15 Amazing Things To Do in Temecula This Fall

Ever wondered what Temecula has to offer when you visit with kids, family, or a partner? This article is just for you!

Temecula is a beautiful location in California, famous for its award-winning wineries, top-notch golf courses, and many restaurants. And, of course, the perfect weather for hot-air ballooning is one of the most romantic things couples love to do while visiting this cute town.

This post about Temecula covers everything you need to know if this town is on your bucket list. Whether your point of interest is indoors, outdoors, gastronomy, or artistic, we have your back. After completing this post, you will soon be exploring this western town like a native or a professional traveler.

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Here are the top things to do in Temecula as soon as you step foot into the city.

1. Visit Wilson Creek Winery for Almond Champagne and Brunch Buffet

entrance to wilson creek in temecula ca
Image Credit: Wilson Creek

Wilson Creek has an air of exclusivity and class that is simply unbeatable. You can experience everything from the wine club to live music and wine tasting at this winery. Private events are common, too, so you might come across a wedding party here.

The almond champagne from this winery and vineyard is an award-winning drink that easily beats the wines from the best wineries in other regions. These bottles of sparkling wines with their aromatic and sweet almond marzipan are a must-try at least once in a lifetime.

And, of course, Wilson Creek’s brunch buffet is a chance to grab a slushie or their limited food menu. However, a reservation at the buffet is a must since it is highly sought after in Temecula.

2. Enjoy Outdoor Escape Room Scavenger Hunt in Old Town Temecula

Another fantastic activity that is a must-do for weekends at Temecula is to book the Outdoor Escape Room Scavenger Hunt. This thrilling treasure hunt runs for as long as 90 minutes, and you will be solving puzzles and cracking secret codes and locks with your friends and family.

The difficulty of this treasure hunt is rated 7/10, which is not overly difficult but not child’s play. The treasure hunt is ideal for 2 -12 players, so if it’s someone’s birthday, book this outdoor adventure for an awesome experience.

3. Relax and Unwind at GrapeSeed Spa

GrapeSeed Spa is part of the South Coast Winery and has all the top amenities for relaxation and rejuvenation. You will love the heated outdoor pool, especially after a long day of visiting the winery. Snuggle up on the chaise lounge or sit back on the tranquility lounges with a bottle of wine by your side.

If you require extra TLC, the staffs at GrapeSeed are experts in various body massages and treatments. Don’t miss out on getting pampered with a facial and, of course, a great manicure.

4. Visit the Alpaca Hacienda With Kids

Are you in Temecula with the kids? You can’t drop the Alpaca Hacienda from your itinerary. These giant teddy bear-like animals are irresistible for the kids and adults alike who visit this farm. You can pet the alpacas, feed them, and take tons of pictures with these adorable animals.

The Alpaca Hacienda has private tours for small and large parties, so don’t hesitate to book yours now. Want to brighten up a loved one’s day? Gift them a voucher to visit this alpaca farm in Temecula.

5. Sugarplum Zoo and Chocolates

Another fun place to visit in Temecula is the Sugarplum Zoo and Chocolate Shoppe, the first of its kind in the world. The owner of this unique spot in Temecula is an animal lover and a chocolatier, and you will get to share her experience.

You can pet cute animals such as guinea pigs and horses here. This zoo also has a wine-tasting area, where you can taste wine and take pictures to create unforgettable memories. If you love giving gifts, get one of their gift cards and surprise a dear one. Don’t forget to snag a chocolate cup or specialties at the shop!

6. Visit Peltzer Farms and Their Favorite Pumpkins

kids picking out pumpkins in field
Image Credit: Peltzer Farms

The sight of Peltzer Farms will instantly make you smile – rows of pumpkins with delighted kids all around, who can resist that? The Pumpkin Pass is definitely worth spending a day on as you and your family can engage in the petting farm and pumpkin painting class.

In addition, this pumpkin farm is also open for private events and school tours, and all you need is to book your visit today. Peltzer Farms is open year-round, but the harvest time is truly spectacular.

