Singapore Airlines the best airline in Asia right now

12 Best Airlines in Asia Right Now [2023 Rating]

Asia is one of the most populous continents in the world having many airlines that fly through the coast of different countries even for domestic flights. So, which airline is the best airline in Asia right now? In this year’s …

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Ethiopian Airlines is the best airline in Africa right now

10 Best Airlines in Africa 2023 [Skytrax Ranking]

If you are on the shore of Africa and thinking of the best airline to fly either domestically or internationally, Skytrax has ranked Ethiopian Airlines as the best airline in Africa currently. This was because Ethiopian airline is one of …

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Air Astana Airlines Ranked the best airline in the Central Asia

10 Best Airlines in Central Asia & CIS 2023

If you need to know the best airlines in Central Asia, Skytrax has named Air Astana as the best airline in Central Asia. It was not only Air Astana that was ranked but there are also a couple of other …

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Best Airlines In The World

16 World Best Airlines Right Now In 2023 [Top Rated]

Currently, as ranked by Skytrax one of the best airline ranking bodies, the best airline in the world award goes to Qatar Airways. This success is a result of continuous efforts in integrating services that enable onboard passengers to enjoy …

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