12 Best Airlines in Asia Right Now [2023 Rating]

Asia is one of the most populous continents in the world having many airlines that fly through the coast of different countries even for domestic flights. So, which airline is the best airline in Asia right now? In this year’s Skytrax rating, Singapore Airlines has been ranked as the Asian best airline.

There are other airlines that were ranked by this body using the data collected from airlines passengers that make use of different airlines in the continent and with the results from the survey, the airlines that will be listed below were rated into different categories.

12 Best Airlines in Asia Right Now [2023 Rating]

1. Singapore Airlines

The best airline in the continent of Asia is Singapore Airlines. The airline combines technological advancements in aviation with a high standard of service. Changi International Airport, the airline’s hub, is widely regarded as one of the world’s greatest terminals and has been crowned The Best Airport in the World by Skytrax for five years running.

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Singapore Airlines also won for best airline in Asia, best airline seat for business class, and best airline catering for first-class passengers. They offer flights to a variety of popular worldwide locations, including New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, and Manchester.

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Flight attendants based in Singapore are educated to treat passengers with the utmost care and consideration. Among the economy-class luxuries are individual televisions with a wide selection of movies and television shows and hot towels provided just before takeoff.

2. ANA All Nippon Airways

ANA All Nippon, one of Japan’s top airlines, ranks highly among the continent’s finest. In addition, its first-class cabin ranked second on Skytrax’s 2022 list of the best in Asia.

The largest international airline in Japan also has one of the largest fleets of Boeing 787 Dreamliners in the world.

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Customer service and flight attendant professionalism are two areas where ANA All Nippon Airlines excels. They are a top choice for air travel throughout Asia, including to and from Japan, China, and the United States.

3. Japan Airlines

Japan’s largest airline, Japan Airlines is also the country’s national flag carrier. Japan Airlines is a world-renowned airline that serves over 30 foreign destinations in Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, and South America in addition to more than 60 domestic destinations.

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Reviews from customers rave about the airline’s friendly crew, efficient ground operations, and relaxing atmosphere on board. The best economy class airline seat award for 2017 went to Japan Airlines.

4. Korean Air

Korean Air was founded on March 1, 1969, as a modest Asian carrier, with a fleet size of just eight aircraft. Since then, they’ve made significant adjustments and investments in order to expand into new markets and provide better service to existing customers.

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To be recognized as a pioneer and innovator in the global airline industry. In 2004, at Korean Air’s 35th-anniversary celebration, they laid out this plan. “Excellence in Flight” is its motto, and it describes its commitment to offering world-class service and the highest standards of safety to its passengers.

Korean Air marked its half-century jubilee in 2019. Korean Air has grown to new heights as a prominent global airline thanks to the support of our customers and the confidence of our country. We have been called the “Wings of the People” for the past fifty years, and we will never forget that this nickname came from the unwavering loyalty and support of our consumers.

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Moving forward, Korean Air is taking flight into its second century of service. As the “Wings of the World,” they will rise from the ashes to help build a more just and peaceful world.

With “safety” and “customer pleasure” as their guiding principles, Korean Air will continue to put up its best efforts to become the airline of choice around the world.

5. China Southern Airlines

Guangzhou-based China Southern Airlines Company Limited is known all over the world for its emblem, which features vivid red kapok delicately adorning a blue vertical tail fin.

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China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in the People’s Republic of China, and as such, it is proud to operate a vast network of subsidiaries and affiliates. These include eight holding public air transportation subsidiaries like Xiamen Air, Henan Airlines, Guizhou Airlines, and Zhuhai Airlines; twenty branches like the Xinjiang, Northern, and Beijing Branches; twenty-three domestic sales offices in nearly every major Chinese city like Hangzhou and Qingdao; and fifty-four international sales

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As always, the airline’s goal is to “Connect the World to Create a Better Life,” and its name, “Sunny China Southern,” reflects this positive cultural identity.

China Southern’s objective is to “Build a World-class Airline with Global Competitiveness,” and the company’s basic values are “Customer, Staff, Advantage, Innovation, and Return.”

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For the 42nd year in a row, China Southern has the most passengers of any Chinese airline, having successfully transported over 152 million in 2019 and 97 million in 2020. The airline is number one in Asia and number two in the world in terms of yearly passenger traffic, and it is among the top 10 airlines in the world in terms of cargo and mail volume (Source: IATA).

More than 860 passengers and freight aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, B777, and B737, and the Airbus A380 superjumbo, A330, and 320, were in China Southern’s fleet as of December 2020. It was one of the earliest companies to put the A380 superjumbo into service.

China Southern currently runs over a thousand routes, with three thousand flights per day to 224 destinations in forty countries and regions worldwide, and more than five hundred thousand available seats.

Working closely with global airline partners including American Airlines and Qatar Airways, China Southern has expanded its route network to more locations across the world.

China Southern has put quite a lot of time and effort over the past few years into establishing its Guangzhou and Beijing “dual hubs,” launching new routes and improving the efficiency of its existing route network.

