15 Best Restaurants in Atlanta [All Countries Delicacies]

There are restaurants located on just about every corner in Atlanta. From casual to upscale and open tables, these restaurants are all about good food and welcoming service.

All of their menus can be customized to suit your party size and preferences, plus there are plenty of other options in this guide for those nights when you just want a regular meal.

If you are not certain about which restaurant to visit in Atlanta, I recommend to you these 15 of the best restaurants in Atlanta that have gotten me up and out early that I think you should take note of as well!

15 Best Restaurants in Atlanta

Compiling the list of 15 best restaurants was hard, considering that there is a host of excellent restaurants in the city. However, based on experience and customers’ choices, we were able to come up with the top restaurants in Atlanta below.

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Best Restaurants in Atlanta In 2022
1st Mujō
2nd The Usual
3rd Miller Union
4th Staplehouse
5th Masterpiece
6th D Boca N Boca
7th El Valle
8th One Flew South
9th Spring
10th Sushi Hayakawa
11th Bacchanalia
12th Veganish ATL Food Truck Park
13th Boccalupo
14th Kimball House
15th Casa Robles

#1. Mujō

My number one restaurant pick in Atlanta is Mujō restaurant. This restaurant has an impressive array of menus, with a major focus on fresh, seasonal flavours.

The highlight of this restaurant is its amazing sushi, sashimi and maki rolls. This makes me visit Mujō whenever I desire signature sushi.

More so, Mujō specializes in fresh fish, with a variety of dishes including appetizers and salads, entrees, wraps and bowls. The restaurant also has a wide selection of sake cocktails.

#2. The Usual

The reason why I picked the Usual restaurant as the second-best restaurant in Atlanta is the fact that they offer a variety of dishes based on the freshest ingredients.

Likewise, another reason why you will love this restaurant is that it is a place to relax because of its simple but inviting ambience, and friendly place to enjoy fantastic food that’s made with the freshest ingredients.

#3. Miller Union

Miller Union is a restaurant to visit considering how they are serving craft cocktails and elevated American cuisine, with an inviting atmosphere that encourages guests to relax and enjoy their time with family, and friends.

In addition to a full bar program, Miller Union offers a seasonal menu featuring seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers.

#4. StapleHouse

StapleHouse is the quintessential experience of southern cuisine. They strive to bring their guests the best quality food, service, and atmosphere possible. You are guaranteed a unique dining experience at StapleHouse Atlanta.

The Chef, Michael Williams, believes in bringing his passion for food to the table every day delighting guests daily with fresh ingredients and classic dishes such as our Signature Spice Rack Fried Chicken & Crispy Goat Cheese Polenta.

With a menu that changes seasonally, you are sure to enjoy different flavours each month.

#5. Masterpiece

Masterpiece deserves to be on my list because the restaurants have found a way to stimulate every 10,000 tastebuds of the human tongue with just two bites of food. This elegant restaurant offers a classic steakhouse menu and a unique setting.

Another reason why I love this restaurant is how they focus on fresh, local ingredients and their commitment to offering guests an authentic experience by serving the highest quality food, service, and wine.

#6. D Boca N Boca

D Boca N Boca restaurant is a proud pioneer in the Latin-American cuisine industry and maintains an extensive menu of authentic dishes that feature traditional Latin flavours and ingredients.

If you love Latin food as I do, you will find the menu that consists of a variety of dishes to suit any palate as arepas and parrilladas, beef tongue sandwiches and plantains are just some of the signature offerings you will enjoy D Boca N Boca!

#7. El Valle

El Valle Mexican Restaurant in Atlanta is a great place to go for authentic Mexican food. The restaurant showcases a wide array of ingredients and flavours found in dishes throughout Mexico.

The restaurant has an elegant dining room with a wraparound bar area, and an open kitchen serving generous portions of mouth-watering homemade dishes or hand-pressed tortillas.

