15 Worst And Best Airlines To Fly To Paris In 2023

You may be one of the many travelers who coast through from the US to France, from other countries and destinations to Paris, and may be looking for the best flight to take to Paris. In this year’s Skytrax airline rating, Air France has been ranked to be the best airline to fly to Paris (France).

Here in this guide, we will be writing on the worst and best airlines, the worst airlines are listed along this content with their description coupled with passengers’ experience while on board.

15 Worst And Best Airlines To Fly To Paris In 2023 [Domestic & International]

1. Air France

After being bumped by WestJet and having to take a flight a few hours later, I had the good fortune to fly business with Air France, first from Toronto to Paris. The flight from Paris to Vancouver was great, but the pleasant and helpful flight attendant made it much better.

The uniqueness of her performance stood out to me. Fantastic cuisine and wine, attentive service, and the opportunity to practice my French made for a memorable day.

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Even though I prefer to fly with Star Alliance partners, I will gladly make exceptions to fly Air France in the future. I can’t wait till April when I have business trips planned to Paris and Lisbon on Air France.

2. British Airways

The largest airline in the United Kingdom is British Airways (BA), the country’s flag carrier. The airline is a pioneer in the oneworld alliance, and it serves more than 180 airports in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Oceania, including six in the United Kingdom.

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British Airways operates major terminals at both London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports (LGW). When flying inside Europe, most airlines provide Economy (called UK Domestic) and Business Class (called Club Europe) aboard their planes. There are several different cabin classes available on long-haul flights, including First Class, Business Class (called Club World), Premium Economy (called World Traveller Plus), and Economy Class (called World Traveller).

3. United Airline

United Airlines is notoriously pricey, with Economy Plus much outweighing the regular fare. In any case, we were flying to Buenos Aires, and for some reason, business class was only a little more expensive than the economy. It was a pleasant surprise, with the attentive staff, the fully flat bed, and the various conveniences for a restful journey.

Aside from the restricted selection, everything on the menu was quite spicy, and there was no way to accommodate those with weaker stomachs. The stewards rolling the cart with the make-your-own sundaes down the aisle distracted everyone from the thorny problem. Believe me, I get why flying first class isn’t for everyone.

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Unfortunately, the cost of a business ticket back to the United States was more than three times as much as the outbound flight, putting us well out of our pricing range. The noise level, lack of attention from the stewards, poor food, and filthy restrooms were all striking contrasts between the business and economy sections.

We were under 5 feet 6 inches tall, and there was not enough legroom in the seats since they barely reclined. Getting up and moving about was required to do any sort of stretching.

There were some excellent amusement alternatives available in both cabins.

Our go-to airline is United, and we always choose the cheapest possible fare. We understand that flying is the only option for reaching far-flung destinations, but economy-class travel is so awful, draining, and depressing that we can hardly bear the thought of it. Also, if you look at the seat maps, you’ll notice that United is setting aside more seats for economy plus, where you’ll pay hundreds of dollars more for maybe four extra inches of legroom.

It’s unfortunate that airlines can treat their customers as just commodities rather than human beings without any form of oversight to ensure their comfort and safety.

4. Brussels Airlines

I was pleasantly delighted to see the airplane with the artwork on it, and I really like it. Few of Brussels Airlines’ planes sport a specially designed livery. We were able to board and land without any delays. There was a lot of cleanliness on board, and the chairs were really accommodating. The staff was wonderful.

It did come as a bit of a shock to me, but I understand why many airlines now have passengers pay for even water on flights under three hours in duration. An unexpectedly pleasant experience, with helpful flight attendants and a pleasant journey in general.

5. Aer Lingus Airline

Having the newer plane on both flights made the business class seats incredibly comfortable. There are no fully flat beds, although the seats are more comfortable than those in LH’s Business section. There was a nice amount of movies and TV shows to choose from, although the audio quality wasn’t great. On both flights, the flight attendants were attentive and helpful. Surprisingly, the food was quite tasty.

Due to our late departure from JFK, we were only offered a modest supper service, but in the morning we were promised a full breakfast. We began with delicious canapés and offered a cold chicken plate as a main course for those who wanted it; other individuals opted to go to bed early. Breakfast was the only downer because the eggs were overdone. On the way back, we had a fantastic dinner consisting of smoked salmon to start and superb beef for the main course. Each business class check-in went well and quickly.

