2017: Coney Island Hot Dog Stand With Large Sign.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Jason Sponseller

Eau Gallie Arts District

Take a walk through the Eau Gallie Arts District (EGAD) and look at the murals painted on the buildings that feel like the “outdoor art gallery.”

You’ll get to see one-of-a-kind art creations from well-known international artists as you stroll the alleys of Olde Eau Gallie.

If your travels take you to Titusville, make sure to check out their downtown murals.

Space Walk of Fame

The American Space Museum is another interesting spot in Titusville, and it includes the Space Walk of Fame. 

The museum houses artifacts donated by astronauts, spacecraft parts, flight suits, and more.

The museum also organizes hands-on, fun, and educational kids’ workshops about science, technology, engineering, math, and art. 

Have a walk around this public park that pays tribute to America’s astronauts. 

The men and women who worked relentlessly behind the scenes to help the country lead the world in space exploration, including memorials to the Mercury and Gemini missions.

Also, with live audio from NASA, this is a terrific site to observe a launch.

Free Things To Do in Cocoa Beach

Are you on a tight budget? No problem. There are plenty of free things to do in Cocoa Beach or simple attractions that won’t break the bank. 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Enjoy Cocoa Beach activities
  • Have a Picnic at RiverFront Park
  • Window Shop Historic Cocoa Village
  • Have Fun in the Sun at Lori Wilson Beach Park
  • Stroll Cocoa Beach Pier
  • Visit Florida Surf Museum
  • Snap a photo with Kelly Slater’s Statue
  • Watch a Rocket Launch
  • Check Out Brevard Veterans Memorial Center
  • Browse Ron Jon Surfshop
  • Learn About History at Liberty Bell Museum
  • Support a Good Cause at Sea Turtles Preservation Society
  • Chill at Manatee Sanctuary Park
  • Explore Trails in Maritime Hammock Preserve
  • Spark Your Curiosity at the Museum of Natural History and Science

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cocoa Beach, Florida?

view of cocoa beach with buildings and ocean
Image Credit: Unsplash

The spring season, which runs from March through May, is one of the greatest seasons to visit Cocoa Beach. You can enjoy the sunshine while simultaneously participating in beach activities.

The temperature swings from 60 to 80 degrees during the spring, making it ideal beach weather. The weather is perfect for visitors, so expect to see more people in the spring.

You can plan ahead of time and purchase your tickets to prevent any last-minute complications. If you want to dodge the masses entirely, schedule your trip for the fall.

In terms of tourism, the months of September to November are the slowest. You might be able to discover great prices on tickets and lodging.

Summer, which runs from June to August, is another popular tourist season. Warm, sunny, and long days are forecast for a fun day at the beach. Surfing, sunbathing, fishing, and cruise tours are all available.

The average temperature throughout the summer season is between 70 and 85 degrees. During the summer, it becomes humid, with a high likelihood of rain in July and August.

From December through February, you can visit Cocoa Beach to get away from the winter in your hometown. The typical temperature is 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. You may enjoy sunny days without worrying about rain or snow.

Cocoa Beach’s winter season is relatively slow and peaceful. Visitors can join special holiday events such as the Boat Parade and the Christmas Parade in the city if you visit during the Christmas season.

How To Get to Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is located on Florida’s Space Coast, about an hour’s drive from Orlando. The easiest way is to fly into Orlando International Airport (MCO) and rent a car for the drive to Cocoa Beach.

There are many ways to get from the airport to your hotel in Cocoa Beach. You can take a taxi, an Uber, or a Lyft. You can also take the bus or rent a car.

Once you’re in Cocoa Beach, free parking for 90 minutes is available along A1A and side streets. You can also find paid parking lots near the main beach area.

Where To Stay in Cocoa Beach

There are many lodging options available in Cocoa Beach, from luxury resorts to more affordable hotels and vacation rentals.

If you’re looking for a luxurious experience, the Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront is the perfect place for you. This 4-star resort offers direct access to the beach, an outdoor pool, and a spa. The rooms are spacious, and it is located in the heart of Cocoa Beach, so you’ll be close to all the action.

The Best Western Cocoa Beach Hotel & Suites is a great option if you’re looking for something more affordable. This resort offers free WiFi, an outdoor pool, and a complimentary breakfast. The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable. The Best Western Cocoa Beach Hotel & Suites is a great location to spend the day at the beach.

If you’re traveling with a larger group or family, you may want to consider the Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort. There are four-bedroom apartments that are ideal for big families and groups, with a fully equipped kitchen, four bathrooms, a spacious dining room, and a pleasant living area. One of the major attractions of this hotel is its state-of-the-art Wakulla Water Park.

Does Cocoa Beach have a boardwalk?

Spanning over 800 feet, the Cocoa Beach boardwalk gives visitors the perfect view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Can you swim in the ocean at Cocoa Beach?

There are lifeguards on duty all year round at Cocoa Beach, making it the ideal place for swimming and surfing.

Which is better, Daytona Beach or Cocoa Beach?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want a family-friendly atmosphere, Cocoa Beach is the best choice. If you want to party, Daytona Beach is the spot for you.

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