The menu includes traditional favourites like tacos and burritos but also offers more exotic options such as chicken mole sauce, chicken enchilada soup, and hot soup with yucca root.

#8. One Flew South

One Flew South restaurant in Atlanta is a casual, upscale comfort food restaurant with Southern charm and an amazing collection of wine.

The restaurant is my favourite when it comes to serving handcrafted Italian-Southern food using only fresh ingredients, including chicken & waffles, sizzling flat iron steak, mushroom ravioli, and house-made cornbread stuffing, homemade bread pudding and more.

#9. Spring

If you are looking forward to eating exceptionally prepared Pappardelle with green garlic cream, morels, fava beans, and Parmesan, then you have to visit Spring restaurants in Atlanta.

This modern American restaurant is best known for serving simple, modernist cuisine with an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

#10. Sushi Hayakawa

I thought I had tasted the best Sushi until I visited Sushi Hayakawa in Atlanta known to be the best destination for sushi lovers in Atlanta, possibly in America. The entire menu at this sushi restaurant is delicious and even the pickiest customers can’t refuse it.

Alongside serving traditional and modern sushi is an array of fresh foods like kushiyaki & handrolls, all prepared with the freshest ingredients inspired by Japan’s most iconic cuisines.

#11. Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia is an exceptional culinary destination in Atlanta that combines modern culinary techniques with the freshest ingredients to create dishes that are timeless and luxurious.

Bacchanalia offers a wide variety of delectable wines, from the classic reds to white wines, Moscato and sparkling wines. If you are looking for somewhere fabulous and fun to enjoy with friends or even a special date, try Bacchanalia!

#12. Veganish ATL Food Truck Park

Vegans will enjoy this restaurant that is devoted to providing a friendly, healthy and enjoyable dining experience.

The modern fine-dining vegan restaurant serves delicious food and a variety of cocktails, and the food is made with organic ingredients, sourced as locally as possible.

The chefs in this restaurant make use of the unique concept to combine tastes, cultures and flavours from around the world to create a new dining experience.

#13. Boccalupo

Boccalupo restaurant in Atlanta is a portal where quality meets simplicity with all its variations. The restaurant imports the flavours of Italy to Georgia offering authentic Italian food and pizza options, with a variety of wine pairings available as well.

BoccaLupo’s dishes are creative and smart with favourite dishes enjoyed by regulars including hot Calabrian sausage, black spaghetti with red shrimp, scallions, and 20-yolk tagliatelle with mushrooms and kale kimchi, and pan-fried white lasagna with creme fraiche and jalapeño pesto, among several varieties to enjoy in this restaurant.

#14. Kimball House

Kimball House restaurant in Atlanta offers an experience unlike any other. The restaurant is upscale American dining with an extensive American menu, appealing ambience and professional service.

Some of the top dishes in Kimball House include grouper collar, bar steak, lemon-pepper chicken skins, caviar and Carolina Gold rice middlings.

Not forgetting the vegetable sides that are prepared with a stir fry of mushroom, turnip, broccoli, radish, and greens, and mixed with ají Amarillo butter.

#15. Casa Robles

If you have a thing for traditional Spanish tapas mixes with dishes prepared like those found in El Salvador and Mexico, then make your way to Casa Robles. The chef who is Spanish and El Salvador prepare locally made dishes to satisfy their local customers.

You will find homemade Elsalvador dishes such as pupusas, cochinita pibil tacos, tamales stuffed with Salvadorean chicken and chickpeas, and mariscada, among others in this restaurant.

Also, Casa Robles is a fine place to stop by and enjoy a glass of wine imported from Spain, Portugal, and South America.

