13 of the Best International Travel Destinations for Singles

Are you a person that enjoys traveling overseas?  Below is a study of some amazing international travel destinations for singles.

For many working-class citizens, our lives can be a little daunting.  A typical day begins with us waking up, preparing for work, and rushing to arrive at work on time.  After work, we head home only to fall asleep for a short period, wake up the next day, and repeat the same pattern.

We must take a break from work to decompress and enjoy our lives.  A vacation can take a few days off work to relax at home or catch up with friends.  The best way to take advantage of your time off is to travel.  Traveling is a mental and spiritual retreat from the real world.  In this post, I will share 13 international travel destinations for singles.

North America


Canada has given birth to some Alist celebrities like Drake and the Weeknd. Besides that, Canada is a great place to visit. There is so much to do and see there, so you need to take at least one trip there.

One of the reasons to visit Canada is to experience its outdoors. I believe that everyone should be able to survive in the wilderness. You can get a feel of that environment in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. There’s just a rush that can’t be explained in words and that you have to experience yourself. You can also visit mountain resorts and national parks like Whistler and Yoho National Park in British Columbia.

There are other cities to visit, like Toronto and Montreal, for nightlife and entertainment. Just keep in mind that it gets frigid, especially during February and March.

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Central America & Caribbean


Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations.  I’ve been there once during a cruise and truly enjoyed it. Families and single adults will enjoy Mexico due to the plethora of attractions and destinations within the country.  There are beautiful places such as Cozumel, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta.

As a gay traveler, I always seek areas that are inclusive of LGBTQ persons.  If you’re LGBTQ, you will feel welcomed and safe in some regions of Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta is considered the gay capital of Mexico and is one of the most popular LGBTQ destinations, full of gay bars.  I’ve had many gay friends that traveled there and loved every moment there.  Puerto Vallarta is a resort town that has a gay neighborhood named Zona Romantica.


‘Spilligate.’  That is Bahamian slang for going out on the town.  The Bahamas is a place you should visit.  It is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  It can be expensive, so if you travel there, make sure you save your coins.  Bahamas has gorgeous beaches that will erase the memories of those unclean beaches here in the US.

The most popular tourist attraction in the Bahamas is Atlantis.  It is gorgeous. I remember passing by Atlantis on a boat and looking at the island from afar.  I felt like a kid in the backseat of a car en route to Toys’rus and viewing the vast sign at a distance.

Atlantis is expensive as the resort rooms average $200 to thousands of dollars per night.   The Royal Towers Bridge Suite is one of the most costly hotels globally, with it being $25k to stay a night!  Looking at the number makes me cringe.

Dominican Republic

I love my Hispanic culture.  And so, traveling to any Spanish-speaking country puts me at ease.  One of those countries is The Dominican Republic (DR).  Just about all my friends traveled there at least once.  DR has beautiful beaches, beautiful resorts, and, best of all, beautiful men.

Up in Washington Heights, New York, Dominican food like mangu and tostones are delicious.  So you can imagine what you will find in DR.  A lot of the foods are made from scratch. You will enjoy the authentic food and will gain a pound or two.

If you love to socialize or want to relax in town, you should visit Puerto Plata.  I have tons of Dominican friends, and many agree that Puerto Plata is a fun destination. There are inclusive resorts where you can pay around $100 nights and less.  Not to mention there is a lot of eye candy at these spots.

If you are on a budget, the cheapest month to fly to DR is in August.



Another thing about Ghana is the music festivals. Whether you enjoy dancing or not, you will have the time of your life in Ghana.  One of the biggest festivals in Africa is Afronation, a music festival that attracts thousands of people worldwide. Much of the music played is Afro beats, a mix of  Soca, hip hop, dance hall, and other popular urban music genres.

Africa is stereotyped as a backward continent.  But there are plenty of beautiful and modernized places in Africa.  One of the best places to visit in Ghana.

I’m a food lover, so I’m familiar with tasty cultural foods and cuisines.  I can tell you that Ghanaian food is delicious. I’ve had cultural foods like jollof rice and fufu, which will put your head on your heels.  You can easily find these foods at a street vendor or restaurant.

All of my African friends tell me that if you travel to Africa, you need to spend a month there, no matter where you go.  And Ghana is a place to visit.

South Africa

The media has often portrayed Africa as poor and undeveloped. There are impoverished areas in the continent, but there are modernized nations as well. South Africa is one of those countries with a good economy. There are many reasons to go to South Africa, and I’ll explain some of them.

I’ve tasted different African cuisines and enjoyed all of them. And so, I can guarantee that you will love South African food. Popular South African foods include boerewors and boboties, which are meat dishes. One of the most popular restaurants globally, Wolfgat, is in South Africa, a reason for any food lover to travel there.

As I mentioned earlier, there’s a lot of ignorance about Africa.  One myth is that only villages and forests exist in Africa. There are beautiful safaris and beaches in South Africa and other countries in Africa. But there are also actual African cities, and one of them is Capetown. Capetown is a city in South Africa that will erase any stereotypes you have about South Africa.



I love Italian food, so Italy instantly came to my mind when creating this list of international travel destinations. It is a beautiful place to visit. There are cities like Rome and Milan which you will enjoy. Italy is not a big country but if you travel there your time won’t be wasted.

One city to check out in Italy is Rome. The exciting part of Rome is its history. Most of us have heard of the Roman Empire. One familiar building is the Colosseum. That’s where gladiators fought, and games happened thousands of years ago. Even if you’re not a history buff, you will find other fascinating information about the Colosseum. In Rome, you can also check out Via Veneto, which is like Park Ave in NYC. You will find some nice bars and clubs on that street.

