12 Swoon-worthy Miniature Golf Courses in the United States

Though you may not be Tiger Woods winning golf championships like it’s the year 2000, you still like to play miniature golf with as much passion and verve as the pros!

Miniature golf is a smaller, more playful version of the big game that brings a particular joy to the lives of its players that you can’t get on an 18-hole large-scale course that takes all day to complete.

We have swoon-worthy miniature golf courses in the United States you should bookmark for your travels from Florida to California! Playful competition is welcome at all of our suggestions below.

Miniature Golf Course in Florida

We have to begin with the mecca of themed entertainment in the United States: Orlando. There are many golf courses here, but the location of the top three won’t surprise you. Two are at Disney World, and one is at Universal.

1. Hollywood Drive-in Golf at Universal Citywalk Orlando

When you park at Universal’s Orlando parking garage, you must walk past CityWalk to get to the parks. You pass over a gorgeous miniature golf course called Hollywood Drive-In. It’s colorful creatures and amusing icons are part of the fun of golfing here.

There are two courses to enjoy. You can play only one for 18-holes of fun or play all 36-holes for a longer-lasting mini-golf experience.

Both courses at Universal have lighting, so you can play day and night. Playing during both times to experience different vibes during sunshine and darkness! If you park at the Universal parking garage, you’ll have to pay for parking and the miniature golf fee.

Invaders From Planet Putt at Universal

This course has a theme that reminds us of the Men in Black attraction at Universal Studios, steps away from the mini-golf course. Envision aliens invading the Earth, turning things like farm animals into possessed creatures, and that’s what you’ll experience at Invaders from Planet Putt.

The Haunting of Ghostly Greens at Universal

Ghosts and ghouls are the themes of this course. Expect all things (relatively) spooky, including wirey trees, skeletons, and houses that look {somewhat} haunted.

2. Winter Summerland Miniature Golf at Walt Disney World

Imagine a tropical holiday world where snow has covered the ground in Florida! That’s what Winter Summerland miniature golf course is.

Though the snow is fake (or it would quickly melt in the Florida heat), the theming is comical, and you’ll giggle as you see some familiar holiday icons dressed in winter clothes and decorations throughout the course but with a tropical twist.

3. Fantasia Gardens and Fairways Miniature Golf at Walt Disney World

There are two courses at Fantasia Miniature Golf, steps away from the Swan Reserve hotel at Walt Disney World, near Disney’s BoardWalk.

One is a par-3 and par-5 course that is harder than the easier, kid-friendly Fantasia Gardens course. If you want sand traps, hills, and a bit of a challenge, go for Fantasia Fairways. If you want fun characters from the movie Fantasia, go for the Fantasia Gardens course.

Both courses are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, so you can enjoy them during the day or after hours at the theme parks. (Don’t forget to pack sunscreen for your Walt Disney World trip if you’re playing during daylight hours. The Florida sun is intense, no matter what month you visit.)

4. Putting Edge Near Universal Orlando

This glow-in-the-dark miniature golf is on International Drive, very close to Universal. You don’t have to put on sunscreen to play their neon indoor course, where you’re protected from the weather.

Glowing rocks, flowers, and trees make this miniature golf course a cool experience.

They open at 11:00 am on weekdays, and 10:00 am on Saturday and Sunday, staying open until late in the evening. We recommend booking your reservation for play time in advance.

5. Conservation Course, West Palm Beach, Florida

This course is part of the COX Science Center and Aquarium in South Florida. The miniature golf course’s mission is to educate its mini-golfers about ecosystems, particularly those in Florida, like the Everglades.

It’s a beautifully landscaped course with tropical plants and water features. In addition, every hole on the course has a name associated with an indigenous South Florida plant or animal.

They are open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and an additional hour on Saturdays and Sundays, closing at 5:00 pm. The best part about mini-golf being a part of the museum is that miniature golf is included if you purchase admission to the museum.