Best Restaurants in Atlanta for Birthdays

The best restaurants for birthday in Atlanta is the Garden Room restaurant. Our recommendation of the best restaurants in Atlanta for Birthdays is limited to just 10 based on unique stylish cuisines and excellent service offered. They are:

·         The Garden Room

·         Umi

·         Two urban licks

·         FIGO Pasta Food Truck

·         Fia Restaurant

·         The capital Grille

·         5Church Midtown

·         Canoe

·         Kyma

·         Inman Park’s restaurants

Best Restaurants in Atlanta 2022

Below is a list of the best restaurants in Atlanta based on their ratings and reviews. They are:

·         Poor Calvin’s

·         Whiskey Birds

·         Canoe

·         BoccaLupo

·         Bones Restaurant

·         Spring Restaurant

·         Minas Grill & Emporium

·         The Optimist

·         Blue Ridge Grill

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

Rooftop Restaurants in Atlanta

The best rooftop restaurant in Atlanta is the 9 Mile Station. If you are in search of the best rooftop restaurants you can visit in Atlanta, explore our top 10 recommendations for you based on personal experience.

·         9 Mile Station

·         Anis Café and Bistro

·         Estrella Rooftop

·         Clermont Rooftop

·         Drawbar

·         SkyLounge

·         Nikolai’s Roof

·         Grana

·         Two Urban Licks

·         Azotea

Best Restaurants in Atlanta for Tourists

The best restaurant for tourists in Atlanta is the Battery Atlanta. Explore our recommended best restaurants in Atlanta for Tourists listed out below and make your mind up about which one is worth a visit.

·         The Battery Atlanta

·         Atlanta Breakfast Club

·         Nikolai’s Roof

·         Ray’s in the City

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

·         Silver Skillet

·         Old Lady Gang

·         South City Kitchen

·         The Consulate

·         Bones Restaurant

Fine Dining In Atlanta

Are you searching for fine dining in Atlanta? From farm-to-fork to gastropubs and everything in between, go through our recommended fine dining established in Atlanta below.

  1. Ray’s on the River
  2. The Capital Grille
  3. Nikolai’s Roof
  4. La Grotta Ristorante Italiano
  5. Bone’s Restaurant
  6. Nan Thai Fine Dining
  7. Canoe
  8. Blue Ridge Grill
  9. The Oceanaire Seafood Room
  10. Aria

Best Restaurants in Atlanta Airport

The best restaurant in Atlanta airport is the One Flew South. Now you are at Atlanta Airport and hungry but don’t know which restaurant will satisfy your palate. Consider visiting any of our top pick restaurants in Atlanta airport below.

·         One Flew South

·         Atlanta Chophouse & Brewery

·         Philips Seafood

·         LongHorn Steakhouse

·         Ecco

·         Airport Varasano’s Pizzeria

·         Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint

·         Pascha’s

·         Chick-Fil-A

·         Papi’s Caribbean Cafe

Coolest Restaurants in Atlanta

The coolest restaurant in Atlanta is the Poor Calvin restaurant. If you are searching for some of the coolest restaurants in Atlanta to dine and wine, check out the list of our recommended restaurants below.

·         Poor Calvin

·         BoccaLupo

·         Lazy Betty

·         Tiny Lou’s

·         Busy Bee Café

·         Paschal’s

·         Canoe

·         Two Urban Licks

·         Ticonderoga Club

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

Best Casual Restaurants in Atlanta

The best casual restaurant in Atlanta is the Mary Mac’s Tea room. Whether you’re a big eater or prefer something more casual, we’ve got you covered. The best casual restaurants to visit in Atlanta right now are listed below.

·         Mary Mac’s Tea room

·         The colonnade

·         The busy bee café

·         Paschal’s

·         Manuel’s Tavern

·         Fat Matt’s Rib Shack

·         Eats

·         Pittypat’s Porch

·         Johnny’s Hideaway

·         Murphy’s

Best Restaurants In Atlantic City

Atlantic City has some of the finest restaurants and they should be applauded for making sure that all types of food are available to the diner. They are:

·         Chef Vola’s

·         Angeline

·         Café 2825

·         The Baywalk

·         Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar

·         Tony Boloney’s

·         Carmine’s Italian Restaurant

·         Dock’s Oyster House

·         Kelsey’s

·         The Palm

Best Restaurants in Atlanta Ga

There are plenty of places to grab a bite and down some decent wine in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out our personal best recommendations.

