10 Best Airlines To Fly To Hawaii In 2023 [Pros And Cons]

When it comes to planning a trip to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, choosing the right airline can make all the difference in your travel experience. With an array of options available, selecting an airline that provides exceptional service, comfort, and value is key.

In this article, we present the 10 best airlines to fly to Hawaii based on factors such as customer satisfaction, onboard amenities, reliability, and overall reputation. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious journey or a budget-friendly adventure, join us as we explore the top airline choices that will ensure a smooth and enjoyable flight to the breathtaking islands of Hawaii.

1. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo airplane at San Jose airport (SJC) in California.
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The Best First Class and Business Class on numerous domestic flights to North America are offered by Hawaiian Airlines in a flat-bed configuration. These items are identical to one another. In order to be consistent with other American Airlines, the domestic lie-flat is renamed “First Class” on domestic flights rather than “First Class.”

Although it isn’t the finest, Hawaiian Airlines is typically the best airline to fly to Hawaii.

Hawaiian Airline Features

The greatest First Class seat on any Hawaiian airline is on ANA, but for those whose voyage does not begin or conclude in Japan, this option is out of the question.

First Class on Hawaiian Airlines’ Airbus A330 aircraft features a new premium lie-flat seat and an enhanced interior, which I experienced on a flight from Honolulu, Hawaii, to San Francisco, California.

Best Airport Lounge

Honolulu International Airport has two lounges operated by Hawaiian Airlines prior to departure. Passengers traveling in Business Class to one of Hawaiian’s foreign destinations, or those who have the unlimited Priority Pass, can use the Plumeria Lounge at the airport’s 3rd level of Terminal 1 (the Inter-Island Terminal) for free.

First, you’ll be able to use Hawaiian’s Premier Club lounge, which is the least luxurious of the two.

Both airport lounges have a similar appearance and feel, and neither one is very pleasant. Sandwiches, soup, and packaged snacks are available at the Plumeria Lounge. Soft drinks, wine, coffee, and, of course, guava juice were all on the menu. In the back of the lounge, you’ll find the restrooms; however, there are no showers.

Hawaiian Airlines Premier Club lounge, located near gate 56 in Honolulu’s Inter-Island Terminal, is open to First Class passengers traveling domestically.

There are no windows or seating places in the Premier Club, which is just another term for an uninviting, contemporary-decorated space. Before returning to the mainland in First Class on Hawaiian Airlines, we checked out the lounge.

The free Wi-Fi and modest buffet station with soft drinks, coffee, and tea (but no alcohol or distilled beverages) are the primary draws of the lounge. In the absence of a need for internet or beverages, it is preferable to take advantage of the airport’s open-air walkways and gaze out at the apron and runways.

Hawaiian Airlines now flies to Asia, Oceania, and the United States mainland using a combination of long-haul planes. The 24 Airbus A330-200s that Hawaiian Airlines now flies have been the backbone of the airline’s fleet since 2010.

A 2-2-2 arrangement with lie-flat chairs is available in Hawaiian Airlines’ business class. The bed’s length is 76 inches (193 centimeters), and the seat is 20.5 inches (51 centimeters) long (52 centimeters).

Brown and blue are used to depict Hawaii’s wealth of land, sea, and sky. While the 2-2-2 arrangement is not suited for lone business passengers, this configuration is ideal for the carrier’s recreational visitors. Couples, families, and honeymooners make up the majority of Hawaiian Airlines’ premium passengers.

Best First ClassFlights to Hawaii

The interior of the first-class cabin is sleek and contemporary, with a combination of organic curves and luxurious leather. Natural reed privacy dividers set in resin and a ‘constellation panel’ at the back of the premium cabin are just a few of the design features that pay homage to the island’s natural colors and shapes.

With curved lines mimicking Hawaii’s ocean waves, the premium cabin seats are placed in their own shells and are slightly tilted towards the window or aisle. Companions can enjoy the journey together despite the lack of privacy in their seats. However, if you are flying alone and sitting next to a stranger, a divider screen between the two seats can be erected.

When you move around, your feet won’t fall off the footrest because of the little ottoman in front of you. Poltrona Frau is a well-known Italian furniture-making firm situated in Tolentino, with clients such as Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati.

The leather used for both the seat and the ottoman is of the highest quality. To hide the tray table, two seats share an armrest, and an adjustable in-seat arm is utilized to secure a large-screen tablet in place (distributed by the crew shortly after takeoff).

