12 Best Travel Apps To Improve Your Solo Travels

Solo traveling is a fantastic adventure with limitless opportunities for exploring freedom and fun. Did you know there are many travel apps to make solo traveling more enjoyable? It’s true. So here are the top-recommended apps for your next solo traveling endeavors.

1. Polarsteps

One nomad shared, “Polarsteps is a social network for traveling. It helps you record your trip live and see what other travelers are doing (they have a following/followed system).

It is one of the best ways to record your itinerary, pictures, and memories of your trip and to see what your new friends that you met two weeks ago are up to (Also for your family back home to check on you).”

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2. 1 Second Everyday

Another noted that “1 Second Everyday is primarily for long trips. It lets you mesh up 1-second clips from your videos and photos (one from each day you travel) into a single video that will become the most sentimental thing from your trip.”

3. Hostelworld

“Hostelworld is probably the best app to find hostels,” replied another. “However, I highly recommend looking at written reviews and their dates (not just the score) because some places manipulate them.”

4. Rome2Rio

One traveler recommended “Rome2Rio. It is perfect for finding routes and public transport to reach places. In my experience, this app is significantly up-to-date and often showed me options that Google Maps didn’t know or was wrong about (it might vary between regions and countries, though).”

5. Maps.me

“Maps.me is the best way to use offline maps for driving, transport, walking, and trekking. It’s also more accurate and up-to-date than Google Maps in some places. For example, Seattle,” answered another.

6. TravelSpend

“TravelSpend is an app to keep an eye on your spending and budget,” one replied. “You can also use categories for your spending, which is fun for statistics afterward. Did you know I spent about 320$ only on alcohol during my four weeks in Italy?

7. HappyCow

A vegan volunteered, “HappyCow helps you find vegan and vegetarian restaurants or places that offer vegan and vegetarian options worldwide. It helped a LOT when I went to Europe in 2018 and 2019.” Another added, “FindmeGF for the gluten-free people of the world!”

8. TripIt

Many in the thread agreed that TripIt was perfect for organizing itineraries. “I loved how easy TripIt made keeping all of my reservations organized on my last multi-city trip. As a result, we managed to make it to everything we wanted to do.

In addition, I could share it with other people so people would generally know where we were if they needed to reach us (even though we travel with cell service, it’s not always reliable).”

9. Spotted by Locals

Several solo travelers recommended Spotted by Locals. It is a great app to find not-so-touristy spots/ local guides, etc., in different cities. Unfortunately, it has a limited list of cities for now. But worth trying for the available cities. I found some lovely gems in Lisbon and did a local street art guided tour in Porto- I was not disappointed.”

10.  Flush

One Redditor suggested, “Flush. It shows you public toilets in the area and has saved me a few times.” Another added, “I use Toilet Finder, but I will also check out Flush. Single most helpful app ever since the invention of the internet.”

11. Beanhunter

A java enthusiast shared, “I love coffee, so Beanhunter has been essential when traveling. It rates coffee places near you. It’s given me some great recommendations, spot on with recommendations in Oslo, Norway (where I am typically based).”

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12. City Rail Map

One traveler volunteered, “City Rail Map. It’s handy for cities with so many train lines. I used it a lot in Japan and Taiwan. It lets you enter your destination and point of origin, showing you which train to take and where to transfer. It also works offline.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite travel app not on this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.