10 Best Travel Hacks for Travelers in Las Vegas

A couple recently shared that they are going to Las Vegas, staying near the strip, and were concerned about expenses. So they asked for the best “Hacks, tips, and tricks to stay cheap.” Here are the top-voted answers.

1. Buy Roadies From the Convenience Stores

One person informed the couple: openly drinking on the street (at least on Fremont) is legal. However, to avoid the “touristy trap high priced drinks,” they advised them to buy “roadies from the convenience stores instead.

2. Play at the Digital Roulette Table

Another shared, “You can both go to the digital roulette table. One of you bets on black, while the other bets on red. You will lose about 5% of the time when it lands on green, but you’ll break even every time.”

“The point of this isn’t to win money. It’s instead to get the servers’ attention to offering you free drinks. So order what you want, and tip them well, so they come back and offer you more free drinks.”

“Casinos give lots of free stuff to people who are seen spending lots of money gambling. But by doing this, you make it look like you are spending a lot of money on the staff and thus getting free drinks offered to you.”

3. Ellis Island Is Extremely Reasonable for Dining

Another traveler explained that Ellis Island is exceptionally reasonable for dining. “Honestly, one can easily feed two people.” They also informed the couple about a dive called Stage Door, where they could purchase a $3 beer and hotdog special. “Don’t eat or drink much on the strip to save money.”

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4. Buy a Gallon or Two of Water

“Buy a gallon or two of water to keep in the room and help stay hydrated. Then, use the Discotech app to be added to guest lists for clubs so you can get free entry,” one shared.

5. If You Are Gambling, You Get Free Drinks at Casinos

“You get free drinks at casinos if you are gambling. Sometimes if you sit down at a machine for a minute, the waitress will offer you a drink anyway.”

6. Get a $5 Bus Pass

Someone noted, “Five dollars will get you a twenty-four-hour city bus pass. You can travel up and down the strip and to downtown Fremont. It will save you money on transportation, and you can see many more things.”

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7. It Has a Delicious and Budget-Friendly Asian Food Scene

Las Vegas has a great Asian food scene and is super budget-friendly. Check out the (W) Spring Mountain Road area in Chinatown. You’ll find pretty much every Asian cuisine and some excellent bars, too,” another shared.

8. Use the Three Magic Words

“Three magic words: I live here. I have used this for years in Las Vegas, and it works. Any street hustler trying to sell you something, say those three words, and they will stop their pitch. Instead, most of them laugh and ask what you’re doing on the strip,” one replied.

9. Ride the Rails

One person suggested, “Take advantage of the free trams in Las Vegas to help navigate the strip and stay cool simultaneously. Also, the Monorail will give you more range if you feel like paying. We always felt it was worth it for the day passes.”

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10. Use the Sandwich Method at Check-In

Finally, someone claimed, “Sandwich method at check-in has worked at multiple hotels on the strip for me. At check-in, hand the receptionist a $20 bill between your ID and credit card and ask if any room upgrades are available.”

“It’s always worked for me. I’ve been told on several occasions the $20 wasn’t necessary, but they always took it. I’ve also asked nicely about room upgrades without the cash twice but never got it.”

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