Top 10 Countries With the Absolute Worst Cuisine in the World

Have you encountered a country of terrible foods in your traveling endeavors? You’re not alone. After someone asked travelers, “What country has the worst cuisine overall?” These are the top-voted responses.

1. Iceland

The number-one-voted country with the worst overall cuisine was Iceland. Many people noted that the food was bland, boring, and like five times more expensive than it should be. One shared the nastiness that is “fermented shark.” However, they were careful to reiterate the country itself is lovely.

2. England

One Redditor angered the masses with the second most-voted country, England. “They spent centuries conquering the world in search of spices and decided not to use any of them.” While I laughed out loud, the comments were full of people arguing for “meat pies and chippies.”

3. Australia

Australia took the number three spot on the list. It left confusion in the comments for Australians who admitted they only have a few authentic dishes. Instead, like America, they do “A great job of other nations’ foods due to immigration.” However, another argued that Australia was responsible for Vegemite. “Enough said.”

4. Mongolia

Many Redditors stated that Mongolian food is the overall worst cuisine globally. One noted, “I’ve been to 47 countries, and Mongolian food was undoubtedly the worst, by quite a stretch.”

Another discussed it as boiled meat and fermented horse milk (mutton and marmots). Additionally, people called Mongolia out for not using spices or vegetables.

5. Kazakhstan

One traveler shared, “Worst I experienced as a national cuisine – Kazakhstan. There are good restaurants, but they are more like Uzbek, Uighur, or Dungan.” They further explained the cuisine consisted of fermented horse milk, dried fermented milk, and boiled meat with a lack of spices.

6. The Netherlands

Many people agree that The Netherlands’ food is not the best. One argued that they enjoyed eating their fried with mayonnaise because of their time spent in Amsterdam before one shared, “And we stole that from Belgium!

Also, it was noted that these dishes were worthy of a try: Frikandellen, Roos Vicee, Bitterballen, Oliebollen, Poffertjes, and Filet Americain (steak tartare).

7. Russia

Russia comes in at number seven for dastardly cuisines. One traveler confessed, “Never been to Russia, but I had dinner at a Russian family’s apartment in Israel. They served chicken feet in a jello mold.” Many people in the thread agreed that it is a nasty combo before agreeing that Russian food overall is not good.

8. The Philippines

Somebody confessed that they hated admitting they didn’t like most Filipino food. They elaborated they know that Filipinos pride themselves on their cuisine, but they couldn’t choke it down.

Finally, a Filipino weighed in, “As a Filipino, I get this. There’s A LOT about the cuisine I think is subpar. Incredibly salted pork blood stew? No, thank you. A sweet spaghetti with Vienna sausages thrown in? Why? I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who sometimes thinks my cuisine is weird.”

9. Norway

A chef confessed to cooking all over the world, and they believed Russia and Norway take the cake for terrible cuisine. He shared, “Like the other Nordic countries, they have their spin on ‘fish left somewhere and forgotten about for a year,’ lutefisk and rakfisk. And the traditional Christmas dish of a roasted sheep head, eyeballs and all.”

10. Cuba

Finally, people agreed with the statement, “Cuba has some of the worst food. There is a lack of high-quality ingredients.” One elaborated they ate a hamburger with a “dubious textured patty” and “doughy bread pizza” topped with spaghetti. They added, “Suffice to say any thoughts of great Cuban food is more likely to come from Miami than Cuba.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite cuisine on this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.