10 YouTube Channels Every Cruise Lover Should Know

Are you in the midst of planning your next cruise and seeking an excellent YouTube channel to assist you? Perhaps you’re just yearning to experience the cruise life vicariously through others. Well, you’re in luck! With the help of a popular internet forum, we’ve compiled a list of the top cruise YouTube channels recommended by avid travelers.

1. Emma Cruises

Emma Cruises shares videos that feature her adventures cruising on oceans and rivers. She explores the world, tries lots of cruise food, and takes part in exciting activities and excursions — all on a budget. From luxury ocean liners to little river ships and barges, she showcases the amazing experiences that cruising has to offer. One person who suggested this channel says they can listen to Emma’s accent and Britishisms all day, while another loves how she covers both affordable cruises and luxury lines.

2. Harr Travel

Harr Travel’s goal is to share their love of traveling the world with those who want to travel but don’t know where to start. They specialize in cruise ship tours (individual cabins and full ship tours) and love sharing their passion for cruising on their YouTube Channel. It is said that Danny, who runs the channel, gives the best room tours, especially because he is always keen to point out all of the electrical outlets, which is important to many cruisers.

3. Cruise With Ben and David

Ben and David describe themselves as a cruise-crazy married couple from Cambridge in the United Kingdom. On their channel, they cruise around the world, share fun adventures, and of course, eat a lot of yummy foods.

They offer cruise tips and advice on their other channel, Inside Cruise, as Cruise With Ben and David is more about vlogging their experiences. One response says that their vibe is always so happy and positive, but at the same time, they are honest about what they don’t like.

4. Tips for Travellers

Tips For Travellers say their channel makes it fun and easy to discover, plan, and enjoy an incredible cruise vacation every time. They know there are many choices to make at every stage of a cruise vacation, so they set up the channel to help travelers who want to get cruising right. Tips for Travellers use a well-thought-out script to narrate over the high-quality video, which is what one cruiser says they appreciate the most about the channel.

5. ParoDeeJay

While ParaDeeJay doesn’t only cover cruises, what they do share about them is informative and also fun. Many claim that ParoDeeJay is cheesy and adds a lot of dad jokes to their videos, but that is what they love about it most.

6. Life Well Cruised

Having worked in the cruise industry for over a decade, Life Well Cruised founder Ilana believes that we can all have amazing travel experiences while enjoying cruise ship life. This YouTube Channel shares their best cruise travel tips, cruise news, cruise ship reviews, and destination guides so that you can easily plan your next cruise.

7. Shiplife

Shiplife is run by a former crew member who claims the channel is there to give viewers cruise news, tips, and secrets within the cruise line industry. The comments are split on this one in the interest of full disclosure. Some say they love his opinions because he used to work on a cruise line. In contrast, others claim the videos are mostly clickbait and rambling about nothing.

8. Cruising As Crew

Where the Shiplife channel is run by a former crew member, Cruising As Crew is run by a current one. Lucy has been working on cruise ships for four years and uses the channel to share her experiences. What people seem to like about this channel is that they get an inside look at life as a crew member. That said, it is pretty specific to Virgin Cruise Line, as that is where the channel owner currently works — onboard The Scarlet Lady.

9. Always Be Booked Cruise and Travel

The Always Be Booked Cruise and Travel channel describes itself as “An off-beat take on cruise news with ship tours, commentary and updates on all things cruising and travel.” Even though this is a smaller channel, travelers mention it a couple of times. One person says that Tommy, who runs the channel, is very funny but also informative, making it their favorite for cruise and travel tips.

10. Travel Tourist Videos

Travel Tourist Videos admits that they are fellow tourists that enjoy traveling and cruising, not professional critics or experts. They enjoy presenting fun, helpful & informative videos from their travel experiences and go the extra mile to help viewers plan their vacations. What most people like about this channel is that they include many close-ups of the buffets with labels of what foods are offered in their videos, as well as the sampling of dishes.

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