The JFK lounge was really comfortable, and the food was above average. The only drawback was that we needed to leave extra time to pass through security after unwinding in the lounge. In spite of its limited food options, Dublin’s lounge was really beautiful. Both of our economy class check-ins and flights (from DUB to EDI and from GLA to DUB) went smoothly.

Despite the fact that the two legs of our trip were scheduled independently, the agent at GLA checked our bags all the way to JFK. Although one suitcase was lost in transit, it was eventually recovered and delivered the following day.

Overall, it was a fantastic bargain for such high-quality business-class treatment. We would do it again on the same routes, except we might avoid taking an overbooked flight out of DUB to Athens or Rome in the economy class.

6. Lufthansa Airline

It’s only fair to remark that Lufthansa got me and all my stuff to our final destination on schedule and without incident. More surprise, the flight was not only enjoyable and comfortable, but also well-serviced, despite being completely packed.

Though Lufthansa isn’t as flashy as Qatar or Singapore, the airline serves out tasty meals and never runs out of drinks. Even though the 2-2-2 seating configuration isn’t up to date with the rest of business class, I had no problems with my 11-hour flight.

Lufthansa now offers sleeping shirts and extra seat padding for passengers on its longest flights. The only complaint I have is with the entertainment program; there used to be more movies to choose from, and the music options are pitiful now that they’ve been pared down. Staff in the cabin were pleasant and professional as expected.

7. French bee Airline

When considering the cost, I thought the airline was fantastic and will use them again. The chairs are really narrow, and if my hips were any wider, I wouldn’t be able to sit on them. It was not possible to raise the armrest of the seat I was in to make more legroom.

Hurts if you weigh more than about 220 pounds. Another source of disarray is the boarding procedure. I like that they board the plane backward, but it always seems like a mad rush to get to the front to hear which rows can board. Then, everyone hurries to board the train.

The flight attendants were kind, the plane was spotless, and there was a reasonable selection of entertainment options. The airline’s toilets were also spotless, and I would gladly fly them again for the price.

Those who are arriving late are probably the ones who are grumbling about the inability to check in early; it’s not the hotel’s responsibility if they’re running late. It doesn’t sound like a French bee problem to me, but rather a personal problem, given that international planes inform you three hours early.

No need to punish them in that respect. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide feedback on the refund procedure because my flight was not canceled. Not that I would rush into a reservation with them, but I also wouldn’t hesitate. I was getting really worked up reading the reviews before my flight, but everything turned out to be far better than I had anticipated. I enjoyed my flight with them and would use them again.

8. Air Europa

At first, I checked in online for both flights to Rome and returned to New York City, and on both occasions, the airline’s app indicated that I could leave my luggage at a drop-off station and head straight to security.

This airline doesn’t have a luggage drop-off desk at either JFK or FCO, thus we had to wait 45 minutes each time just to check our bags. Second, each of our four flights was delayed by at least an hour, and we were forced to remain sitting on the plane while we waited.

The plane was sweltering, and I saw an elderly couple get the cold shoulder when they asked for water. My 8-hour travel from New York to Rome cost me $220 for an extra-large seat, but when I boarded the plane, I discovered that I had been assigned a middle seat in the middle of the plane.

The crew said they were helpless and that I would have to get a refund after we arrived at our final destination. The flight attendants were then seen boarding standby passengers to take up the available seats.

To be clear, I’m not opposed to this, but it seems like it would have made more sense to offer to relocate both my husband and me. We payed for seats but were blown off by an unapologetic staff who didn’t appear to appreciate my business.

Having the distinct impression of having been the victim of a scam, I believe that an official inquiry of this airline is warranted. This was the worst airline experience of my life, and I pray no one else ever tries to fly with them.

9. American Airline

Excellent flight from New York to Paris! Because of my mobility issues, I always upgrade to first or business class when possible. The cost of the service, the office space, and the commute is justified if you are working there. Sleeping in a semi-reclined position is nice, but getting on and off the plane is even better.

The perks of flying with this airline are all part of a package, beginning when you clear security. It’s a step up. Your pain will be reduced, and you’ll stay in shape for your next trip thanks to the recliner.