·         Bones Restaurant

·         Nikolai’s Roof

·         The Usual

·         Nan Thai Dining

·         Sushi Hayakawa

·         Bacchanalia

·         Boccalupo

·         South City Kitchen Midtown

·         Aria

·         Canoe

Best Restaurants in Midtown Atlanta

We have narrowed down the 10 best restaurants in midtown Atlanta that you can visit to enjoy the best homemade and fast food.

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

·         Cypress Street Pint & Plate

·         The Consulate

·         Pasta Da Pulcinella

·         Ecco Midtown

·         South City Kitchen Midtown

·         The Vortex Bar & Grill

·         Steamhouse Lounge

·         Mary Mac’s Tea Room

·         Papi’s Cuban & Caribbean Grill

Best Seafood Restaurants in Atlanta

The Best Seafood Restaurant in Atlanta that I consider to offer an unbeatable variety of authentic cuisine, along with sleek and modern décor.

·         Atlanta Fish Market

·         C&S Seafood & Oyster Bar

·         beetle

·         The Optimist

·         Steamhouse Lounge

·         Chops Lobster Bar

·         Ray’s in the City

·         Lure

·         Kyma

·         St. Cecilia

Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta

Below is a list of the best vegan restaurants in Atlanta, with a focus on places to eat green dishes and plenty of wine.

·         Herban Fix

·         Café Sunflower

·         Soul Vegetarian Restaurant

·         Healthful Essence

·         Grass VBQ Joint

·         Tassili’s Raw Reality Café 

·         Slutty Vegan

·         Local Green

·         Planted Soul

·         Thomas Deluxe

Best Indian Restaurant in Atlanta

Listed below are our top 10 must-try restaurants serving new and specialized Indian food in Atlanta.

·         Vatica Indian Cuisine

·         Dash and Chutney

·         Bukharaa Indian Restaurant

·         Bhojanic

·         Tabla

·         Botiwalla

·         Madras Mantra

·         Chat Patti

·         Chai Pani

·         Kerala Kitchen

Best Italian Restaurants in Atlanta

The Best Italian Restaurant in Atlanta offers an unbeatable variety of authentic cuisine, along with sleek and modern décor are:

·         Varasano’s Pizzeria

·         La Grotta Ristorante Italiano

·         La Tavola

·         Pasta Da Pulcinella

·         no. 246

·         Varuni Napoli

·         Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante

·         Antico Pizza Napoletana

·         boccaLupo

·         Antica Posta Restaurant

Best Mexican Restaurants in Atlanta

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Atlanta that you have to visit for rich cuisine experience are:

·         No Mas! Cantina

·         Agave

·         Tacos Linda Vista

·         Alma Cocina Downtown

·         Taqueria San Pancho

·         Mariscos El Veneno

·         Nuevo Laredo Cantina

·         El Rey del Taco

·         Taqueria La Oaxaquena

·         Nuevo Laredo Cantina

Best Restaurants in Downtown Atlanta

There are elite restaurants established in Downtown Atlanta that you can visit with friends and family to enjoy the best delicacy experience. Check out my personal best recommendation below.

·         Nikolai’s Roof

·         Steamhouse Lounge

·         Thrive

·         Der Biergarten

·         Hsu’s Gourmet

·         Atlanta Breakfast Club

·         Ted’s Montana Grill

·         Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria

·         Baraka Shawarma Mediterranean

·         Empire State South

Best Restaurants in Buckhead Atlanta

Buckhead Atlanta is an amazing place not just for livelihood but also for the enormous number of tier 1 restaurants established in the area.

My personal best recommendations for you if you happen to be in this location and need a place to eat are listed below.