An adjustable reclining wheel in the armrest allows you to fine-tune the amount of recline. There are two USB ports and full AC power. Only the first row of seats in the premium cabin is less than ideal for couples and groups of friends. Since Hawaiian Airlines flights are frequently overbooked, it’s a good idea to reserve your seat in advance online (it’s free).

Domestic flights

Domestic flights do not provide an amenity package. Only a blanket and a pillow are provided for First (Business) Class travelers. After takeoff, the crew hands out noise-canceling headphones (and collected them again before landing).

Amenity packs containing a variety of relaxing goods, such as hand and body balm, lip balm, hydrating mist and dental kit, a bamboo comb, and amusing slippers, are available on Hawaiian’s overseas flights. You’ll find an eye mask, a luxurious mattress pad, and a cushion in this package.

Trip lunch was given shortly after takeoff on this afternoon flight. Guests were given a heated towel, menus, and an aperitif of salted macadamia nuts as they began their meal service.

On the following domestic flights, Hawaiian Airlines provides lie-flat seats due to the new Airbus A330’s 2-2-2 seat layout. On their website, Hawaiian Airlines provides up-to-date information on the A330 premium cabin’s current itineraries, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

  • New York (JFK) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • Seattle, Washington (SEA) And Maui – Kahului, HI (OGG)
  • Los Angeles, California (LAX) And Maui – Kahului, HI (OGG)
  • San Francisco, California (SFO) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • Seattle, Washington (SEA) And Maui – Kahului, HI (OGG)
  • Boston Logan (BOS) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • Los Angeles, California (LAX) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • San Diego, California (SAN) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)
  • San Francisco, California (SFO) And Maui – Kahului, HI (OGG)
  • Seattle, Washington (SEA) And Oahu – Honolulu, HI (HNL)

2. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Boeing 777-300 on final approach to O'Hare International Airport.
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For those traveling through Honolulu airport, the ANA lounge offers a luxurious setting with a wide range of amenities, including free WiFi and a delicious food menu. It’s a place to begin your journey back home.

Star Alliance Gold members (with one additional guest) and those traveling First, Business, and Premium Economy on ANA are eligible for entrance to this exclusive lounge. It can be found on Terminal 2’s third floor, just above Gate C4.

A large oak bar dominates the bar area of this cream-colored pub. Rattan sofas and cafe-style seats fill the space, and there are a lot of plants to give it a more outside feel. Massive windows line one side of the lounge’s curving wall, providing a view of the aircraft below.

Features Of ANA

From the Honolulu ANA lounge, you may access the jetbridge straight to board your flight, saving time and hassle. It is a bit of a walk from most United gates, but if the lounge is open when you are departing, it is worth the journey. The store is open from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily.

To and from Honolulu, the finest seats are all on ANA. The Japan-Hawaii route is served only by All Nippon Airways’ fleet of three A380s. Sea turtle-themed liveries have been applied to all of them. With just eight seats, the A380 First Class cabin is a special area on the top deck that has wallpaper patterned with stars.

There are two rows of 1-2-1 seats, with a long galley separating them from the Business Class section. Passengers like the seclusion provided by the individual doors on each seat. Wide tables, extra reading lamps, and a cabinet are included in every First Class seat’s 32-inch LCD widescreen TV. Between the middle seats, a divider screen may be adjusted.

Images and lighting within the cabin are meant to evoke the Hawaiian landscape, including sunrises, starry skies, and rainbows. First Class passengers get access to a minibar located in the front of the aircraft. Without a doubt, this is the finest option to get to Hawaii by air. If you’re not originally from Japan, this route may not be the best option for you!

Business Class Flights to Hawaii

Even the Business Class service offered by ANA is excellent. Honeymooners and families flock to fly ANA’s Business Class cabins. Seats in the new Business Class are arranged in a 1-2-1 pattern, which allows passengers to sit side by side while still having easy access to the aisle. This is a significant improvement over previous Business Class configurations that had seats staggered.

Each seat has direct aisle access, an 18-inch TV, as well as a power plug, and USB connections. However, if you’re going to Hawaii in Business Class, you’ll want to avoid the middle seats since they’re so near to one another that you could end yourself sharing a seat with your neighbor. If you’re flying solo, the center seats are the worst of the bunch.

The window seats with easy access to the aisle, in my opinion, are the finest choices for flying. When I fly, I like to be near my wife and children, but who doesn’t enjoy staring out the window?

