11 Best Luxury Sleeper Trains In Europe Right Now [2023 Ranking]

You may plan to take one of the best European sleeper trains to your country of destination and be bothered to know which of the best sleeper trains is in Europe. In this year’s ranking the Caledonian Sleeper train which coast from London to Scotland took the 1st position while Venice Simplon Orient Express which coast from London to Venice (via Paris) came 2nd best and Milan-Palermo (Night train to Sicily) was ranked 3rd.

A railway sleeper journey is more than just a convenient alternative to boring overnight flights or sleep-inducing coach services. The rhythmic movement of the train and the chance to watch the sun go down from the window add a touch of romanticism to a trip on a European night train. You can skip the long lines at the airport’s check-in counter, get up and move around at your leisure, and be transported directly to the center of your destination city.

The beds are nice and level, so you won’t come grouchy from a bad night’s sleep, and using a bus instead of driving will help reduce your carbon footprint.

From the most luxurious to the most practical, Europe offers a wide variety of vacation possibilities. Most services include economy seat carriages in addition to couchettes (seating that converts into sleeping berths) for six and cabins that can accommodate two to four persons. You can find the greatest overnight trains on this continent right here.

11 Best Luxury Sleeper Trains In Europe Right Now[2023 Ranking]

11. Paris To Venice – Luxury Smorgasbord

The last train on the list of best sleeper trains in Europe is the Luxury Smorgasbord. From one of Europe’s most romantic cities to another, traveling through the night and waking up in the morning in a different one. A typical evening on this itinerary includes an Italian- or French-inspired dinner followed by a cocktail hour and a hearty breakfast.

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10. London To Fort William – Shower On The Rails

Seeing the sun rising over the mountains from a sleeping car on the Caledonian sleeper train from London is an unforgettable experience. Take a quick shower in your accommodation and then have breakfast brought to your room. You will arrive in Fort William at about lunchtime.

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9. Trans-Siberian Railway, Moscow-Vladivostok

There is no way you talk about the best European sleeper train right now without a mention of the Trans-Siberian Railway. The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest in the world at over 9,000 kilometers. It is also widely considered the best railway in the world, and its name has come to symbolize the pinnacle of train journeys.

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From Moscow in the west to Vladivostok on the east coast of the Pacific, the line crosses a wide grassland, the Ural Mountains, and Lake Baikal, the world’s biggest freshwater lake.

It would take a week to make the entire trip in one sitting, but few people would pass up the opportunity to make pit stops along the way, whether to sample some Siberian cuisine or to take a little detour on the branch line into Mongolia.

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It is the main artery for Russians themselves, hence many trains travel this route. Most passengers purchase a spot in a four-berth sleeper, while some two-berth cabins are available.

A 15-day trip on the private Golden Eagle, a flagship luxury train with three cabin types (all en suite and for two people), plus a sumptuous bar and restaurant cars, is an excellent way to spend a substantial amount of money.

8. Balkan Explorer, Venice-Istanbul

Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, and Sofia are just a few of the historic cities you may visit on an 11-day train trip through nine nations.

Several nights will be spent in local hotels, but most of your trip will be spent on the luxurious Golden Eagle Danube Express.

There are two types of sleeper cabins available, deluxe (twin beds) and superior deluxe (king beds), both of which have living areas with wood paneling that may be transformed into bedrooms when the time comes.

Enjoy a night out on the town with a meal at the restaurant followed by a digestif in the Bar Lounge Car while listening to live piano music. A price tag befitting such an awe-inspiring luxury vacation is expected.

7. Nordland Railway, Trondheim-Bodo

In the winter, the Nordland Railway, Norway’s longest scenic railway, winds through snow-covered pine forests and looks like an alternative version of the Polar Express.

More than 10 hours and more than 700 kilometers separate the city of Trondheim from the town of Bodo, located above the Arctic Circle. Since the sun never goes down in the summer, visitors may take in the scenery of forests, lakes, mountains, and tundra at any hour of the day or night, and if they come between September and March, they can even catch a glimpse of the northern lights.

Modern, well-equipped, and featuring a respectable restaurant car, this service is among Europe’s most luxurious. There are second-class seats, a sink, and a double-occupancy bunk in each cabin (you must rent a full cabin, even if traveling alone) (which recline slightly and come with a complimentary blanket and pillow).

6. Santa Claus Express, Helsinki-Rovaniemi

This is the Santa Claus Express, a two-level train that takes 12 hours to go from Helsinki to the heart of Finland’s Lapland.

