Man Denies Knowing Fiancée While She Was Getting Kicked Off Airplane. Was He Wrong?

Have you ever faced a situation where you were embarrassed by a partner’s behavior in public? Well, one woman recently experienced a nightmare scenario when her fiancé publicly denied knowing her while getting escorted off a plane.

It’s garnered attention and sparked debates on social media, with some people taking the man’s side. In contrast, others believe he should have shown more support and solidarity with his partner.

Ma’am, You Need to Check Your Bag

A man, who we’ll call Jake, is considering if he was in the wrong for denying knowing his fiancée during a stressful moment on a flight. He and his fiancée had just returned from a vacation and were boarding their flight home.

Jake followed his usual routine and only brought a small backpack as a carry-on. Still, his fiancé chose to pack a giant bag that barely met the standards for a carry-on. Unfortunately, an airline worker was unwilling to let the giant bag on board. A heated argument ensued between the airline worker and the fiancée.

Jake boarded the plane with his small backpack, but he heard them, and he admits, “I was about to go back and try to smooth it out, but my fiancée rushed past and just boarded the plane. I assumed, not having heard it clearly, that the attendant had given in and let her on. But, unfortunately, that was not the case!”

Ma’am, You Need to Come With Us

Soon after, an airline worker and a cop arrived, demanding that his fiancée be removed from the plane. The cop asked if the man and fiancée were together, and in a moment of panic and self-preservation, the man said he blurted out, NO!'” While shaking his head emphatically.

Jake said she shot him “kill dagger eyes” before jumping up and grabbing her bag, and following the cop-out. She went from crying and pleading to swearing and screaming the entire way out.

His fiancé got the next flight, and he picked her up, but she was livid. Jake feels torn between his loyalty to his fiancée and his responsibility to his boss and coworkers, who relied on him for a time-sensitive project.

The man is now questioning if his actions were justifiable or if he was indeed the bad guy in this situation. Jake suggested everyone thinks he was wrong for it, except his boss and coworkers, who were grateful he didn’t get kicked off the plane. He asked the internet for their opinions, and here is what they had to say.

Full-On Grown Woman Temper Tantrum

One volunteered, “Honesty, I was ready to rake you over the coals. But now I think your fiancée was wrong. It’s not like your fiancée had an anxiety attack over a fear of flying. Instead, it sounds like a full-on grown woman temper tantrum, which only happened because she didn’t listen to your travel advice.”

You Probably Just Killed Your Relationship

“She screwed up. But you did, too, by pretending not to know the PERSON, YOU ASKED TO MARRY YOU. So you probably just killed your relationship. She needs to grow up. You must consider what kind of person you want to spend your life with,” replied another.

People Get Fired for Missing Time Sensitive Deadlines

Finally, one shared, “I’ve known people get fired for not returning to work on time. She was messing with his employment by throwing such a tantrum and expecting him to suffer due to her entitlement.

Yes, you should support your partner, but there are limits. You don’t back them up if they assault someone. You tell them they’re an idiot and need to own up to their mistakes.

If they ask you to lie to the police to cover for their crimes, you are not a coward if you refuse. Not only is their mistake entirely their own, but they are showing no respect to their partner by wanting to drag them down with them.

Same difference here. She committed a crime and then wanted Jake to suffer for her mistakes. She should apologize to him for putting him in such a situation instead of acting like the victim.”

What do you think? Was this Redditor one wrong, or do you agree with him denying her to keep his work commitment? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.