China Southern, with its headquarters at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, has made impressive strides over the past decade in developing its “Canton Route” family of travel products to serve the many countries along the “Belt and Road” and the expansive Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

6. Hainan Airlines

Despite being only China’s fourth largest airline, Hainan Airlines has earned the highest possible rating from aviation watchdog Skytrax: five stars. The airline went from being ranked 22nd to being ranked 10th in just three short years.

As of 2014, Hainan had been named China’s Best Airline, China’s Best Airline Staff Service, and China’s Best Business Class Comforts and Amenities. With a fleet of over 160 brand-new Boeing and Airbus planes, Hainan is rapidly expanding across Asia, Europe, and Australia.

7. Cathay Pacific Airways

Cathay Pacific Airways is one of the world’s fastest-growing airlines and has a five-star rating for service. The airline flies to many destinations across the globe. Among Pacific Rim airlines, this Hong Kong-based one is among the most reputable.

The national airline currently operates routes across five continents, including the world’s first nonstop transpolar flight. Cathay is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in Asia, thanks to its fleet of long-range Boeing 777-300ER jets and business strategy centered on providing a large number of flights every day.

8. EVA Air

Taipei-based airline EVA Air, based in Taiwan, is a major international carrier that has been in business since 1989. This airline has experienced amazing growth since then, especially over the previous two decades. Wide-body planes from Airbus and Boeing are already a staple of EVA Air’s massive fleet.

More than 60 important business and tourist destinations in Asia, Mainland China, North America, Europe, and Oceania are served by the airline’s extensive worldwide network of flight routes. EVA Air, often cited as the airline that first introduced the “premium economy” cabin, consistently receives high marks from passengers for its immaculate onboard facilities, excellent in-flight entertainment, and rigorous commitment to passenger safety.

Many passengers, however, have praised the airline’s cuisine and in-flight amenities. One of the seven “Hello Kitty” planes might let you on board.

9. Vistara Airlines

As a full-service airline, Vistara is operated by Tata SIA Airlines Limited out of Gurgaon, India, with its main hub being at Indira Gandhi International Airport. With its first flight between Delhi and Mumbai on January 9, 2015, the airline, a partnership between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines, officially opened for business.

By June of 2016, the airline had transported over 2 million passengers; as of May 2019, it holds a 4.7% share of the domestic carrier market, placing it as the sixth largest domestic airline. Using a fleet that includes the Airbus A320, Airbus A321neo, Boeing 787-9, and Boeing 737-800NG, the airline flies to 34 different locations.

10. Bangkok Airways

Regional airline Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is headquartered in Thailand’s capital city. They have regular flights to Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Laos, Malaysia, the Maldives, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam. Its primary facility is located at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

11. Thai Airways

It is the national airline of Thailand, and it flies to 91 different countries across the world. When it comes to providing excellent service, they have led the pack for many years.

Skytrax recognized Thai Airways in 2017 as having the best economy class in the world, the best economy class onboard catering, and the best airline lounge spa. The airline flies to more than 35 countries and regions, as well as a dozen domestic destinations in Thailand.

Economy seats were found to be of outstanding quality by passengers, despite the company’s acclaim for its first- and business-class offerings. Business class passengers on Skytrax praised the crew’s helpful attitude and the delicious food.

12. Garuda Indonesia

Indonesia’s national airline, Garuda Indonesia, flies the flag with honor. To more than 40 domestic and 36 overseas locations, the airline provides service. Garuda Indonesia, which has a Skytrax five-star rating and is in the top five of regional airlines, has made major fleet renewal and service enhancement steps to recover the trust of both passengers and safety regulators. Garuda’s flight attendants repeated as the world’s best in 2017.

Which Is The Best Airline In Asia?

The best airline in Asia is Singapore Airlines.

What Is The Oldest Airline In Asia?

The oldest airline in Asia is the Philippine Air Lines. The Philippine Airlines (PSE: PAL) used to be called Philippine Air Lines until 1970. The company, which has its headquarters in the PNB Financial Center in Pasay, was established in 1941 and claims the title of “first and oldest commercial airline in Asia” in its original form.

What Is The Largest Airline In Asia?

The largest airline in Asia is China Southern Airlines.

What is the best airline in South Asia?

The best airline in South Asia is Vistara. At the recent 2021 World Airline Awards, Vistara took home two honors: Best Airline in India & Southern Asia and Best Airline Staff in India & Southern Asia.

How Many Airlines Are There In Asia?

There are currently 72 airlines in Asia offering scheduled service on routes ranging from regional to international.

What Is The Best Airline In South East Asia?

The best airline in South East Asia is Royal Brunei Airlines.

What Airline Is The Best In the Philippines?

The best airline in the Philippines is Philippine Airlines (PAL)


Asia’s airlines are some of the world’s largest and most successful, linking remote areas to crowded metropolitan hubs and connecting the continents of East and West. But which airlines in Asia are the best? Who do you feel is most deserving of your business? The airlines on the list provide some of the best flying experiences available worldwide.