12 Best Restaurants In Lagos [Cool Area For Events]

What is the best restaurants in Lagos? The best restaurant (eateries) in Lagos is the Shiro Restaurant & Bar. If you’re looking for a great restaurant in Lagos, then look no further, and this article is for you. With delicious cuisine and friendly staff, this restaurant is a real treat.

The restaurants in the city prepare and serve excellent food and the portions are generous. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes that will satisfy any palate. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu of the listed restaurants in this article.

The restaurants are very reasonably priced, which makes them an ideal spot for families and anyone on a budget. The staff are very friendly and helpful, making sure that you enjoy your meal as much as possible. If you’re looking for somewhere to have dinner with family or friends, this place is perfect!

So, check out the 12 best restaurants that we have compiled in this informative piece for an unforgettable experience.

Lagos is an incredible city to eat in! There are so many great restaurants that it can be difficult to choose which one to go to.

12 Best Restaurants In Lagos

#1. Shiro Restaurant & Bar

Shiro restaurant & bar has a selection of Japanese delicacies, fast and fresh Mediterranean cuisine, Thai, and Chinese dishes with African influence. The restaurant’s interior is beautiful and the food is really tasty. The noodles are also great – I especially like their oyster omelet!

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Be sure to book out their private dining rooms or have a meal on the balcony overlooking Victoria Island!

#2. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café Lagos features the famous Hard Rock Cafe brand of international cuisine. The café is a legendary African restaurant specialising in delicious food, great drinks, and extraordinary people. The restaurant acts as your guide to the best of African cuisine.

Hard Rock Café has a selection of varied foods that can satisfy everyone’s taste buds. With a great selection of locally-grown cuisine, including local delicacies like Omo Sushi, it is no wonder why this iconic American eatery remains one of the very best restaurants in the city.

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#3. Chopilos by Slippery

Chopilos by Slippery is one of the leading restaurants in Lagos Nigeria. It offers one of the most exquisite cuisines with many international varieties including French and Italian food, as well as fast casual Mexican cuisine that serves tasty tacos, salsas, and other street food.

Chopilos by Slippery caters to the palate while highlighting fresh ingredients, every dish is crafted with creative touches and inspired flavours.

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#4. Ocean Basket Victoria Island

Ocean Basket restaurant is a great choice for those wanting to dine out in Lagos. The restaurant provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where business can be taken care of and enjoyed alongside good food and drink at affordable prices.

bestThe restaurant has highly trained chefs who cook using fresh and highest quality ingredients including exotic fish from all parts of the world. also, they are well known for their excellent service and very reasonable rate.

Also, each month, Ocean Basket hosts live music events as well as food-focused events like wine tastings and beer tastings.

#5. Z Kitchen

Z Kitchen is a professional kitchen in Lagos, known for its calm and clean environment that matches your specification. The restaurant has some of the best delicious meals including steak and seafood in Nigeria, as well as a sampling menu for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters.

#6. Bungalow Restaurant

Visit Bungalow Restaurant to have a memorable dining experience as you enjoy an exceptional dish from the wide selection of authentic dishes and a variety of wines.

The restaurant is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. It serves up a variety of dishes especially if you are looking for authentic and delicious Nigerian cuisine, then you must give this restaurant a try.

From their marinated fish cooked in palm oil to the roti prata they serve, including pizzas, burgers, crepes and fajitas. They have all of your favourite dishes covered. The restaurant is also known for its décor and atmosphere, as well as the live jazz music every Thursday, which lights up the atmosphere.

#7. Izanagi

Izanagi Restaurant is a must-stop on your Lagos culinary journey. It’s a Japanese restaurant in the middle of the vibrant Victoria Island, Lagos and one of those places you arrive early to reserve a table. The decor is simple: lots of wood.

This fine dining destination serves up a creative menu that draws inspiration from the global food and wine cultures of the world.

Experience its restaurant and bar, where you can relax with great drinks and fine dining at the bar or in one of their private rooms. Their fine dining menu features handmade pasta dishes with modern twists, lamb kebabs, grilled meats and fresh seafood options.

