The State of the Job Market: Are There Really Jobs Everywhere Like Everyone Says?

With such a strong economy and high demand for workers, it’s no wonder why everyone is saying there are tons of jobs out there. But what’s really going on in the job market? Many users on a popular Internet forum provided their insights on whether or not the job market is as strong as people say. Here’s what they think.

1. It Depends on What Kind of Job You Are Talking About

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In general, no one believed that the issue was a simple one. Several thought there were many jobs, but they differed from the kind of people wanted. Mostly, the problem was that they were low-paying jobs that were undesirable or the kind that would make someone enough money to survive.

They are jobs with pay rates between eight and twenty dollars an hour or minimum wage jobs in the service sector with little of a future and ones that you would need to get two jobs to earn a decent living.

2. Jobs That Are in High Demand

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The other kind of available job pays better wages and is more desirable. Still, because they are good jobs, they have requirements and qualifications that most people at lower employment and education levels could not get. These jobs tend to be in oversaturated fields, where collegegoers have taken time to get an education tailored to the area because it was believed the jobs were in excellent and stable industries.

3. Highly Desired Jobs Require Experience

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The problem is that while well-educated candidates freshly out of school are trained to do the job, some jobs require experience they still need to gain. Employers with the pick of potential employees tend to be looking for only the best and most qualified candidates and aren’t willing to hire someone new to the field.

4. What Kind of Jobs Have Openings?

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Commenters observed that if you wanted a job as a waitress or cashier, it is possible to get that job more quickly. Some added that fields like nursing and teaching needed more excellent and qualified candidates and were desperate for them.

5. Skilled Technicians Are Needed

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Mechanics are in short supply too. Car dealerships are at the point where they are hiring apprentice technicians with minimal experience, hoping to train them because experienced mechanics and technicians who need work are much harder to find.

6. College or Trade School

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The emphasis in education is for all students to get, at minimum, a four-year degree. Someone questioned the wisdom of recommending a four-year college or advanced degrees for everyone over trade schools, in which you can complete courses training in a specific trade in one to two years. Respondents believe that the trades desperately need skilled workers.

7. The Office

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Office work was a sector of employment that might give opportunities without experience or training. Taking part-time while getting your education is good because employers love office experience. A way into the office comes through the door of temp agencies. Temp agencies must constantly fill jobs in offices where they will accept many enthusiastic candidates who can be trained in the office’s methods and rules.

8. People Who Left The Workforce

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Because of the changes that have gone through society in the last few years, many people have decided to leave their jobs or their chosen careers for safety reasons. They were more worried about their health and well-being than working a job that could conceivably put them in danger. It’s something called “The Great Resignation,” a movement of people who would rather quit a job they feel is bad for them than stay and tough it out.

9. More Jobs Than People

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According to new statistics, there are more jobs than unemployed people to fill them. Reports say four-point three-five million workers quit in February and eleven point twenty-seven million open positions in the same month. The total number of unemployed people in the United States is six point twenty-seven million. Even if every unemployed person got a job today, it would still leave a deficit of five million jobs without anyone to fill them.

10. What Is The Verdict?

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The wisdom is that there are jobs out there, but they are only sometimes the job where you can make a comfortable living immediately. It takes patience and hard work to either find the job you need or one that has the potential to turn into your dream job. Working in an office, which usually starts a minimum wage, takes some determination, but overall is a good stepping stone to getting better work once you have built up your resume, experience, and contacts.

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