10 of the Worst Airports in the World People Have Ever Traveled Though

Air travel continues to be one of the fastest and most convenient methods of traversing long and short distances. What occurs on airplanes tends to capture the most attention, but airports are an integral part of the travel experience, and the quality of the airport can make your trip pleasant or miserable.When an online user asked other travelers what the worst airports in the world they had ever been to were, the responses offered a fascinating glimpse into airline travel from the ground.

1. Albuquerque International Sunport

Albuquerque International Sunport
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The cleanliness – or lack thereof – was a complaint from a few respondents. One says, “I had an agent asking people to walk through an area near security with no shoes (I had on sandals). It was summer. There were no antimicrobial mats. There was also blood on the floor that hadn’t been cleaned up off to one side. It was like a petri dish for foot fungus. Bathrooms were kinda suspect too.” This airport is in the lead for the worst airport in America.

2. Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport
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One person had a truly awful experience at this airport, describing how they discovered during an extended overnight layover in thirty-seven-degree weather that the airport turned off the heat at night.

3. Charlotte Douglas International Airport

CHARLOTTE, NC - MARCH 1, 2019: Waiting area in Charlotte Douglas International Airport. CLT is the second largest hub for American Airlines with service to 161 domestic and
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An airport’s layout and design make the difference between a smooth travel experience and an unpleasant one. Someone took exception with this airport’s small, inadequate space: “I was recently stuck at the end of Charlotte‘s C concourse, which feels like it was designed by someone who hates humans and wants them to be uncomfortable. There are at least six gates in this tiny space, and it seemed like all of them were deplaning or boarding at the same time.”

4. Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt, Germany - MARCH 06, 2016 - Frankfurt airport international departure terminal .
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For a different respondent, the airport itself wasn’t the problem; the personnel was who they took exception, saying, “No matter what staff I talked to, they treated me like my existence was ruining their day. I have German friends, and I’m aware of the stereotypical German bluntness, but these people were just rude.” Frankfurt is by far one of the worst airports in the world for connections, especially if your flight has to deplane and be bused to the terminal. 

5. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - JULY 27, 2015: The main hall inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is the world's busiest airport by passenger traffic.
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Several travelers dislike how far away everything is at this facility. An individual on the thread compared navigating the airport to running a marathon.

6. Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Ataturk airport , Istanbul,Turkey , April 19,2016, people waiting in line to make check-in for their flight and drop-off their luggage.
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Located in Istanbul, Turkey, this airport made a less than favorable impression on at least one traveler, who laments that the facility “is both enormous and completely devoid of water fountains, or really much-running water of any kind.

7. Los Angeles International Airport

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, US - Jun 17 2017: Tom Bradley International Airport departure terminal duty free shops in Los Angeles, US
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Martin Valigursky.

A large metropolitan area like Los Angeles would require an equally large airport. The drawn-out distance of the terminals irritated at least one wayfarer, who shared that their flight to San Francisco took less time than it did for them to walk from the entrance to their terminal. LAX is frequently mentioned as one of the worst airports in the US to fly through. 

8. Miami International Airport

Miami, USA - September 21, 2019 - Miami international airport with flags of different countries
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One frequent flyer laments the problems they routinely experience at their home airport, where they’ve had money and expensive electronic devices stolen from their luggage on multiple occasions. They acknowledge flying more than most people, but even so, that’s a lot of stolen valuables.

9. Toronto Pearson International Airport

Toronto, Canada - March 2nd 2018: Modern interior Toronto Pearson International Airport. Contemporary architecture inside of the Toronto Pearson International Airport
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This airport draws some of the most intense responses from vacationers, who express their strong dislike of this airport’s logistics, with one person describing it as “a small city but without any directions. Welcome to Toronto, good luck finding your way out of here.”

10. Sydney Airport

SYDNEY- MAY 17 : Passengers in Departure terminal of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport, Sydney, Australia on May 17, 2014. It is the only major airport serving Sydney, and is a primary hub for Qantas.
Image Credit: Shutterstock/Tooykrub.

This Australian airport made a negative impression on a visitor, thanks to two-hour delays in customs, which resulted in delayed and missed flights. All of this occurred after they completed an eighteen-hour flight.

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