10 Absolute Worst Parts About Living in These Countries

What is the worst part of living in your country? I’ll go first. POLITICS! It’s dreadful, and yes, I’m an American. Unfortunately, everything here has become political and polarized to the extreme.

If you say you believe something, you’ll be automatically lumped into one of two parties and assumed that you think like “all others” in the said party.

And I don’t fit in either box, so it makes interactions difficult sometimes. Many people’s anger with politics wrapped up in their identities is also staggering.

It’s also embarrassing to watch something unfold and know the rest of the world will lump you into the “Americans are at again” mentality so many hold. After someone asked the internet for examples of the worst part about living in their countries, these are the top-voted responses.

1. Ukraine

The number one voted response comes from a Ukrainian who admits the worst part of living in Ukraine is their neighbors. Several Redditors agreed they wouldn’t want Russia as a neighbor before one joked, “What do you have against Poland?”

Meanwhile, several Russians agreed that they were not happy with Putin or his regime and were sorry for the treatment of Ukraine.

2. Iran

One Iranian stated that almost everything about living in Iran was terrible. However, they further clarified, “People here hate the government and religions. The only reason there still hasn’t been one is that the government executes the protestors.” Okay, suddenly, American politics aren’t so bad.

3. Jamaica

One Jamaican delivered a laundry list of horrible things about living in their country, including high crime, gun violence, corruption, slow medical care, inefficient government “70% of the time,” expensive education, weak currency compared to neighboring countries, and low pay.

4. Canada

Several Canadians took to the thread to inform us that the worst part about living in Canada is the winter. One semi-jokingly suggested that the first six months are alright, but then it’s worn out its welcome. However, one Candian argued, “As a Canadian, the worst thing is when I travel abroad, everybody thinks I’m an American.”

5. New Zealand

Many New Zealanders noted that “Flights to ANYWHERE outside of New Zealand” are severely costly for locals. They further explained that occasionally there are inexpensive flights to Australia. Nonetheless, New Zealand is incredibly isolated from the rest of the globe.

6. South Africa

South Africans on Reddit stated that the worst parts about living in their country were high crime rates, the cost of living, and power grid shutoffs. One elaborated, “I seriously have to laugh at how a press conference about the power grid crisis was interrupted by load shedding.”

7. America

Okay, I would like to change my initial answer to agree with this American who nailed it with health care. Unfortunately, the cost of health care in the United States is astronomical. And many noted that the level of care is also not the best.

8. Austria

OUCH! Austria entered the chat with a reported 45% tax rate. However, one Austrian clarified, “Yes, our taxes are incredibly high.

But, on the flip side, we get universal healthcare, education, 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, 24 months of paid parental leave, monthly family allowance for each kid until they are grown-up or done with their education, unemployment pay, five weeks of paid annual leave, pension.”

9. Finland

Several Finlanders noted the extreme weather and seasons as the worst part of living in Finland. One elaborated, “Summers are too darn short, and the sun never fully sets during them. Likewise, winters are too darn long and dark.”

10. Brazil

Many Brazilians suggest that Brazil is one of the most expensive places in the world. One listed examples of this as cars, iPhones, electricity, and more before adding, “AND, if you’re still able to afford any of those, you will be robbed at gunpoint sooner or later, and be lucky if you get to live another day. It is a sad place.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit confessions list from people around the world. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.