East Coast Miniature Golf

6. Duffer’s Mini Golf in Wildwood, New Jersey

Wildwood is a destination for summer vacationers craving a beachfront area close to home in the tri-state area. When you want a change from laying in the sand, head to Duffer’s Mini Golf!

The whimsical beachside NJ theming is complete with pelicans, sharks, and even a shipwreck.

They also have an arcade and homemade ice cream shop next door, so when you want a break from being outside, head indoors and cool down with a sprinkled cone or play some games in air-conditioning.

The miniature golf course opens daily at 8:00 am.

7. Swingers Golf, Washington, DC

No matter the weather, you can head to Swingers Golf in Washington DC’s Dupont Circle neighborhood. This indoor course is uniquely adults-only (21 and older), with a swanky bar inside to complete the miniature golf course fun.

There is a food hall downstairs and an outdoor patio to extend your mini-golf trip for hours of amusement.

They have peak and off-peak pricing depending on when you want to visit, and you can reserve your time online before you go, so you’re not waiting in line to play. Luckily, there are two courses (Clocktower Course and Waterwheel Course) to handle the demand.

8. Lkn Minigolf in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Lake Norman, just outside Charlotte, has a great miniature golf course with beautiful landscaping and water features. They do holiday-themed events, like turning the mini-golf course into a spooky adventure during Halloween.

They also have a laser course and rock climbing on their property, so if you want to make a day or afternoon of fun activities at LKN mini-golf, be sure to inquire about their combination tickets when you are at the ticket window.

They open at 10:00 am Monday through Saturday and 11:00 am on Sundays. They close at 9:00 pm Monday through Thursday and Sunday and 10:00 pm on Saturdays.

9. Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

One of the best things about Crave Golf Club in Tennessee is its indoor and outdoor courses. That ensures you’ll have a successful play independent of the weather.

Their outdoor course uses the facility’s rooftop, and the indoor course is inside the building. The theme is similar: expect lots of colors and fun candy! Of course, they have a candy shop to remedy the candy you’ll be craving after mini-golf. They also have escape rooms and mini-bowling onsite.

Crave Golf Club is open daily from 9:00 am to midnight. You can purchase tickets onsite to play one course or both courses for some savings.

Midwest Miniature Golf

10. Goofy Golf, Sandusky, Ohio

It’s too bad all the beautiful houses on this miniature golf course are tiny because they’re so attractive you’ll want to move into them and take up residence on the miniature golf course!

This destination is only an 8-minute drive from Cedar Point, the famous amusement park in Ohio. From a mini castle to a small church, Goofy Golf has many architectural buildings highlighted in their two courses, doubling the 18-hole enjoyment.

Pay to play just one course or all 36 holes. They have three go-kart tracks, bumper boats, and an arcade on their property so that you can extend your golf visit for hours of fun.

11. Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, Missouri

This beautiful resort packs a lot of punch for fun activities, miniature golf included. So if you’re heading to the Ozarks, plan to stay and play for a while because this miniature golf course is included for resort guests. (It is not otherwise open to the public.)

Their miniature golf course has stunning landscaping surrounding a 9-hole course, where you can walk through the large, open mouth of a bass fish. They also have an impressive ropes course, pool, nature trail, and multiple golf courses onsite.

It opens at 9:00 am and closes at dusk.

West Coast Miniature Golf

12. Pelly’s Mini Golf at Del Mar Golf Center, California

Two courses comprise this southern California miniature golf destination. Choose from land or sea with their Ocean Adventure course or Surfin’ Safari course, whether you prefer seals or plenty of palm trees.

If you’re adults visiting with children, this is the perfect location to play some golf for the kids at the mini-golf course and then head to the driving range for more “mature” golfing.

The course is across from the Del Mar Fairgrounds and is open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


Whether you play nine holes, 18, or 36, swoon-worthy miniature golf courses across America will provide you with hours of fun, laughter, and entertainment.

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