To accommodate all three of us, we’d want three single window seats, one behind the other. The flatbed seat in this Business Class cabin has easy access to the aisle, and the cabin itself is well-built. So what else is there to ask for?

The FLYING HONUs have 73 seats instead of the typical 20 in Premium Economy on other ANA planes, allowing more customers to enjoy the premium amenities. Seats are arranged in a 2-3-2 layout, with a 38-inch seat pitch and a leg rest in each one. The televisions have a diagonal display size of 15.6 inches (except the first row, which gets an 11.6-inch screen).

3. Qantas

Qantas 747-400 plane
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When it comes to flying, Qantas is regarded as the safest airline in the world. Qantas has never experienced a tragic crash. When Dustin Hoffman refused to fly on any other airline, it was because “Qantas Never Crash” was emblazoned on their planes.

From Australia to Honolulu, you may fly with Qantas; however, there is no First Class service. One of the top First Class airlines in the world is Qantas. When departing from Honolulu on a Hawaiian Airlines business class flight, you’ll be able to use their Honolulu airport lounge.

Airport Lounge

The Qantas Club airline lounge can be found on the Airside level of Terminal 1 (T1). All Oneworld airline business class customers, including Emerald and Sapphire Oneworld members traveling Qantas or any Oneworld flight, can use it, and they can bring a guest with them.

Members of Qantas Club, Qantas Gold, Platinum, and Platinum One, as well as Qantas and Jetstar’s Business Class, are also entitled to complimentary entry (plus a guest).

Small and rectangular, this lounge has a dismal, outdated look to it, with flat-screen TVs adorning the walls. The food is also really bad. Everything from muesli to sandwiches to fruit to cookies to bread to cheese. Due to the lack of machines, the only options for beverages are plunging coffee, as well as other non-alcoholic beverages, including soft drinks, tea, and water.

This is a terrible lounge that is only worth visiting if you need a fast sandwich before moving on to another part of the airport because of the unique outdoor settings. A better option for Oneworld Sapphire and Emerald level holders is the Admirals Club on American Airlines and Japan Airlines.

There are also some excellent Qantas Business Class options that have lie-flat chairs and excellent meals. There’s nothing you can do wrong, even if it isn’t the finest option out there

4. Japan Airlines

Planes from Japan Airlines (JL) at the Tokyo Narita Airport (NRT).
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During my trips to and from Tokyo, I have flown Japan Airlines’ Business Class. It was during a stopover in Tokyo on Japan Airlines in their JAL Sky Suites Bangkok to Tokyo that I had my final trip in JAL Business Class with them. Hopefully, my experience will give you an idea of what their Business Class service is like.

Fly with Comfort

Seat 12K in Business Class, a JAL Sky Suites, was the right window seat in the last row of my Boeing 777-300’s four-class arrangement. The seat had a 74-inch pitch, was 25.5 inches broad, and could recline into a flatbed. Besides a new table under my TV display, I didn’t notice any other differences. A trapezoid was used instead of a rectangle.

SONY noise-canceling headphones and an amenity pack were waiting for me on the seat. Other goods included tissues and a moisturizing facemask that was more uncommon than the customary supplies, such as earplugs, dental kit, lip balm, and tissues.

After boarding and prior to takeoff, passengers may expect to get a complimentary beverage and a warm towel from Japan Airlines. A few minutes before sunset, we took to the skies. As a result of the significant time difference, this was a long journey with only a single main dinner service.

With Japan Airlines, you could choose between a Western-style dinner or a traditional one. Of course, they also provided a list of products that you could order at any moment.

For supper, I opted for a grilled squid appetizer with couscous and a Wagyu sirloin steak as the main course. Overall, the meal was excellent, however, serving Wagyu steak in the air is not the ideal way to taste this wonderful meat.

Some television shows were on while I was eating and then again after I had finished my meal, but I decided to take asleep after about an hour. As an extra perk, JAL is providing its passengers with a soft mattress to place on their seats for the duration of the journey. When I finally woke up, there were just 2 hours till the plane was due to arrive.

The anytime menu sounded good, and I was in the mood for some food. Soba noodle bowl with French coconut curry shrimp The presentation of the shrimp was just as depicted on the menu. It was also quite tasty. ‘ The soba noodles, on the other hand, were both cozy and balanced.

We got to New York City at 6:00 p.m., and I continued to watch movies on the plane until we landed. As a whole, the journey was excellent, and I would gladly fly with JAL again for an overnight journey!

