15 Biggest Zoos In The World 2023 [Updated List]

The biggest zoo in the world right now is the Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park. There is no doubt that the zoo remains one of the best places to visit where you will get to see several amazing animals and at the same time learn about wildlife conservation.

However, where are the best zoos in the biggest zoos in the world located? Read on if you are interested to find out about the biggest zoos around the world.

World Biggest Zoos 2023- Top 15.

The biggest zoos in the world are considered to be the perfect home for wildlife and endangered animals. Also, providing the opportunity to understand nature and wildlife in general. You will find enlisted below 15 zoos considered to be the biggest worldwide.

Top 10 Biggest Zoos In The World Right Now.

#1. Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park.

  • Country: India.
  • Area: 5,532 acres.

    Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park
    Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park

The Sri Venkateswara Zoological Park is considered to be the Biggest Zoo in the World spanning 5,532 acres.

This Largest Zoo in the World by Area zoo founded in 1987 is also known to exhibit majorly animals such as elephants, peafowl, Sambar deer, parakeet, regular leopard, lions, wild boars, white tigers, crocodiles, black bears, and more.

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Also, the zoo holds the Guinness Book of World Records in respect to housing the world’s biggest leopard named Balaji leopard. He weighed 139–143 kg. However, the leopard died in 2013 due to illness.

#2. Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 3,200 acres.

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute is the next Largest Zoo in the World by Area on our list covering 3,200 acres.

This zoo is considered one of the oldest zoos in the U.S., housing over 400 animal species. Also, major exhibits in Smithsonian Conservation include Amazonia, Asia Trail, Giant Panda Habitat, Great Ape House, and Think Tank, among others.

#3. North Carolina Zoo.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 2,600 acres.

This 2600-acre zoological garden is considered to be the world’s largest natural habitat zoo and also among one the two state-supported zoos. This means that the North Carolina zoo provides animals with plenty of areas to roam.

#4. Living Desert Zoo and Gardens.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 1,800 acres.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is a desert botanical garden and a zoo that serve as home to over 500 animals representing over 150 species. The zoo covers over 100 acres of land making it one of the Largest Zoos in the World by Area occupying the fourth spot on our list.

#5. San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

  • Country:  United States.
  • Area: 1,800 acres.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park seats on the same land acre as that of the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens making it the fifth Largest Zoo in the World by Area.

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More so, the zoo is recognized to be one of the few zoos around the world to accommodate and breed giant pandas. Besides, the zoo encompasses several species and subspecies of animals as well.

#6. Arignar Anna Zoological Park.

  • Country: India.
  • Area: 1,265 acres.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park is famously known as one of the most modern and scientifically managed zoos in the world.

Plus, it is one of the Largest Zoos in the World by Area covering over 1200 acres of land with 2,553 species of flora and fauna and other animal species calling this place home.

#7. Nandankanan Zoological Park.

  • Country: India.
  • Area: 1,080 Acres.

The Nandan Kanan zoological garden is next among the Biggest zoos in the world. The zoo covers significant landmarks such as the Chandaka forest, and the 134-acre (54 ha) Kanjia lake.

Also, the zoo is the first zoo to breed White tigers and Melanistic tigers in the world. Likewise, to date, the zoo is the only conservation breeding center for Indian Pangolins in the world.

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#8. Zoo Miami.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 750 Acres.

Zoo Miami occupies approximately 750 acres, however, only 324 acres id developed. Also, the number of animals calling this zoo home is over 3,000 animals. due to the sub-tropical weather of this Miami, the zoo is considered to be an ideal location for the conservation of animals from Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

#9. Toronto Zoo.

  • Country: Canada.
  • Area: 710 Acres.

Toronto Zoo spread across 710 acres is divided into seven geographical regions which are the Americas, Africa, Australasia, Eurasia Wilds, Canada Domain, Indo-Malaya, and Tundra Trek. Visiting this zoo means you are ready to enjoy loads of entertainment. You also get to relish the array of animal experiences.

#10. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park.

  • Country: India.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park is not left out among the Biggest Zoos in the World spanning across covering 625 acres.

The zoo is focused on the preservation, knowledge sharing, and research on animals from all over the world. interestingly, the numerous animals you will see in this zoo includes birds, primates, herbivores, carnivores, reptiles, and more.

#11. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 580 Acres.
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is a renowned zoological garden in the United States known for its diverse and unique attractions. The zoo seats comfortably on a land area of 580 acres with about 7,000 animal species calling it home.

In addition, the zoo is highly commended for its efforts in the conservation and protection of wildlife, having raised so far approximately $3 million for 70 projects.

#12. Assam State Zoo Now Botanical Garden.

  • Country: India.
  • Area:  432 Acres.

Assam State Zoo now Botanical Garden is part of the Hengrabari Reserve Forest occupying 432 acres of land and housing bout 895 animals, birds, and reptiles representing almost 113 species of land animals and birds from around the world.

#13. The Bronx Zoo.

  • Country: United States.
  • Area: 265 Acres.

The Bronx Zoo is the thirteenth biggest zoo in the world that you can visit and that is because it covers a land area of 265 acres.

Visiting this zoo gives you the benefit of experiencing over 4000 animals representing different species. In addition, the zoo is well-known for its large and diverse animal collection, and its award-winning exhibitions.

#14. Beijing Zoo.

  • Country: China.
  • Area: 220 acres.

Beijing Zoo is not just one of the oldest zoos in the world located in the capital of the People’s Republic of China.

Beijing Zoo occupies 220 acres of land with around 950 different species from the population of some 14,500 animals. Interestingly, the zoo has the largest animal collection in China.

#15. National Zoological Gardens of Africa.

  • Country: South Africa.
  • Area: 210 acres.

National Zoological Gardens of Africa covers a land area of 210-acre is the biggest zoo in Africa and also one of the largest in the world, encompassing a wide range of animals living in their natural habitats such as Koalas, Komodo dragons, and Kangaroos along with African animals like leopards, gorillas, elephants, and many others.

Where Is the Largest Zoo In The World right now?

The Largest Zoo in the Chester Zoo in the UK. This is the world’s largest zoo in terms of animal population, with around 21,000 animals representing 500 or more species.

What Zoo Has The Most Animals?

Moscow Zoo (Moskovsky Zoo-park) in Russia is now the world’s largest zoo by the number of species in residents.

What Is The Smallest Zoo In The World?

The Charles Paddock Zoo is the smallest zoo in the world and it is found in the Charles Paddock. The Charles Paddock Zoo is a modest 5-acre (2.0 ha) community zoo in the city of Atascadero, California, in San Luis Obispo County. It is the only zoo in the state’s Central Coast region.

How Many Zoos Are ln The World in 2023?

According to Petpedia, there are more than 10,000 zoos around the world. They also receive around 600 million visitors each year.


I hope you have learned a lot about the Biggest zoos in the world which is the original aim of writing this article.

We hope you found it help choose the best destination you’d like to visit during your holiday.

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