Other cities you should visit in Italy are Venice and Florence. You may spend a lot of money, but it’s worth it for the pretty attractions and great restaurants.


London is another European country that you need to visit. There are so many places to visit in London that I had difficulty writing this tiny blurb. I’ll mention some of the spots to visit.

To travel around, you can take the Underground, which is like the MTA in New York. Just being on that train for the first ride will make you feel like a little kid. The Underground is one of the most extensive transit systems in the world. It will take you around so many spots in London.

I consider Beyonce to be a Queen. So, if you’re interested in seeing where the royal family reside, you should check out Buckingham Palace. Think of a fancier version of the White House. In front of the Palace are soldiers dressed in full uniforms and lined up like a toy set. You can only visit the Palace at certain times of the year, so make sure you plan.

If you’re bougie, you will enjoy being in Kensington, an upscale neighborhood in West London. The luxury department store Harrods is in Kensington, as well as other expensive stores and restaurants. If you’re traveling on a budget, you can go to Bexley, wherever you can stay, and shop at affordable prices.


When I would hear the word “Paris,” what instantly came to mind was chic and fabulous.  Indeed, it’s a pretty country that you will love to visit by yourself or with a romantic partner.

There are plenty of things to do and events to attend in Paris.  If you’re a fashionista, you probably already know about Paris Fashion Week.   It is the biggest Fashion Week in the world and takes place during the fall and late winter.  If you want to shop, you can go to Avenue des Champs-Elysees, which is like the 5th Avenue of New York.

One of the typical spots to visit is the Eiffel Tower, especially for first-time visitors under $20.  Another excellent spot to check out is the Astronomy Tower of the Sorbonne.  If you’re feeling mellow and don’t want to be around too many people, you can vibe out in this spot during the nighttime.

Overall, Paris is a great place to travel. Depending on where you shop, eat and stay, Paris can be pricey. Nonetheless, you can still travel on a budget. To save some coins, you can stay in a hostel, visit museums with low-cost tickets, and eat at affordable restaurants like CheZaline and Chartier.



If you’re not afraid of long flights, Thailand is a trip you should consider.  The flight is about twenty hours, but it’ll be worth it.  I practice mixed martial arts composed of Muy Thai and Muy Boran, which originates from Thailand.  Everyone who I’ve known to travel to the country and enjoyed themselves.

The popular areas in Thailand are Bangkok and Phuket.  If you’re a food lover, you will enjoy Bangkok since many food vendors are on the streets.  The street food is delicious and dirt cheap.  Phuket has beautiful beaches where you can do fun water activities like snorkeling and diving.

Another reason to travel to Thailand is the cheap hotels. In Bangkok, you can stay in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, a 5-star hotel, for about $100 a night.  There are more affordable hotels where it would cost less than $30 a night!


Japan is another fantastic destination in Asia.  It is a long flight but not as long as the flight to Thailand.  I love so many significant aspects of Japan, like anime, Japanese food, and video games.

One place to go in Japan is Tokyo.  Tokyo is Japan’s version of Times Square.  You can easily travel by train, which is pretty safe and clean (totally different from the MTA)!  The nightlife in Tokyo is pretty popping.  Shinjuku is an area in Tokyo where you can go for tons of fun and entertainment.

Depending on where you go, Japan can be expensive as Los Angeles or New York. Ouch! Eating out and drinking will hurt your pockets if you don’t have a budget and mindlessly spend. Budget properly, and you will enjoy your vacation without feeling a type of way after.

Middle East


There are a lot of misconceptions about the Middle East as being dangerous and violent. There are unsafe parts of the Middle East, but there are safe countries for tourists. One of those countries is Egypt.

What’s most impressive about Egypt is its history.  I have an Egyptian fraternity brother that recollects on the pyramids, tombs, and other beautiful architecture in Egypt.

If you decide to travel to Egypt, you should go to Cairo.  It’s the safest city in Egypt, so you don’t have to worry about constantly looking over your shoulder.

Because Egypt is a Muslim Nation, there aren’t too many spots that serve alcohol as other places.  Still, the nightlife is superb, and there are bars and dance clubs like the Cairo Jazz Club and The Tap that you can still go to.


Turkey is another safe country in the Middle East that you will enjoy.  The plane ride is about nine hours. If you don’t mind long plane rides, it’s worth hopping on a flight.  There are so many beautiful beaches, beautiful architecture, and beautiful people in the country.

There are beautiful cities in Ankara, Antalya, and Istanbul.  One city you need to visit is Istanbul.   It has the best nightlife so that you will have lots of fun there.  Clubs like Reina and Supperclub are cute spots where you will even find celebrities.

The best part about being in Turkey is that it’s very safe.  Here in New York, you have to watch out for douchebags even on your block.   In Turkey, people are much friendlier and are supposed to be some of the nicest people.  If you meet a stranger on the street, they will stop to say hello.

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Wrap Up

There are so many more beautiful international travel destinations. If you plan to travel internationally, you must be mindful of COVID regulations. Many travelers have chosen not to travel due to the coronavirus epidemic. I won’t disagree, but I would recommend you to travel if you feel comfortable. Young, middle-aged, or elderly, you can live a more fulfilling life if you travel.



Marcos Martinez is a gay coming out coach and blogger who writes about the black gay lifestyle.