Cheapest Airlines To Fly To London in 2023 [Top 5 Reviewed]

The cheapest airline to fly to London is Norwegian Air International. To maximize your time in London, you may want to look for the cheapest flights possible, so that you can spend more time at the city’s best pubs, restaurants, galleries, and museums.

To be fair, London is a pricey place to live and visit. As a consequence, tourists on a tight budget may be more eager to arrive, having done their best to save money.

Hundreds of inexpensive airlines fly into London from all over the world, but we’ve narrowed it down to the finest.

Top Cheapest Airlines To Fly To London In 2023

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Cheapest Airlines In The World 2022

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Top 5 Best Budget Airlines To Fly To London in 2023

So the following are the cheapest airlines to fly to London

  1. Norwegian Air International

Norwegian Air International
Norwegian Air International

Since 2014, Norwegian Air International has been operating as a low-cost airline. Although flights from the United States are no longer available, London may still be reached from a number of less distant locations, such as Israel, Italy, Poland, Sweden, France, Iceland, and Spain.

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Because prices fluctuate so often, it’s hard to estimate how much they cost. The one thing we can tell you is that all planes arrive at London Gatwick airport.

  1. American Airlines

American Airlines
American Airlines

Another cheapest airline to fly to London is the American airline. A number of US cities, including Washington DC, New York (JFK), Boston, and San Diego are served by United Airlines, a major American airline. In addition to the economy, business, and first-class options, flights arrive at London Heathrow Airport.

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  1. Finnair

Finnair flies to London from Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. You may also travel to London from Helsinki. The company’s headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, which serves as both a local and international hub. As one of the world’s first airlines, it was originally called Aero when it was founded in 1923.

A first-class option is available on certain flights, while economy, premium economy, and business class seats are available on other routes.

  1. Lufthansa

German airline Lufthansa has been in business since the early 1950s. For more than six decades, this airline has learned from its failures and ensured that the service it provides is nothing short of excellent (you might even get some freebies like a hot towel or face mask).

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One of the few European airlines that flies to virtually every country in the globe, with over 193 foreign destinations (not including flights to towns inside Europe) on offer.

  1. Cathay Pacific

When flying with this international airline, you can be certain that you’ll get top-notch service. Full-length beds come with 600-thread-count linens, plush pillows, and a pillow mist to help you drift off to sleep.

You may be confident that you will arrive in London rested and ready to experience the attractions. With privacy doors, in-seat electricity, and complimentary WiFi, the first-class suites may also be set up as a working place.

Things To Keep In Mind While Traveling To London

Allow yourself some leeway when it comes to your travel plans. Being flexible increases your chances of securing a better price. Similarly, if you live in a large city with many airports, you should be willing to travel from any of them. Flying out of one airport and returning to another might save you money on certain flights.

Furthermore, flying throughout the week is usually less expensive than doing so on the weekends. You’ll save money on your flights if you can work around them with your Monday-Friday work schedule.

Off-season travel is the same. Consider traveling to London in the winter instead of late spring or summer when everyone else is there. Just bring a thick coat and an umbrella with you. This country’s weather is typically unpredictable! The London winters will be a breeze, though, if you’re acclimated to the cooler weather of your own country.

Alternatively, you may want to explore flying non-directly. There are other European hubs, like Frankfurt, Dublin, Paris, and Amsterdam where you might change. Consider that you don’t care about making it to London by a certain time or that you don’t mind spending some time at another European airport.

As a result, you may be able to get a better deal on your flight. It’s possible to extend your European vacation by spending a few days in the city where you’ll be changing planes.

Finally, keep in mind that the price you see upfront will never be the amount you pay. Budget airlines have a bad reputation for tacking on unnecessary fees and surcharges. Checking in baggage, bringing a carry-on bag, paying to seat together if you’re traveling in a group, and so on are all important considerations.

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Best Airline For Points And Miles To Fly To London

Isn’t it nice to be given a prize for just traveling to London with an airline? By doing so, you may cut the cost of your next trip and/or upgrade from economy to business or first class.

American Airlines, with its AAdvantage reward program, is a well-liked option. The airline was about to mark the 40th anniversary of its loyalty program at the time of this writing. It was founded in 1981 and presently has more than 67 million users in over 100 countries.

Several US locations, including Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York JFK Airport, provide non-stop flights to London Heathrow Airport for visitors planning to arrive there.

In the United Kingdom, British Airways is an excellent option. You might begin by learning that American Airlines, as well as Qantas and Cathay Pacific, are all partners. There are a number of airlines that you may transfer your points to.

British Airways flies to all of the London airports listed at the outset of this assessment. Edinburgh, Paris, and Amsterdam are just a few of the departure points for flights to and from the continents of Africa and North America.

List Of Airports In London

In London there are four main airports you can fly into and from and they are as follow:

  1. City Airport

City Airport is the only international, inner-city airport in London. Most of the people that fly in and out of here come from nearby European cities including Frankfurt, Belfast, and Amsterdam, among others. In addition to domestic flights inside the United States, City Airport offers connections to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

2. London Heathrow

London Heathrow Airport, the capital’s busiest airport, is located west of the city and serves domestic and international flights. It now has five terminals, the newest of which is Terminal 5.

All across the world, passengers arrive from 180 different countries and 90 different airlines!

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3. Gatwick Airport in London

If you want to be precise, this airport is located in Sussex, a nearby county. However, it is still regarded as a London airport and is one of the most popular airports to travel out of when flying internationally. Inbound and outbound flights arrive here from Europe, the Middle East, and select American airports.

4. Stansted Airport

Again, this smaller airport is located in Essex, rather than London, so it’s not officially part of the capital city. All around Europe and the rest of the world you may fly to this city and get here by car, train or bus.


So, if you are planning your next trip to London on a tight budget, then here is the perfect options for you. You can check our list of contents on important information to travel to London. So, if there is any airline we are missing here, kindly drop it via the comment section.