The majority of passengers disembark in Rovaniemi, Finland, where they can visit Santa Claus in his village and witness the midnight sun or the northern lights (depending on the time of year).

The upper deck cabins all have private toilets and can sleep two people. Lower deck cabins have shared bathrooms, but connecting rooms make them ideal for families. The cheapest option is a seat, and there is a restaurant car where you may buy food and drinks.

5. ÖBB Nightjet, Vienna-Paris

Two of Europe’s grandest and most romantic cities are connected by this itinerary, which also visits major cities like Salzburg and Munich. It departs Vienna in the late afternoon on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and arrives at the Gare de l’Est at a more reasonable time of 09.42 in the morning, allowing you plenty of time to discover a charming café for lunch.

Get a welcome drink, an evening snack, and an à la carte breakfast when you book a basic or deluxe sleeper compartment (single, double, or triple) with a basin or an en suite bathroom. There are also sitting carriages and couchettes that can sleep four or six people (both options share a restroom and serve a continental breakfast).

4. Night Riviera Sleeper, London-Penzance

The Night Riviera Sleeper travels between London Paddington and the West Country, taking passengers from the city’s bright lights to Cornwall’s beaches, fishing villages, and remote corners.

It takes a little more than eight hours to get from London to Penzance, from where you may walk to the famed St. Michael’s Mount.

You don’t have to get up with the lark because the return trains leave earlier in the evening and arrive in Paddington around 5 am, but cabin customers can stay on board until 6.45 am.

In 2018, the train received an upgrade that included the addition of chic lounge space with an art deco-style bar where passengers may purchase hot cuisine, snacks, and drinks. Bookings include breakfast, complimentary towels, and soap, and access to first-class lounges (with showers) at Paddington, Truro, and Penzance; cabins are available as either singles or twins; and washbasins are standard in each.

3. Night train to Sicily, Milan-Palermo

The third position in the ranking of best sleeper trains in European currently is the Milan-Palermo airline. Taking this option affords you the unique possibility of traveling by both rail and ship. The night train to Sicily leaves Milan in northern Italy at night and travels south through the darkness to reach its destination.

Enjoy breakfast in your cabin as you travel around the tip of Italy’s boot; later that morning, the train will be split into four groups, and each will be shuffled onto a ferry to bridge the Strait of Messina and arrive in Palermo late that afternoon.

Pick from one of the sleeping car’s one-, two-, or three-bed compartments (all equipped with sinks), or one of the car’s couchette-equipped four-berth compartments (which may be changed to seats during the day). The trip lasts for more than 20 hours, and there is no bar or restaurant car, so stock up at the boat café or bring enough food for the trip.

2. Venice Simplon Orient Express, London-Venice (via Paris)

Coming the second position on the best luxury sleeper train is the Venice Simplon Orient Express. It’s common knowledge that the Venice Simplon Orient Express is the most prestigious overnight train in the world. Being one of the few remaining chariots from the golden age of travel and immortalized in Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel, it has become a byword for the luxury of a bygone era.

Wood paneling and luxuriant curtains decorate the inside, while vintage lights and art deco mirrors evoke the Roaring Twenties. Cabin Suites has a pair of lounge chairs, while twin/single sleeping cabins feature banquettes that may be transformed into beds at night.

To really live it up, book one of the six Grand Suites, which come with marble bathrooms, butler service, and as much champagne as you can drink. Take the exclusive, luxurious Belmond British Pullman from London’s Victoria station to the Eurostar, and then change trains in Paris for the overnight Orient Express ride to Venice. Expect a four-course dinner with cocktails, followed by breakfast, a three-course lunch, and afternoon tea the next day, all served by liveried stewards.

1. Caledonian Sleeper, London-Scotland

The best sleeper train in Europe today is the Caledonian sleeper railway. A nighttime ride on the Caledonian Sleeper from London Euston to Scotland promises breathtaking views of Scotland’s majestic castles and rugged Highland landscapes, assuming the moon is in the right place.

Edinburgh and Glasgow may be reached by the Lowland Sleeper, while Aberdeen, Inverness, and Fort William are served by the Highland Sleeper. Caledonian Double (double bed; breakfast included), Club Room (twin bunks; breakfast included), Classic Room (twin bunks; shared bathroom), and Comfort Seats are all available options.