7. Explore and Learn About Pennypickle’s Workshop

If you have a kid interested in science experiments, visiting Pennypickle’s workshop in Temecula is a perfect happy birthday present. This workshop cum children’s museum is full of gadgets and gizmos that kids and adults will enjoy.

Apart from the workshop, Pennypickle has a gift shop packed with science kits, magnets, unusual clocks, and magnets your kid will love to take home. Birthday parties and field trips are also welcome, so remember to check them out.

8. Sunrise Temecula Balloon Flight

sunrise balloon flight over temecula ca
Image Credit: Visit Temecula Valley

Riding a hot air balloon is a must in Temecula unless you’re terribly afraid of heights. A balloon flight in the morning is an outstanding way to view this wine country in all its glory.

To avoid getting sick, grab a light breakfast and your groupon for a shared balloon ride or a private one if you step foot in this city.

9. Vail Lake RV Resort

This bustling RV Resort is a visitor’s hotspot just a few hours from LA. Outdoor lovers will love the mountain biking and camping available throughout the year.

You can stay at a hotel-style cabin, stroll along the main street at the RV site, or share a picnic. This RV resort also has several opportunities for water sports.

10. Visit Old Town Blues Club (OTBC) For a Live Band

old town blue club sign in temecula ca
Image Credit: Savoteur

Located in the old town of Temecula, OTBC is where you will see blue music comes alive in the evenings. There’s nothing too fancy about Old Town Blues Club; the atmosphere is chill, and each server knows the regular patrons, but the music here is soul-stirring.

11. Ricardo Breceda’s Metal Art Gallery

Are you a lover of antiques, mythology, and great art? Don’t miss Ricardo’s Breceda’s metal art gallery in Temecula. The owner and artist is Ricardo, who brings dragons, people, and animals to life with his amazing skills in manipulating metal.

Ricardo has explained everything about his work on the site, but a private viewing is simply a golden opportunity with the iconic artist.

12. Take a Trail Ride Tour

A trail ride tour in Temecula is another great outdoor activity. You can ride in groups with friends and family, enjoy a romantic ride, and have brunch in one of the many restaurants.

Temecula has several equestrian facilities, so you can book your rides as soon as you get into the city. Trail rides are a great way to view the city’s tourist spots and wineries, such as the Vindemia winery, one of the best in the region.

13. Haunted Temecula Ghost and Brew Pub Walking Tour

Oh, you don’t want to miss this ghost-themed pub in Temecula! This walking tour through the pub will creep you out with Temecula’s best horror stories. Every haunted tour is at least two and half hours, as a custom guide takes you to 3-4 pubs around the city.

This spooky tour is reserved for 21+ and above; a must-do activity!

14. Take Lessons on Horseback at Green Acres Ranch

riders on horseback
Image Credit: Visit Temecula Valley

The famous Green Acres Ranch is for everything horses. Here, you can take horse riding lessons or perfect your riding skills from the experts. Even first-time riders have agreed they felt very safe interacting and riding horses at this ranch, so you have nothing to be afraid of.

Green Acres also offer therapeutic riding, in case you’re interested. If riding horses is not your area of interest, visiting the ranch is still worth it. You might end up petting and feeding the beautiful horses.

15. Strawberry Picking

In Temecula, strawberries are in season almost throughout the year. So no wonder several berry farms are open for strawberry picking. This is a fun outdoor activity you can involve the kids, which makes it even more fun.

At most berry farms in Temecula, you can pick fresh strawberries and have a picnic, which is cool. So after every member in your group has picked the strawberries, get some salad and bread and open a bottle of bubbly to make the day extra special.

Amazing Things To Do in Temecula

In Temecula, there is no end to fun activities – whether with family, friends or with a romantic partner. From spooky tours, thrilling balloon rides, horse rides, or educational visits to a workshop, there is something for everyone in Temecula.

Just remember to book or call for reservations ahead of your visits because visitors in Temecula do not sleep, and you don’t want to be on a long waiting list!

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