11 Best Airports In Chicago Right Now [2023 Ranking]

The best airport in Chicago to fly in from or fly out from is the Chicago Midway International Airport.

If you’re flying into Chicago O’Hare, be aware that Interstate 90 (the Kennedy Expressway) might get clogged. Just getting into and out of the airport can take up to ten minutes due to a large number of terminals.

It’s also possible that you’ll be stuck in traffic if your plane lands during peak hours. You should be able to travel downtown in 35 minutes or less if there is no traffic, but you should plan on spending at least 45 minutes to an hour, based on my personal experience.

To go from O’Hare Airport to downtown Chicago, you can either take an UberX (which generally costs $35) or the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line train (which costs $5). Depending on the time of day, it takes between 50 and an hour to get there.

However, Midway International Airport is just approximately 25 minutes from downtown and is less likely to experience traffic delays than O’Hare (although if the Chicago Bears are playing at Soldier Field, neighboring Interstate 55 that passes by the field can get backed up).

Midway has its own CTA station, which connects to downtown via the Orange Line. You may also take an Uber for about $28. The Midway Airport is located in a less desirable part of Chicago, so plan ahead of time where you’re heading once you arrive.

You can save time and money by flying into Midway and then taking a short drive, an Uber, or perhaps a train into the city. If you’re going to downtown Chicago, of course. In the suburbs and other Chicago neighborhoods, math can be a little different than in the city. Though you’re flying to Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood, for example, O’Hare may be more convenient than Midway, even if the traffic is a nuisance.

11 Best Airport In Chicago Right Now [2023 Ranking]

1. Chicago Midway International Airport

  • Location: Cicero Ave, Chicago, USA

Seeing the Chicago Midway International Airport from the air is just as fascinating as experiencing the airport from the ground up. The airport, which began as an airmail service airport but has since grown to be one of Chicago’s busiest, is one of the city’s older ones.

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It’s also known as the busiest square mile in the world. Every minute, a number of planes fly across the airport’s runways. The Chicago Midway International Airport serviced the city’s commercial needs prior to the establishment of O Hare International Airport.

2. Chicago O Hare International Airport

  • Location: W O’Hare Ave, Chicago, USA

As the world’s sixth busiest airport, Chicago O’Hare is a major transportation hub. With several local, international, and regional destinations, the airport is extremely large.

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In the meanwhile, this is an excellent location to relax and recharge. The airport offers food from all over the world. Relaxation for frequent fliers is provided by the yoga bar and meditation facilities.

3. Chicago DuPage County Airport

  • Location: West Chicago, USA

DuPage County Airport is on the list of Chicago’s top international airports. Any domestic flight to DuPage can be found operating in this airport.

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DuPage is a popular choice for both business and leisure travelers because of the impressive amenities it provides. Aside from that, the Center of DuPage provides first-rate air transportation. A well-rounded education can be had at a DuPage-based school.

Due to the presence of DuPage and Kane counties, the airport is frequently congested. Illinois’s two most industrialized counties are located here. The DuPage County Airport is a popular choice for international students, workers, and industrialists.

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4. PalWaukee Airport

  • Location: Wheeling, USA

PalWaukee Airport is a better option if you don’t want to get delayed in traffic at O Hare. Executive flights are the only ones allowed to land at this airport. Attending a business meeting in PalWaukee Airport requires purchasing boarding passes in advance.

5. Chicago RockFord International Airport

  • Location: Rockford, USA

In the event of severe weather, the runways of Rockford International Airport would be among the greatest in the world. Rockford is a popular destination for people who need to fly urgently, regardless of the external circumstances.

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The airport’s high-tech facilities make it a popular choice for travelers. There is no better airport in the world to fly into than this one. It is from RockFord International Airport that the vast majority of international trade shipments are dispatched.

6. South Bend International Airport

  • Location: Progress Dr, South Bend, USA

The state of Indiana, where this airport is located, is home to a thriving industrial zone. If you’re looking for an excellent regional airport near Chicago, go no further than South Bend.

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You should stay here if you’re going to a city near Chicago, but not in Chicago itself. It’s time to plan a trip to Chicago with your friends or family!

7. Milwaukee General Mitchell airport

  • Location: Howell Ave, Milwaukee, USA

One of the world’s most technologically advanced airports, it is named for a World War II general. From the General’s flight training school, the pilots that fly out of Milwaukee are qualified to execute these flights.

Founded by a general who was the son of a wealthy, the school teaches pilots to fly aircraft.

His principal goal was to build a powerful air force and increase the US’s civil aviation capabilities in order to counter the German threat. This airport produces flights of unparalleled quality.

This airport’s ticket costs aren’t too high, despite the fact that it provides a safe ride.

8. Lafayette Airport

  • Location: Lafayette, USA

In terms of Chicago’s best private airports, Lafayette should be your first stop. This airport’s main selling point is its superb customer service.

Although it’s close to Chicago, no other private airport can match it for convenience, amenities, and other factors. Another major positive is the airport’s accessibility for people with disabilities.

This airport’s amenities, including free Wi-Fi, porter service, and an exceptional lounge, entice travelers. This airport’s location is ideal for any last-minute takeoffs.

9. Kalamazoo Airport

  • Location: Portage, USA

Kalamazoo Airport easily joins the ranks of Chicago’s international airports because to its top-notch services. Flights to and from Kalamazoo are never hampered by the weather in the city at any time of year.

Kalamazoo, Michigan, is a tropical area. ” If you’re thinking about taking a vacation, fly to Kalamazoo first, and then go to other locations from there.

10. Muskegon International Airport

  • Location: Muskegon, USA

Civil aviation services are available at Muskegon International Airport. O Hare International Airport is a major transportation hub in the area, making it convenient to travel between the airports outside of Chicago and the airports in Chicago.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Chicago with friends or family, this is a convenient place to book a flight.

Which Is The Better Airport In Chicago?

The best airport in Chicago is the Chicago Midway International Airport.

Which Is The Main Airport In Chicago?

The main airport in Chicago right now is the O’Hare International Airport.

Is It Better To Fly To Midway Or O Hare?

Midway International Airport. You can save time and money by flying into Midway and then taking a short drive, an Uber, or perhaps a train into the city. If you’re going to downtown Chicago, of course. In the suburbs and other Chicago neighborhoods, math can be a little different than in the city.

Though you’re flying to Chicago’s Wrigleyville neighborhood, for example, O’Hare may be more convenient than Midway, even if the traffic is a nuisance.

Which Chicago Airport Is Closer To The City?

The closer Chicago’s airport to the city is the Midway International Airport.

What Are The Two Main Airports In Chicago?

​The two main airports in Chicago are the O’Hare and The Midway International Airports

Is Chicago O’hare Airport Safe?

According to a new survey, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago has been named the most dangerous airport in the United States. On the basis of near-collisions and runway mishaps.


The above is a list of the best airports that are within driving distance of Chicago. Every airport in Chicago has a classification system that makes it easy to find them. Taking a flight to Chicago is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As a result, plan a vacation in Chicago and be ready to enjoy the best customer service and satisfaction in the business!