·         Bones Restaurant

·         South City Kitchen Buckhead

·         The Capital Grille

·         The Spots

·         Aria

·         Ecco

·         Storico Fresco Alimentari e Ristorante

·         King + Duke

·         Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

·         Hal’s On Old Ivy

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Atlanta

·         Grass VBQ Joint

·         Aviva by Kameel

·         Hippie Hibachi

·         Cafe Sunflower Buckhead

·         Gocha’s Breakfast Bar

·         Local Green Atlanta

·         Herban Fix

·         Soul Vegetarian

·         Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

·         Canoe

Best Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

The city of Atlanta is known for its rich black history and culture that extends also the cuisine there. So, if you are interested to find out the best locally-owned, Black-owned restaurants in Atlanta, check out the list below.

·         Popular

·         Gocha’s Breakfast Bar

·         Tom, Dick & Hank

·         Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

·         Busy Bee Café

·         Continent Restaurant & Cigar Lounge

·         K & K Soul Food

·         Tassili’s Raw Reality Café

·         Gilly Brew Bar

·         Slutty Vegan

Best Asian Restaurants in Atlanta

If you reside or visit Atlanta and you are a fan of Asian delicacies, you need to visit any or all of the Asian restaurants below to get the best experience of Asian foods.

·         Eight Sushi Lounge

·         One Sushi

·         Siamese Basil Thai Restaurant

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

·         Poor Calvin’s

·         Osha Thai Sushi Galleria

·         Hsu’s Gourmet

·         Le Fat

·         Urban Wu

·         Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft

Best Thai Restaurants in Atlanta

Thai cuisines have become quite popular in Atlanta chiefly because the spices are so fragrant and pleasing. Here are the 10 best Thai restaurants in Atlanta that we recommend to you.

·         Nan Thai Fine Dining

·         Poor Calvin’s

·         Surin of Thailand

·         Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft

·         Bangkok Station

·         Ma Li

·         26 Thai Kitchen & Bar

·         Rain

·         Little Bangkok

·         Nan Thai

Best Family Restaurants in Atlanta

If you are planning to take out your family to a nice restaurant to enjoy exceptional cuisines and services, you need to consider one or more of the restaurants listed below.

·         Desta Ethiopian Kitchen

·         Homegrown Restaurant

·         Aviva by Kameel

·         South City Kitchen Buckhead

·         Fox Bros. BBQ

·         Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream

·         Farm Burger

·         Thumbs Up Diner

·         No Mas! Cantina

·         Buttermilk Kitchen

Best Korean Restaurant in Atlanta

Looking for a Best Korean Restaurant in Atlanta? Take time to visit any or all of the recommended best Korean restaurants below.

·         Heirloom Market

·         Blossom Tree

·         Char Korean Bar & Grill

·         Kwan’s Deli and Korean Kitchen

·         Hankook Taqueria

·         Krave

·         Iron Age Korean Steak House

·         Gaja Korean Bar

·         Mukha Korean Fried Chicken

·         Genesis Bar and Grill

Best Sushi Restaurants in Atlanta

Sushi lovers like myself will find these 10 Sushi restaurants exceptional when it comes to preparing and serving sushi delicacies.

·         Sushiology

·         MF Sushi

·         Tomo Japanese Restaurant

·         Bangkok Station

·         Eight Sushi Lounge

·         Umi

·         Yakitori Jinbei

·         Minato Japanese Restaurant

·         Pacific Rim Bistro

·         Mujō

Best Soul Food Restaurants in Atlanta

When you visit Atlanta and you are in search of where to get some delicious soul food, below are the 10 best of Atlanta’s most outstanding soul food restaurants.

·         A1 SoulFood

·         K&K Soul Food

·         Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours

·         Busybee Café

·         Time Restaurant

·         Roc South Cuisine

·         Old Lady Gang Southern Cuisine

·         Soul vegetarian

·         Walter’s Soul Food Café

·         Pashal’s


As we sum up our discourse, it is obvious that Atlanta is home to numerous restaurants that prepare incredible cuisine.

Having covered extensively different options in this informative piece, you can choose any restaurant that suits your need and ensure you visit for best culinary experience and service.