12 Best Tips for Traveling in Munich Germany

Someone recently posted in a popular German travel forum seeking the best traveling tips for visiting the country. They explained their son was visiting, and they were nervous about his safety. Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Germany is Safe

Germany is a lot safer than most countries. However, one woman replied that even though it’s safer, you should still be aware of your surroundings and leave uncomfortable situations. Another agreed, “I felt safer walking through Munich than in California, Florida, or New York.”

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2. Plan Your Wardrobe Accordingly

One suggested wearing the proper jacket and shoes for your journey. They explained that Munich’s Winter lasts longer than the U.S. As a California resident, it was challenging for him to cope with the March and April weather due to a lack of preparation.

3. Carry Cash at All Times

One recommended that you always keep cash on hand. Credit cards are only able to be used at some establishments. Most only accept cash. Another agreed that you should purchase Euros before boarding flights to avoid ATM fees. They are unnecessarily high for foreign banks in particular.

4. Some Banks Offer Packages Abroad

Some banks offer a program that waives Germany‘s ATM fees. A banker explained that since beginning work abroad, he found a bank offering a waived fee for a slightly higher monthly cost. Unfortunately, fewer ATMs accept this service in Munich, but there are some.

5. Save Your Leftovers

Many in the thread noted that the food is excellent throughout Munich. However, remember that the portions and caloric intake may be heavier than you are used to being served in America.

When one person traveled to Munich, they only bought one full meal and snacks daily that they could store for leftovers. It made their trip much more affordable.

6. No Biking While Intoxicated

It is acceptable to drink beer in public, claims one Redditor, as long as you are not causing a disturbance. However, riding a bike or e-scooter while intoxicated is classified as the same as driving an automobile while intoxicated in the eyes of German law. It can lead to an arrest and a complicated situation to get yourself out of as a foreigner.

7. Most Younger People Will Know English

If you are learning German, most people will appreciate it, even if you need help with your wording. According to one woman, most young adults in Germany can speak English, so you will be more likely to get help from them.

On the other hand, some people may be more hesitant to help than in places like Japan because of a more significant language barrier in older generations.

8. Adjust Your Data Plan

Another suggested that you ensure your data plan covers roaming in Europe. Sometimes, traveling can be complicated, and having a map in hand will be very useful. Also, the data used in Europe might be more expensive if you don’t have a suitable coverage plan.

9. German Beer is Stronger

One explained that beer in Germany is much stronger than in the U.S., with a lower drinking age in Germany. Many tend to underestimate German beer since it is less potent in America. So be cautious when you drink, and be aware of its effects on you.

10. Beware of Violent Ends to Sports Events

One warned some sports events in Munich end violently, so be aware of your surroundings and leave those areas promptly. One fan said that the football games he attended in Munich all had violent ends, so he recommends finding a local friend in the area that will give you some tips on staying safe in that particular stadium.

11. Buy Tickets in Advance

Buy your tickets in advance. One German confessed that sports events tend to be very popular in Munich. Unfortunately, these tickets sell out quickly, so you must buy them early to get a seat.

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12. Wear a Face Mask

Many areas in Germany still require the use of medical-grade face masks. A Munich local explained that many in Germany retained their cautious habits from the beginning of the pandemic, so many areas still require masks and social distancing.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit recommendations list of helpful tips for traveling in Munich. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.