#8. Cactus Restaurant

Cactus restaurant is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve been to in Lagos. The restaurant is large, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. It offers sensational ethnic and international cuisine with great service, excellent value and a buzzing cosy ambience.

More so, Cactus is best known for its pastry and baking, this restaurant will impress you with its variety of other dishes—such as pasta and salads.

#9. RSVP Restaurant

RSVP restaurant will surely wow you with delicious food, and fine wine and make great friends. The high-profile restaurant is all about dishes made from house-made ingredients and serving them to guests wishing to experience classic Nigerian cuisine as well as American, European, and international dishes.

This restaurant offers a range of delectable dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking methods. More so, it is the best stop for vegetarian and vegan cuisines, as well as gluten-free option meals.

Considering the diverse range of cutlery and dishes you will be offered in this restaurant, to satisfy all guests’ needs, from seafood to meat. From appetizers to desserts, RSVP Restaurant is sure to leave you satisfied and wanting more.

#10. Lagoon Restaurants

Lagoon restaurants are your one-stop eating-house where you can experience and enjoy simple morsels and succulent dishes are available at affordable prices. More so, the restaurant is a known premier seafood restaurant that has obtained rave reviews from hundreds of customers.

If you want to experience something new and different, this restaurant offers an array of fully cooked meals, with each dish cooked to order, and presented in a relaxing atmosphere.

#11. Craft Gourmet

Craft Gourmet is your source for delicious food and wine in Lagos. The restaurant is a modern, new concept for dining and drinking in Lagos, combining the precision of French cuisine with the excitement of neighbourhood bars and local shops all under one roof.

You will surely enjoy delectable cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in Nigeria who use the finest ingredients to prepare their meals of both local and international dishes including the Mediterranean and European dishes.

#12. The Yellow Chili Restaurant & Bar

The Yellow Chili restaurant & bar specialised in serving the best traditional African dishes with a contemporary twist.

The Yellow Chilli’s menu offers exciting options that will excite your palate such as Isi-Ewu, a locally prepared goat-pepper soup prepared with a goat head and drizzled with a spicy palm oil broth.

There is also yam pottage special with beef and snail, and many more dishes. You will also be spurred with diverse continental dishes which makes the menu filled with the very best of local and international gastronomy.

What Are The Most Popular Restaurants In Lagos?

Lagos is the liveliest city in Nigeria, and it is home to some of the best restaurant establishments in the country. as such, the most popular restaurants in Lagos are listed out below.

  1. RSVP Restaurant
  2. Shiro
  3. The Yellow Chilli
  4. Terra Kulture
  5. Bungalow restaurant
  6. Veggie Victory
  7. Eko Sky Restaurant and Lounge
  8. Rodizzio
  9. Izanagi restaurant
  10. Talindo Steak house

Where Can I Have A Birthday Party In Lagos?

If you’re looking for a place to have your birthday party in Lagos, look no further! Here are our top picks:

  1. Bounce N Party Events
  2. Casper & Gambini
  3. Spice Route
  4. Rhapsody
  5. Bungalow Restaurant
  6. The Winehouse Lounge
  7. Hardrock Café
  8. Bottles
  9. La Veranda
  10. Nok Garden

Where Is Shiro Lagos?

Shiro restaurant is a Japanese restaurant in Lagos that serves Japanese food. It has an extensive menu and has won awards for its unique dishes.

Shiro Address is located at Block XVI 3 & 4 Victoria Island Oniru Estate, Eti-Osa 101241, Lagos.

What Can I Do For My Birthday In Lagos?

There are many things you can do to light up your birthday and make it a memorable day in Lagos. The best thing you can do for your birthday is to visit some of the best restaurants or eateries in the city with friends and family for a special birthday celebration.

These restaurants know how to make your birthday colourful, serving you and your guest with unique and complementary cuisine that will make your day unforgettable.

Check out the list of restaurants for birthdays above and make your pick if your birthday is near.

Romantic Restaurants in Lagos

If you’re looking for a romantic restaurant in Lagos, look no further than the 10 restaurants listed below. With food that is both delicious and affordable, these restaurants are the perfect choice for any couple looking to enjoy an intimate evening together.

