10 Big Things That Screams I’m Rich Pretending To Be Poor

I encountered an interesting question today, “What screams rich pretending to be poor?” Typically, I’ve heard it asked the other way around, right? So what screams poor pretending to be rich? Nonetheless, the answers were fascinating, and here are the top ten.

1. Begpacking

Somehow, I’ve never heard of “Begpacking.” However, it combines backpacking and begging. One user explained that it’s when affluent Westerner kids travel to low-income countries (Asia or Central/South America) and “bum around in hostels for a few months.”

They earn money through begging from the locals, busking, or doing odd jobs. They continued, “Then they talk about their ‘authentic life-changing experience’ for the next couple of years.”

2. Van Life

Another lifestyle people acknowledge as rich, pretending to be poor, is van life. One explained many use the premise of being too poor to pay $1500 in rent. So instead, they purchased a van for $10k and then spent an additional $20k making it look like a bedroom “to save money.”

3. Starving Artist

Several Redditors acknowledged many hippies and artists are evasive about how they support their lifestyle, which includes an “expensive loft in a high-rent city without a proper job.” One suggested it’s their parents or family keeping them afloat, which screams wealth.

4. Don’t Eat It, Don’t Wear It, and Don’t Drive It

One user shared that she dated a guy with a limited wardrobe in college. She chopped it up to not having much or being lazy, mainly because he was a humble and down-to-earth personality.

So, eventually, he invited her to his house for dinner. She confessed, “I was mindblown, chandeliers and everything. Floors are ever so squeaky and shiny.” She also noted that his parents had separate BMWs, and she sat in awe. One explained about money that you, “Don’t eat it, don’t wear it, and don’t drive it.”

5. Building Schools in Impoverished Nations

One Redditor did not hold back when they volunteered, “Building schools in impoverished nations on the backbone of God’s plan to help the needy. Stop exploiting children with lackluster construction skills to make them seem like they are making a difference.”

Oof. People like myself needed further clarification. They explained that churches raise buttloads of cash and send members to build low-quality schools. They leave something that doesn’t last rather than donate the money raised toward actual food and necessities for these impoverished communities.

Finally, someone explained, “Voluntourism isn’t just a church mission. It’s become quite the industry.” Noting that the churches are doing it from misguided but genuine altruism.”

6. People’s Faces Are a Tell

Someone suggested that Influencers (especially) and celebrities try to throw you some poverty sob story for PR, and they don’t realize that there’s a “wealth face.”

“They’ll try to talk to you about growing up in “the ghetto” with a tragic past, but at the same time, they will have their teeth straight and pearly white, all in a neat row.”

7. Suburban Rich Kids Pretending

Many Redditors agreed that suburban rich kids who swear they’re from the hood and join gangs are an example of this. One expressed, “You grew up with a maid, butler, and chauffeur. There’s nothing good about you.”

Someone explained that they emulate what they see on TV, in films, and in music videos. “They think this lifestyle is a costume and earns credibility. It’s all fun until they get in trouble, and their wealthy parents can get them out of jail.”

Finally, they clarified it’s unlike the poor kids, pressured into pleading guilty and losing their lives to the revolving door prison system.

8. Thrifting

Second-hand clothes and thrifting made their list. One woman explained that since thrifting’s become trendy, a bunch of new “second-hand vintage” stores have opened in her super expensive city.

She further clarified that the typical thrift stores “feel super empty.” Stating that before, they had a mix of good old stuff, but now it’s the ‘leftovers’ of those stores.”

9. Jeans With Holes

Many were astonished about people buying jeans with holes already in them and suggested it as an example of the rich pretending to be poor. Someone confessed they finally had to sew up a hole in their denim after twelve years of wear.

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10. Discussing Economy Class

Finally, someone suggested when people travel and feel the need to express that they flew economy class. It’s a giveaway because the economy is the default, so nobody says they “flew economy” unless they have money.

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.


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