Be on High Alert for These 11 Most Challenging American Cities To Drive In

Be it long commutes, pothole-filled roads, traffic jams, or reckless drivers, driving in the US can be a nightmare. Although most US cities have improved their infrastructure, some just can‘t seem to get their act together.

A recent online discussion by American drivers highlighted the most dangerous cities to drive in so they. From congested roads and highways to hightraffic areas, these 11 US cities are some of the worst to drive in, especially if you’re new to the area.

1. Los Angeles

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Unfortunately, the ‘City of Angels’ moniker doesn’t apply to those driving on Los Angeles’ blocked asphalt arteries. “It’s the most congested metro area in the country: I know from experience.” Driving in L.A. is the worst commute I have experienced, the worst part being people’s reluctance to yield on the Interstate when you need to merge. 

2. Honolulu

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While most would agree that Los Angeles is a motorists’ nightmare, Hawai’i also falls into this category. One observer notes that while Los Angeles has the highest population density, “I think the second-worst is currently Honolulu!”

3. Boston

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One driver has bad memories about the last time they drove in Boston. “But (the) last time I drove there was before GPS,” says the commenter. “I’m sure that helps a bit.” An instant retort comes from a local: “Bostonian here: It doesn’t!” 

4. Washington D.C.

District of Columbia
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“I say D.C. because of the layout of the roads and the circles,” admits a District of Columbia citizen. “I’ve lived outside of D.C. for 15 years and still get lost.” The nation’s forefathers must have had no idea what the city’s historic roads would look like 300 years later. 

5. Atlanta

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Other commuters have a low view of the nation’s capital. However, its southern counterpart, Atlanta, is another sprawling city with too many cars. “D.C. was always terrible,” comments a thread user. “Atlanta is horrible at times.” 

6. Santa Cruz, CA

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Santa Cruz was voted the most walkable city in California, so cars receive no sympathy in this coastal tourist hub. Forget about even trying to navigate the city during the summer rush. “As terrible as Californian drivers might be,” claims a visitor. “Santa Cruz bicyclists might take the cake for road hazards.”

7. Miami

Miami Beach, wonderful aerial view of buildings, river and vegetation.
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Florida‘s beating heart is renowned for being loud, lavish, and busy, so maybe its traffic reflects this reputation. “Miami, the honking never stops,” adds someone weary of driving there. One might say the same thing about Miami‘s nightclubs, where the dancing never stops. Maybe they are dancing to the honking? 

8. Pittsburgh

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The Midwest can be a stress-free driving encounter in the right city. However, one of those cities is not Pittsburgh. “Pittsburgh is pretty awful: lots of one-way roads (or) bridges that may not be open,” admits a local driver. “If you aren’t familiar, it can be rough.”

9. New York City

Times Square ,is a busy tourist intersection of neon art and commerce and is an iconic street of New York City and America
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As an outsider, I could not imagine driving through New York City. Having lived in London, I never wish to commute through such a metropolis. The level of stress must be colossal. Driving in New York was pretty much my most stressful city driving experience,” confirms a former visitor, “with Chicago a close second.”

10. Chicago

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For some reason, Chicago is the subject of comparison for some motorists, coming in second on their worst-driving list. “Atlanta sucks, but it’s not as bad as Chicago was,” claims one such commenter. Atlanta is catching strays too, but it also makes this list. 

11. Houston

Houston, Texas
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Even if you manage to escape the gridlock of Houston’s highways, drivers are likely to find themselves in a different kind of traffic jam. “Huge population, constant road construction, potholes everywhere, and frequent street flooding,” reports a user.

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