  1. Shiro Restaurant & Bar
  2. S.V.P. Lagos
  3. Tarragon
  4. Talindo Steak House
  5. Art Cafe
  6. Noir Restaurant
  7. Izanagi
  8. The Sky Restaurant
  9. Spice Route
  10. La Veranda Restaurant

Affordable Restaurants In Lagos

Lagos is a city that’s full of amazing food, but it can be hard to find a place to eat that won’t break the bank. Fortunately, there are several affordable restaurants in Lagos. Here are some of our favourites:

  1. Glover Court Suya Spot
  2. The Place
  3. Essence by the Grid
  4. Afefeyeye
  5. Bambukka
  6. Kaanubru
  7. Crust & Cream
  8. Shades Lounge
  9. ASIA Restaurant Bar
  10. The Loaf Lane

Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Lagos

Lagos is home to some of the fine dining restaurants in Nigeria where you can get excellent food. They offer a variety of dishes and sides that are sure to satisfy any palate. They also make sure their menu changes seasonally, so there’s always something new to try!

Check out the 10 best fine dining restaurants in Lagos below.

  1. Pearl Garden
  2. Tarragon
  3. S.V.P. Lagos
  4. Shiro Restaurant & Bar
  5. Noir Restaurant
  6. Craft Gourmet
  7. Salma’s Authentic Lebanese Cuisine
  8. Cilantro Lagos
  9. The Sky Restaurant
  10. 1415 Steakhouse & Seafood Restaurant

Most Expensive Restaurant in Lagos

If you’re looking for the most expensive restaurant in Lagos, look no further. The price of this establishment is eye-popping. The restaurants that made the list include:

  1. House Café
  2. The Bungalow Restaurant
  3. Ocean Basket
  4. The Harvest Lagos
  5. Hard Rock Café
  6. The Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar
  7. S.V.P. Lagos
  8. Lagoon Restaurant
  9. Izanagi Restaurant
  10. Sheraton Indian Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Lekki

Looking for the best restaurants in Lekki? Make reservations now to experience the best dining in Lekki by visiting any of these 10 restaurants in Lekki.

  1. Bay Lounge
  2. The Place Restaurant
  3. HSE Gourmet
  4. Bambooka
  5. RoadChef Drive-Thru
  6. Circa Lagos
  7. House Café
  8. Folixx Lounge
  9. Ocean Basket Restaurant
  10. Quid by de brit

Best Places for Birthday Dinner in Lagos

Come taste the best of Lagos in this list of amazing restaurants. Whether it’s a family-friendly restaurant, a night out with friends or an affordable birthday dinner experience you want to try, we have a place for you.

  1. Shiro Restaurant & Bar
  2. S.V.P. Lagos
  3. Hard Rock Café
  4. Bungalow Restaurant
  5. Sherlaton Indian Restaurant
  6. Ocean Basket
  7. Izanagi
  8. Cactus Restaurant
  9. The Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar
  10. Bottles

Affordable Restaurants in Victoria Island, Lagos

Victoria Island contains several good food joints that can satisfy your cravings for great food at an affordable price. Here’s a small sample of them:

  1. La Taverna
  2. Izanagi
  3. Radisson blue anchorage hotel
  4. The View Bar
  5. Ocean Basket
  6. Bay and Ruts Restaurant
  7. Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker
  8. Hard Rock Cafe
  9. The Wheat Baker
  10. Deuces Bar & Lounge

Best Eatery in Lagos

Looking for the best eatery in Lagos? Check out our top 10 pick below.

  1. Shiro Restaurant & Bar
  2. Hard Rock Café
  3. Cactus Restaurant
  4. Ocean Basket Victoria Island
  5. RSVP restaurant
  6. Sherlaton Indian Restaurant
  7. L. Restaurant, Bar and Café
  8. Yellow Chilli Restaurant & Bar
  9. Lagoon Restaurant
  10. Spice Route


Lagos is the definition of an up-and-coming city in Nigeria, with a growing number of restaurants opening in the area. This list of best restaurants in Lagos will help you make your decision of which place to eat at.