Top 10 Most Visited Cities Across the Globe Today

Our wondrous home, Earth, has seven continents, 195 countries, and thousands of cities. Within our world lives a realm of possibility for exploration and trekking. Here are ten of the top visited countries worldwide. Have you been to any of them?

1. Bangkok, Thailand

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The capital of Thailand welcomes over 24 million people a year thanks to its gorgeous scenery, religious history, and thriving population. Although the flight may cost over $1,000, once in Thailand, the cost of living is much cheaper than anywhere in the U.S. or Europe. While exploring the bustling capital, make time for a Tuk-Tuk temple tour, a railway market tour, and a Thai cooking class if you can flex your culinary skills. 

2. Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
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Paris is hot, dirty, busy, and I love it. The polarizing French city attracts more than 17 million people each year. The home to the Eiffel Tower and the River Seine offers the best-baked goods you’ll ever have and life-changing tours of historical landmarks. If you’re a history hound, stop by the Catacombs and get a picture outside of Notre Dame. If you prefer the more fast-paced life, take a stroll down Avenue des Champs Elysees.

3. New York, U.S.

The Empire State Building
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The Big Apple is the place to be when you refuse to conform to a 9-5 office schedule. Of course, those working those traditional jobs can exist in the high-paced space of New York, but so can those who despise showing up to the office and mingling with workers in the break room. New York hosts people of all backgrounds and talents. Over 66 million visitors flock to the City that Never Sleeps for delectable nightlife, constant entertainment, unforgettable shopping sprees, and breathtaking views of popularized figures and landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.

4. London, England

Young London traveller woman takes selfie pictures with her phone at Westminster with view to the Big Ben Tower in London, UK, during sunset time
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Near 20 million individuals hop on a flight or train to pop into The City for a tourist trip. I’ve lived in London, and despite the constant gray that permeates the sky, the city boasts a wealth of activities for anyone. Children can enjoy a Peppa Pig bus tour, adults can embark on Sherlock Holmes-themed walking excursions, and those straddling between youth and adulthood have a multitude of plays and attractions to pick from. I highly recommend Mamma Mia on the West End and a tour through the Tower of London. 

5. Singapore, Asia

Landscape of the Singapore financial district
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Technically Singapore is a city-state and is classified as a country and a city with over 18 million people stopping by per year. The Asian Metropolis succeeds in combining ancient architecture with renowned novel skyscrapers and charm. Travelers enjoy the open parks, greenery, and intricate temples full of tradition, history, and sacred worship. 

6. Hong Kong, China

2023 June 10,Hong Kong.One of two giant inflatable ducks lost its air at midday in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour . only one left in the sea.
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Thirty million people explore Hong Kong a year. Hong Kong houses one of the globe’s oldest and best botanical gardens where native species coexist and roam. Themed areas sprawl throughout the gardens, including an edible plant section and a scented garden. If you’re seeking a thrill, hop aboard the Ngong Ping 360 to soar over Lantau Island on a clear glass cable car. Soak in the sun on a star ferry, explore the local culture at the street markets, and opt for at least one ride on the double-decker ding dings.

7. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bluewaters island and Ain Dubai ferris wheel on in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with JBR beach and Dubai marina aerial skyline cityscape view
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Dubai is most known for its lavish and luxurious vacation lifestyle. Many tourists enjoy splurging at the Dubai Mall and dining on dinner cruises. The city holds the tallest building in the world, The Burj Khalifa. Standing at 2,717 feet, some daredevil base jumps off the skyscraper’s top. Remember, the city expects tourists and residents to obey the dress code. Women must wear headscarves, and men must wear long sleeve shirts and pants.  

8. Seoul, South Korea

Traffic speeds through an intersection at night in Gangnam, Seoul in South Korea.
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If you’re yearning for a futuristic trip that blends all the best assets of pop culture and historical richness, you must book a trip to Seoul. The South Korean capital presents rooftop parks, memorials, national parks, and jaw-dropping temples for its 12 million tourists each year. For a scenic hike, check out The Bukhansan National Park mountains. 

9. Tokyo, Japan

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Everyone I know who visits Tokyo will never stop talking about their trip to Tokyo. The Japanese capital has anything and everything a globe trotter could ever want on an itinerary. The Tokyo Skytree Tower reaches 2,080 feet in the air, making it the largest tower in the world, which interests the ten million people who flock to the city each year, floral beds populate the city, and temples welcome practices and tourists to exist in peaceful surroundings. Plus, you can’t beat cat cafes.

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala lumpur city skyline at dusk, Kuala lumpur Malaysia
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Ten million people travel to this Malaysian capital annually. It is best known for its Petronas Twin Towers, a double skyscraper creation with a sky bridge permitting observation. Another notable experience in the city is The Batu Caves, a respected Hindu shrine dedicated to Murugan, the Hindu God of War, with a 180-foot golden statue of the God. 

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