Woman on a plane fear of flying

15 Best Travel Tips for People Petrified of Flying

Someone recently took to Reddit concerned about their fear of flying and asked, “If you travel a lot on planes, what stops you from being petrified?” They confessed that they wanted to travel and see the world but couldn’t get …

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Young beautiful brunette woman wearing casual t-shirt looking stressed and nervous with hands on mouth biting nails

11 Significant Cults Masquerading as Other Things

What is a cult that pretends it’s not a cult? My favorite answer to this question is obviously every cult denies they’re a cult. However, I had to share when I stumbled into a thread of interesting responses. 1. Mormons …

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Young woman gesturing silence by putting finger on lips

11 Big Things That Screams I’m Rich Pretending To Be Poor

I encountered an interesting question today, “What screams rich pretending to be poor?” Typically, I’ve heard it asked the other way around, right? So what screams poor pretending to be rich? Nonetheless, the answers were fascinating, and here are the …

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Brussels, Belgium. 1st June 2020. Protesters sit in front of the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie as they take part in a protest against the death in Minneapolis police custody of African-American man George Floyd.

11 European Countries Plagued by Police Brutality

Has police brutality been an issue in your country? Being from America, it’s no surprise that my answer is yes. I hadn’t realized the issue’s broader scope before, likely due to being confined to my own perspective. However, coming across …

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Woman Feeling Hungry Looking for Something to Eat in Amusement Park. Person accusing stomachaches after eating street food at funfair festival

Top 10 Countries With the Absolute Worst Cuisine in the World

Have you encountered a country of terrible foods in your traveling endeavors? You’re not alone. After someone asked travelers, “What country has the worst cuisine overall?” These are the top-voted responses. 1. Iceland The number-one-voted country with the worst overall …

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10 Absolute Worst Parts About Living in These Countries

What is the worst part of living in your country? I’ll go first. POLITICS! It’s dreadful, and yes, I’m an American. Unfortunately, everything here has become political and polarized to the extreme. If you say you believe something, you’ll be …

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You better not do it. Serious-looking displeased strict elder sister with fair hair and tanned skin frowning holding hand on waist shaking index finger in forbid or stop gesture over blue background

Top 15 Ugliest Cities in America That You Should Avoid

As someone who has traveled across America, coast to coast, I saw many beautiful things. However, Bakersfield, California, was a little less than attractive. I’d not researched the area before, and there was gang graffiti on everything. After someone asked …

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