Top 10 Things Female Solo Travelers Do During Nightlife Hours

Are you a solo traveler looking for the best things to do during the nighttime hours of your travels? Then, we got you covered. Recently a Redditor asked for ideas for enjoying traveling destinations at night. They clarified they are a female solo traveler looking for safe opportunities. Here are the top-voted recommendations.

1. See Shows

One user noted, “So when I’m traveling alone, I go to shows, like theaters or plays by myself. Usually, it attracts a good crowd, and I feel relatively safe. You’re also done at a reasonable time at night, by 10-10:30. Then I’m back in my hotel room with a nice bottle of wine, liquor, or beer drinking, enjoying the view from my room and reading.”

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2. Visit a Music Venue

Another suggested, “A lovely jazz lounge or laid-back music venue can be great, too. For example, while in Spain, I found a venue for a month-long Flamenco festival (just music, not dancing). 

I was welcomed by locals when I was alone or with people I met on my travels. However, some places feel much safer, and Madrid is one of them. Nightlife doesn’t start until midnight, so public areas are usually well trafficked beyond when I like to be in bed.”

3. Take an Evening Organized Tour

One suggested, “For short-term vacation travel, you can always find some organized tours on Viator or Trip Advisor. Shows, evening food tours, and even pub crawls are usually available in bigger towns and cities. They are safe options and a great way to meet other travelers.”

“I did a ghost tour in Edinburgh once,” confessed another. “It was a lot of fun. There are underground passages below the city. Some college kids were hiding and jumping out to scare their friends. It made the tour even funnier.”

4. Netflix and Chill

“I don’t necessarily go home when the sun goes down,” one explained. “Sometimes, I will go for a later dinner. But I typically go back to the hotel, watch Netflix, answer some work emails, and go to bed early. Then, I’m ready to relax after walking around all day.”

A second added, “Same… after the sun sets, I head back to my hotel, too. It’s the only time I wish I had company so I could enjoy the place I’m visiting at night. But ultimately, I’m too exhausted from the day’s activities, so it’s alright. Netflix is my go-to evening activity.”

5. Local Cafe or Bar

One traveler noted, “I will usually find a cafe or bar close to the hotel to sit down and have a drink and enjoy the ambiance. Then head to bed early.

But it also heavily depends on where you are. In Tokyo, for example, you can wander around late at night, with thousands of people everywhere. Everything is open until midnight or later.”

Another added, “I can attest to this. I am currently a solo female traveler in Japan and could not feel any safer!” Finally, one shared, “Japan always feels safe as a solo female. I’ve spent many nights in Fukuoka alone and wandering around. It feels so serene when it’s warm and raining at night while walking through small side streets.”

6. Catch Up on Sleep

Several travelers admitted they like to catch up on sleep. One added, “I do as much as possible during the day and wear myself out. Then I head back up to my hotel and sleep in. I usually don’t get a chance to sleep in during the week because I get up at 5:00 am to go to the gym and head to work. So I usually use trips to give my body some additional time to rest.”

7. Journaling and Video Chats

One traveler confessed that they enjoy journaling the day’s events while fresh in their minds. They also write postcards and video chat with people at home. “I love getting up early and exploring a city early in the morning, and I’m worn out by dinner, so an early evening works for me.”

8. Late Dinners

Several solo travelers admitted that depending on where they are, they enjoy having later dinners before returning to their hotel accommodations. For example, someone explained, “I enjoyed Spain in particular because everyone eats dinner so late (10-11 pm is normal).

So that you can explore, drink, and eat any time before midnight and there are so many people around that I never felt unsafe (22f and solo). One time an older woman smacked a purse into a man who commented on my body.”

9. Try Airbnb Experiences

One female solo traveler shared, “Airbnb experiences have stuff you can do at night! For example, in Rio de Janeiro, I booked a bar crawl where our Brazilian host took us to various bars. I met many new people, both foreigners, and Brazilians, and I felt super safe. I highly recommend it!”

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10. Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

Finally, many solo female travelers suggested that they take advantage of the amenities at the hotels they are staying at. For example, one noted they enjoy having later hours at the pool when kids are less likely to splash around. Others mentioned they felt safer visiting the bars in their hotels before making their way to their rooms, safe and sound.

We hope you enjoyed these Reddit tips for female solo travelers looking for things to do during the nighttime hours of travel. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.