10 Grocery Items Worth Paying Extra for in Ireland

What groceries are worth paying extra for, in your opinion? For example, someone in Ireland recently said she enjoys “Tesco’s 6 salad tomatoes.” However, she elaborated that the recent tomato shortage has forced her to pay double for good tomatoes due to warring countries and the weather.

She described the tomatoes as sweet, juicy, and firm “with an intensely tomatoey flavor that was universes away from the bland, slightly soft tomatoes that I was used to.” It got her thinking, what do other people spend a little extra on for groceries right now? Here are the top-voted delicacies.

1. Balsamic Vinegar

The number one answer is good balsamic vinegar. Someone confessed they are usually a thrifty shopper, cooking many rice and pasta salads. However, she allows spending on good balsamic vinegar.

“If they are a thicker syrupy texture, you’re going the right way. I pour balsamic on everything.” Another admitted that the “Aldi balsamic is worth balsamic three times the price when it’s in stock.”

2. Olive Oil

Good olive oils received the second-highest number of votes. The fragrance, flavor, and acidity level are nothing to skimp on, and extra virgin olive oil is the best.

3. Bread

Several people agreed that bread was worth a little extra at the register. An Irish Expat in China lamented about missing the bread in Ireland and France.

Another shared that Supervalu shops and Lidl have decent bread, though not up to continental standards. Finally, someone explained an English Market spoiled them in Cork, “my carb queen dreams come true.”

4. Cheese

Cheese comes in as the number third voted food worth the extra dough. While people discussed why they love cheese, another warned, “Tesco cheese tastes like plastic. Especially their Emmental.” People recommended Charleville cheese, while another volunteered that “Red Leicester is far superior to cheddar.”

5. Fresh Pasta

Another food people are willing to pay a little extra for in Ireland is fresh pasta. Many agreed that Dunne’s has some excellent selections, including “a range of fresh ravioli.”

Someone shared adding herbs and passata for around five minutes for a simple and delicious meal. However, one warned because it is Dunne’s, they “fully expect them to discontinue it or repackage it into the premium range soon.”

6. Honey

One suggested that local honey was worth the extra cash because you can source it from a farmers’ market or a good greengrocer. They elaborated that Manuka wasn’t worth it and that there is no such thing as organic honey.

When someone argued about the organic part of their suggestion, they explained that bees collect nectar from whatever is nearby. So Unless you can verify that every farm within a bees flight path is organic (you can’t), then the honey isn’t organic.”

7. Fresh Spices

Fresh spices are worth the extra money, according to Ireland. While some agreed, another argued that the Asian market is the best place to get fresh spices that are more potent and for half the price. They further suggested that spices begin losing their flavor when they oxidize, so it’s best to store them in air-tight containers.

8. Butter

Another popular item people admitted to splurging on is good butter. Someone stated they only eat good Irish butter clarifying they cannot eat anything from a tub. Another added, “Kerrygold butter. No other brand compares. Enough said about that.”

9. Wild Fish

Wild fish is a food that people claim should be purchased by “visiting a good fishmonger.” Others agreed that the difference between fresh and frozen fish was night and day.

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10. Chocolate

Finally, good chocolate comes in at number ten. Someone explained that to offset costs, they ration the chocolate, “two chunks of quality chocolate with my coffee in the morning is more satisfying than ten chunks of chocolate-covered cardboard.”

People agreed that Lint (not Lindor) is delicious chocolate, and for something a little fancier, Leonidas takes the cake.

Honorable Mentions: Coffee, mince, free-range chicken, and pork from a local butcher. We hope you enjoyed this Reddit insight about groceries worth spending a little extra on in Ireland.

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