10 Big Things To Know Before Traveling to These Hot Spots

Is there something you wish travelers knew before visiting your country? You’ve got company. After a Redditor asked, “What should people know before traveling to your country?” These are the hot topics of discussion.

1. Costa Rica

One shared, “From Costa Rica! Most of us are polite, friendly, and approachable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get mugged. Be careful. Also, don’t smoke here, we have a lot of laws against smoking in public, and we have excellent air, don’t come to contaminate it! Yes, some people smoke, but not in restaurants, bus stops, sidewalks, etc.

Honestly, I don’t know if there is a place where smokers can go! Just don’t do it! Is disgusting! I was in Europe a couple of months ago and God, I was shocked. Everyone smokes. I was so happy when I came back!”

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2. Prague

“So many for Prague, but: Don’t get on the metro before everyone has gotten off, and be ready to give up your seat to anyone you think needs it more,” one noted. “Elderly, pregnant, mum with a couple of young kids, someone wearing a cast, it doesn’t matter. You don’t need the seat if you’re fit and young!”

3. Canada

A Canadian warned, “If you’re exploring the wilderness or even urban areas in Canada, be warned that moose are one of the most dangerous encounters you can experience.

They’re too big to outrun or outmuscle (even cougars you can, though rarely, fight off), and they’re too dumb to respond to you playing dead or running away or yelling at them. So stay away from them. Also, Canadians aren’t as nice as you think.”

4. Slovakia

A Slovakian shared several tips, such as being ready to use a translating app on your phone when you need assistance in a shop. “Unfortunately, most people here don’t understand the English language.

If you are coming here for adult entertainment, you better not. Some of the brothels are mafia owned, so if you don’t want trouble with them, stay away.

Finally, if you are homosexual, be closeted about it. Don’t show it, don’t talk about it. Just pretend you are two friends of the same sex on a trip. This country is still largely homophobic (a shame). You might get physically or verbally assaulted for that, even in big cities like Kosice, Nitra, and Bratislava.

5. France

“If you are going to France, don’t stay in Paris. Instead, try to visit other places in the country. Paris is horrible, even for French people. People are rude there, and so many scammers and thieves are waiting for tourists. Stay for a day or two there to visit some famous places.

You will see while traveling that France has some beautiful places outside Paris, like the “Côtes de Granite rose” in Brittany, many mountain ranges like the Alps, the Pyrenees or The Central Massif ( to cite the biggest ones ), the Auvergne’s Volcanoes, the “Calanques” in the South and even other beautiful big cities.

France is quite a small country compared to the US, for example. You can easily travel across the country in less than a day by train or plane. Even with a car, it would take you around an entire day.

Yes, some people will only speak French, but they are very friendly and willing to help you. If you visit some well-known places in the “countryside,” there will be people who speak English. Don’t worry!”

6. Hungary

“Hungary,” replied another. “You will get ripped if you don’t pay attention. Don’t buy anything in souvenir shops. It’s severely overpriced. Don’t buy anything from street sellers or eat at famous places. Like párizsi udvar. It’s so overpriced.

And people eat there cause its beautiful. Oh, and don’t go to Eger. It’s straight-up garbage. There is nothing to see there, the castle is nothing special, boring, the city is full of litter and nothing is open late at night. Pay attention to the signs, and don’t do disrespectful things. It may be okay in your country, but it’s not everywhere.”

7. Germany

A German shared, “Germany: If you are carrying an empty plastic bottle or can, then don’t be surprised if a random person walks up to you and asks to give it to them. You can give the plastic bottles and cans to recycling automats and get 25ct per can/bottle; many people collect them because of that.

By the way, this also means that when buying a drink, you’ll have to pay 25ct more than the actual price (this is done as a motivation for people to return their plastic for recycling).” Also, do not make Hitler jokes or salutes, or you’ll land yourself in jail. “It’s not funny.”

8. Australia

An Australian warned, “Don’t go near or touch wild animals. Even the cute ones can mess you up. Don’t go swimming if you don’t know how to swim; only swim between the flags.

Wear sunscreen and reapply regularly, especially in summer, we are closer to the sun because of the Earth’s elliptical orbit, so the UV index is much higher than you are used to – you will get badly burnt if you don’t.”

9. Brazil

A Brazilian explained, “Brazil’s northeast has the best beaches in the world. White thin sand, warm waters, the beaches are not very wide (you don’t need to walk a mile to reach the sea). It is hot all year long, easy access by car and usually cheap restaurants around.

No other place in the world has beaches that congregate so many great things. Some areas in the southeast also have great beaches, but the northeast has the best.”

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10. Israel

Finally, an Israeli warned, “If you seem like a tourist, you will get scammed by literally every person you meet (not regular people, but taxi drivers or independent service workers like in the market). It sucks because when you don’t speak our language, you 100% seem like a tourist, so there’s no way to hide.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit traveler thread where people representing countries offered up what you need to know. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.