10 Best Travel Destinations That Blew People’s Expectations Out of the Water

Have you ever traveled somewhere that completely blew your mind with how much it amazingly exceeded your expectations? You’ve got company. After someone asked Reddit for their best examples of this, these are the top-voted destinations.

1. Bordeaux, France

One traveler exclaimed, “Bordeaux in France! I just wanted to get away with a friend for the weekend. I took the cheapest flight from Dublin without knowing anything about the place, and Oh-My-God, it was so beautiful!”

Another added, “10 out of 10 blew me away. The city is excellent with its emphasis on walking and cycling over cars. The surrounding coastal and inland towns are gorgeous. Plus, you can get cheap, fresh oysters everywhere!”

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2. Mexico City, Mexico

Another traveler volunteered, “Mexico City! I had spent loads of time in Mexico in general. Still, I always avoided Mexico City because of the sprawl, pollution, traffic, and crime, but they are false connotations!

It’s about as smoggy as LA on a good day, with perfect weather (May) and much to do and see. In four days, I walked 33km. Sure it’s a mega city, but all the good neighborhoods, attractions, and historical centers are all linked together in one section of the overall town and not too far from the airport.

Also, loads of hip/chill bars and cafes, fantastic food, and the historical center on a Sunday are unbelievable. In terms of sights, architecture, museums, food, and drink, it’s on par with any top European destination such as London or Rome.

Also, I have lived in Colombia for nearly 15 years. Although Medellin is one of my favorite places on earth, I felt safer in Mexico City. So don’t believe the bad press and go!”

3. Vietnam

One traveler shared, “Vietnam is incredible. It’s worth spending two-to-three weeks going from one end to the other.” Another added, “Especially Northern Vietnam. Eat as much Pho as you can. Feel free to eat from the little food stalls on the Streets. They offer the best food you can imagine!

Same for Vietnamese Coffee, it’s Great! But drink it before the ice melts, or even Order it without ice cubes. The water quality is not the best, and you will have diarrhea otherwise.”

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

“We used it as a stopover in our Europe trip in 2019. We took an Isle of Skye tour that departed from there and then spent one day in the city after we got back before heading back to London on the train,” one explained.

“I LOVED it. It was my favorite city we visited on our whole trip. We spent most of the day there just walking around and exploring, and it was one of the prettiest days of our trip. The city’s vibes were great, and I loved looking in and around the close.”

Another added, “I loved Edinburgh. I felt at home there right away—so much history. Stroll through the graveyards and get a sense of it. Greyfriars Kirkyard is awesome.”

5. Istanbul, Turkey

“Istanbul,” shared one. “I loved everything about that city. The beauty, the culture, the people, the history, it has everything!” Another argued, “Turkey in general. Although it seems not very popular, at least for Americans, I recommend it to all my friends.

Pamukkale and Cappadocia are unlike anything I have seen elsewhere. The Ephesus ruins are more impressive than some of the popular ones in Greece.”

Another stated, “I could not agree more. I loved everything about Turkey but especially the people. They are so warm and welcoming. We made a week-long trip there about seven years ago and went to Istanbul and Cappadocia.

It is the best and most memorable trip I have ever taken. When I told people this, they all acted surprised. Many Americans are ignorant about the country and view it as a third-world country, but it’s not.”

6. Iceland

Iceland,” recommended another. “It may come as a surprise since it’s so popular, but I didn’t know much about the country when my wife said she wanted to go so she could see the volcano eruption.

Everything about the country blew me away—all the outdoor wonders and crazy landscapes that pictures don’t do justice, but also the towns. The roads are easily navigable, the people are very friendly, and we had some fantastic food. There were great bars as well. I would go back.”

7. The Baltics

One traveler said, “The entirety of the Baltics, but Riga especially. I loved it there.” Another stated, “Agree, Riga surprised me. I also went to Tallinn on that trip and still liked Riga more.” Another argued, “Tallinn was my most surprisingly pleasant visit. We had no expectations, and we’re blown away in Tallinn.”

8. The Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany

“The Neuschwanstein Castle. I know it’s a tourist destination. But I was utterly blown away by everything,” one confessed. “I went in winter, and it was the right decision. It was so magical, like a fairy tale. Beautiful snow covered everything. The castle was lovely, but the trek up the hill through the snow-capped forest was the best part.”

9. The Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

The Grand Teton,” one replied. “I usually don’t care for domestic trips, but those mountains are majestic.” A second shared, “I took a road trip around the USA. And the Grand Tetons was my standout surprise winner as well.

You can see why so many rich people live in Jackson Hole.” Finally, one admitted, “The northwest corner of Wyoming is one of my favorite places I’ve been. It makes so much sense why it is popular with tourists and the wealthy.”

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10. Vienna, Austria

One traveler suggested, “Vienna is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.” Another confessed, “We were on holiday in Bratislava and decided to get the train to Vienna since it was only a 45-minute journey. I was blown away by how beautiful the city was, and I still think about it regularly.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit recommendations list of the best places people traveled and were mind-blown. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.