Is This Wife Wrong for Forbidding Her Husband To Travel Now That the Baby Is Born?

When a new baby enters the world, life changes dramatically for the parents. As much as they may want to, they can no longer prioritize their desires over the focus on the well-being of their child.

One aspect of this is travel, which can suddenly become a contentious issue between partners. For example, this situation is facing one couple where the wife, who we’ll call Kelly, has forbade her husband, who we’ll call Stan, from traveling now that the baby has been born.

Kelly and Stan

Kelly and Stan were passionate about traveling, often going to different countries together and experiencing new things. However, Kelly became pregnant during the pandemic, which was unexpected for both of them. Despite the initial shock, they decided to keep the baby and agreed that their love for travel would not diminish.

Fast forward to eight months later, Stan has become an incredible father, devoting all his time to caring for their child. However, he occasionally talks about his desire to travel.

Kelly feels that now they have a child, her husband should stay home and be responsible, not leaving the baby for even a single day. This disagreement came to a head when the husband’s college friend invited him to a wedding in Taiwan.

However, Kelly still felt it was inappropriate for Stan to travel, especially with a young baby at home. Despite his claims that the baby would be safe with her parents and that they could take a short trip to his friend’s wedding (4-5 days), Kelly was firmly against it.

She felt it was not a responsible decision for a parent to “abandon” their child and told him no. Stan was upset and thought Kelly had broken a promise she made while pregnant, leading to an explosive argument about promises and responsibilities.

She elaborated, “He kept claiming it’s responsible because we know the baby will be safe with her parents, but I kept arguing back that it doesn’t work that way and I can take him to court if he wants to abandon the baby.”

He broke his game system in anger and became silent, only communicating about baby-related matters and avoiding further conversations with Kelly. Now, Kelly wants to know if she’s acting irrationally or right, forbidding him to travel. Here is how the internet responded.

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You Threatened Your Husband

One stated the obvious WHOA, “You threatened to take your husband to court over checks notes wanting to leave the baby with a babysitter to go to a wedding. That’s not child abandonment. Also, why can’t you stay with the baby and his parents for three days while he goes to a wedding?”

You Promised Your Husband

“I think the biggest move here is that she agreed to let him travel while she was pregnant, and now flips the script and says it’s irresponsible to leave the baby even for a day?!

So, you expect him to stay every day until the kid is,.. 18? You also acknowledged that your parents are trustworthy to leave the kid so you both could travel, so why is that no longer the case? If you don’t feel like going and traveling anymore, then say that. Don’t make threats and go back on promises you made in the first place.”

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What Is Wrong With You?

Finally, someone asked, “What is wrong with you? Seriously – have you been diagnosed with any postpartum depression, mental illness, or psychosis? You threatened your husband with legal action for wanting to go to his friend’s wedding.

People’s lives do not STOP for the 18 years it takes to raise a child to adulthood. Typical, good, HEALTHY parents have lives outside of their children. 

It is vital because the children grow up seeing what a FULL adult life looks like – as opposed to what life consumed with a child and nothing else looks like; Please seek counseling.”

However, others agreed she should see a doctor for postpartum depression because they exhibited paranoia and couldn’t leave their babies when they dealt with postpartum depression, and they believed it sounded similar. 

What do you think? Is this Reddit wife wrong for forbidding her husband and threatening him? Or do you agree with her position as a parent? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.