Guests of the Club Car can choose from a wide variety of traditional and modern dishes, with an emphasis on Scottish cuisine, and in the morning, they can have anything from porridge to a full, cooked Highland breakfast.

These modern trains provide amenities befitting the 21st century, such as room service, free sleep kits in each cabin, and Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire train.

European Sleeper Trains Map

European Sleeper Trains Map
European Sleeper Trains Map

What Is The Best Night Train In Europe?

Following are the best night train to book in Europe right now:

Caledonian Sleeper: London – Edinburgh.

Dovre Railway: Oslo – Trondheim.

The Night Riviera: London – Penzance.

Santa Claus Express (Helsinki – Rovaniemi)

Berlin Night Express: Berlin – Malmö …

Nightjet Italy: Vienna – Rome.

Swedish State Railways (SJ): Stockholm – Narvik.

Is There A Sleeper Train From Paris To Rome?

No! There are no sleeper trains you can take from Paris to Rome anymore, Thello’s Paris-Italy sleeper that was in operation before ceased in 2020 and will not resume.

Do Night Trains In Europe Have Showers?

Yes! The mattresses are more luxurious, there is a private bathroom, and even a shower is available in some suites. There are typically 1-4 beds in a sleeping compartment. If your party doesn’t use every bed in a sleeping compartment, the extra beds will be made available to other passengers.

What Is The Difference Between Couchette And Sleeper?

You can get sleepers for one, two, or three people, each with their own bed, sink, towels, and sheets. Couchettes are inexpensive overnight accommodations that can sleep up to six people on bunk beds.

Are Sleeper Trains Comfortable?

Yes! This is only possible if you book a Private Sleepers. Compared to couchettes, these sleeper compartments are a luxury, but they are also more expensive. Prices for shared spaces with two or three occupants range from $40 to $150

Is There A Sleeper Train From Paris To Milan?

Yes! Thello operates a night train (sleeper) from Paris Gare de Lyon to Milan Central Station every day at 19:15, taking 10 hours and 45 minutes to make the trip. Reservations for overnight rides on the SNCF, TGV, and Thello can be made quickly and easily using their website and mobile app.

Do Sleeper Trains Have Toilets?

Yes! There is a restroom with a stall available in each seated carriage. Accessible rooms have a private bathroom with a roll-in shower or a low vanity. Guests staying in other rooms (those not equipped with accessible features) have access to either shared bathrooms or private en suite bathrooms.

Is There A Sleeper Train From Paris To Munich?

No! There isn’t a night train between Paris and Munich, thus the best choice is the City Night Line from Amsterdam to Munich. The high-speed Thalys train connects Paris and Amsterdam with minimal transfer times.

Is There A Night Train From Amsterdam To Munich?

Yes! Traveling by luxurious sleeper train is an alternative. Nightly, in both directions, Austrian Railways BB operates a sleeper train called the NightJet between Amsterdam and Munich. After leaving Amsterdam, the train travels through Utrecht, Arnhem, Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Frankfurt.

Is There A Sleeper Train From Vienna To Berlin?

Yes! From Vienna to Berlin, the “BB night jet” overnight train NJ456 takes 11:30 hours. Prices for rail tickets start at 29 Euros. Getting there via train involves a detour through Wrocaw.

Is There A Sleeper Train From Brussels To Berlin?

Yes! Belgium’s Moonlight Express has planned an April 2022 debut for a 12- to 13-hour overnight train service between Brussels, Liège, and Berlin.


Throughout Europe, you may take your pick among a variety of high-end overnight train itineraries. Envision yourself boarding the train late in the day, handing the car attendant your carry-on bags. At first, you sip cocktails in the lounge car as the sun sets behind you.

Then, picture yourself enjoying a sumptuous meal by candlelight as the train chugs along, the beautiful Alps visible through the window.

After enjoying a nightcap and a sweet treat, you can return to your suite, which has been turned down for you.

Put on the robe and slippers provided, snack on the chocolate that was left on your pillow, and get comfortable. Then, get into the plushest beds possible and let the train’s rocking motion lull you to sleep as it rumbles along.

Get some sleep so you can see the sunrise. Stretch out and grab a menu without leaving your bed. Have breakfast delivered to your compartment and take in the sights without leaving the train.

Arrive at your destination well-rested, clean, and fed, preferably before lunchtime. Taking a train equipped with the same comforts as a hotel would be a great way to see the sights while relaxing in style. Above are 11 suggested routes for taking a luxury sleeper train in Europe to get your creative juices flowing.