10. Finnair Airline

Flying with Air France got me here from Zagreb, and now I need to change to Finnair to get to Helsingfors. I just had one hour in Paris before my flight to Helsingfors. I have to say, the security at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport is quite strict these days.

After landing in Paris from Zagreb, I was subjected to an initial security check, a bus ride to Terminal D2, a pass control, and a second security check before I was allowed to proceed to my gate. I was in the terminal for a full half an hour before boarding began. Tea and pastries were supplied in a comfortable setting, and the flight attendants were pleasant.

11. Iberia Airline

12. Delta Airline

13. Virgin Atlantic Airline

14. JetBlue Airline

15. La Compagnie Airline

What Is The Most Comfortable Airline To Fly To Paris?

In terms of comfortability while flying to Paris, France, United airlines is rated to give passengers best flying experience and comfortability. As far as planes go, the United flight to Paris seems to be the one with the most comfortable economy class. Unlike the more common 2-4-2 configuration, this one has a 2-3-2 seating arrangement. As before, this won’t make a huge impact, especially if you can score a seat in one of the other airlines’ 2-seat cabins.

What Is The Best Airline In France?

The best airlines to fly to France is Air France. The 23rd of September, 2022, in London, at the Skytrax World Airline Awards 2022 ceremony, Air France has once again named the finest airline in Western Europe. In addition, Air France climbed two spots to eighth in Skytrax’s global ranking.

What Is The Cheapest Month To Fly To Paris?

The cheapest months you can book and fly to Paris are during late November, early December, January, February, and early March.

Why Are Flights To Paris So Expensive?

The flight fee to Paris is usually expensive owing to the limited airline booking ratio. The number of passenger bookings for airlines to fly to France is more than the airlines available to transport them.

Best Airlines To Fly To France

The best airline you can fly to France right now is Air France, this airline has been dubbed as the best airline to travel through Western Europe in this year’s Skytrax airline rating.

Which Airlines Fly Direct To Paris

The best airline that flies a direct route to Paris is United Airlines.

Which Airports Fly Direct To Paris?

Following are the airlines that fly direct to Paris:

US airport Airline Months flying Average flight time  
Atlanta (ATL) Air France All year round 9hr
Atlanta (ATL) Delta / Virgin All year round 9hr
Boston (BOS) Air France All year round 8hr
Boston (BOS) Delta / Virgin All year round 8hr
Chicago (ORD) Air France All year round 8hr
Chicago (ORD) United All year round 8hr
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines All year round 8hr
Cincinnati (CVG) Delta / Virgin All year round 8hr
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines All year round 10hr
Dallas (DFW) Air France Seasonal 10hr
Denver (DEN) Air France Seasonal 8hr
Detroit (DTW) Air France All year round 8hr
Detroit (DTW) Delta / Virgin All year round 8hr
Houston (IAH) Air France All year round 10hr
Los Angeles (LAX) Air France All year round 11hr
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Tahiti Nui All year round 11hr
Miami (MIA) Air France All year round 9hr
Miami (MIA) American Airlines All year round 9hr
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta / Virgin All year round 9hr
New York (JFK) Air France All year round 8hr
New York (JFK) Delta / Virgin All year round 8hr
New York (JFK) American Airlines All year round 8hr
Newark Liberty (EWR) United All year round 8hr
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines All year round 8hr
Raleigh-Durham (RDU) Delta / Virgin All year round 8hr
Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta / Virgin All year round 11hr
San Francisco (SFO) United All year round 11hr
San Francisco (SFO) Air France All year round 11hr
Seattle (SEA) Delta / Virgin All year round 10hr
Seattle (SEA) Air France All year round 10hr
Washington, D.C (IAD) Air France All year round 8hr
Washington, D.C (IAD) United All year round 8hr

5 Best Direct flights scheduled to Paris Orly from the US

US airport Airline Months flying Average flight time  
Newark Liberty (EWR) Air France All year round 8hr
Newark Liberty (EWR) La Compagnie All year round 8hr
Newark Liberty (EWR) French Bee All year round 8hr
Los Angeles (LAX) French Bee All year round 11hr
San Francisco (SFO) French Bee All year round 11hr


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