5. Air Canada

Air Canada Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner airplane at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) in Germany.
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There is no foreign First Class service on Air Canada’s new Business Class Executive Pod flights. The Air Canada Boeing 787 Dreamliner and selected Boeing 777 aircraft include the Executive Pod. If you’re flying internationally, you’re more likely to encounter the “Classic Pod,” which is less luxurious than the Executive Pod.

During the summer months, Air Canada flies from Toronto to Honolulu with the company’s cutting-edge Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. With Air Canada’s new Signature cabin, customers flying between Toronto and Hawaii will be able to enjoy completely lie-flat suites, chef David Hawksworth-prepared meals, and other perks.

Nonstop flights to Hawaii From Eastern Canada

Because no other airline flies nonstop from Eastern Canada to Hawaii on the Dreamliner, only Air Canada can provide this luxury. Air Canada Signature Class, Premium Economy, and Economy are all available on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Air Canada’s extensive network in North America and Europe will make it easy to get from one destination to another. Air Canada passengers may also earn and spend Aeroplan Miles through Canada’s most popular loyalty program, and qualified customers can enjoy priority check-in, Maple Leaf Lounges, priority boarding, and other perks.

Access to Select Airport Concierge Services

Access to select airport concierge services, quicker check-in, security clearance, and priority baggage handling are just some of the perks that users of Air Canada’s Signature Service get. Toronto-Pearson and Honolulu airport lounge access is also included in the new service.

Flight attendants will be able to serve passengers Hawksworth menu items as well as a wine selection selected by Air Canada sommelier Véronique Rivest, as well as espresso and cappuccino made by Lavazza.

Those in the front cabin of the Dreamliner get the finest view. Rows 1-6 are the best for me because they have windows; however, row 7 is too near to the restrooms and may be affected by passing traffic. Back in the main cabin, you’re closer to the Premium Economy cabin’s smaller size, and the Premium Economy bassinet seats behind row 11. The worst seats in this Business Class cabin are here.

Pillows and blankets are provided for each of these seats. With a 53cm broad, 203.2cm long, lie-flat bed, the seat is excellent for sleeping on. Head and neck massages can also be activated by a button on the seat. There’s also a ton of storage space and power outlets, so your gadget won’t die.

Delicacies for Flyers

Drappier champagne with almonds is served as a traditional welcome drink upon boarding.

Among the International Business Class menu items offered by Air Canada are chicken biryani, Thai green curry, and a Moroccan tagine, all of which originate in foreign cultures. Asian-inspired cuisine is common on Asian flights, and while flying to Tokyo, expect to see noodle soups, dim sum, and classic Chinese and Korean dishes.

Smoked salmon and cream-sauce-couscous were served as the main course on my most recent journey with Air Canada. My main course was an excellent Alberta beef tenderloin (the Air Canada meat is always a safe bet), followed by a cheese plate and a dessert.

When it comes to pairing your meal with wine, Air Canada now carries Champagne Drappier Carte d’Or Brut, Vineland Estates Select, Niagara Peninsula (Canada), Jurtschitsch Grüner Veltliner Terrassen, Kamptal (Austrian), Vini Be Good Les Athletes du Vin Pinot Noir, Touraine (France) (Portugal).

Escents lip balm and hand lotion are presently included in the Air Canada amenity kit, along with the standard dental kit, earplugs, eye mask, and socks. This isn’t very remarkable. If you’re flying from Vancouver to Honolulu or Maui, you won’t be able to enjoy these lie-flat seats, alas.

6. American Airlines

American Airlines Airbus A319 aircraft taxiing along the runway upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California USA
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Chicago O’Hare, and Phoenix all have lie-flat seats on American Airlines to Hawaii, but Los Angeles doesn’t appear to have any. As it turns out, no other airline provides first-class seats with amenity packages or lie-flat beds, and American’s service is really mediocre at best.

A 1-2-1 flatbed seat layout is available on some flights from Phoenix to Honolulu (HNL) on the Airbus A330-300, while recliner seats are available on select flights on the Boeing 757-200.

The majority of American Airlines domestic flights depart from Los Angeles on Airbus A321s outfitted with large-screen seat-back entertainment systems. International long-haul widebody planes operated by American Airlines occasionally fly Hawaii routes from LAX, providing guests with the option of lying flat and having direct aisle access to the aircraft’s interior.

Trying to find out if your preferred airline offers lie-flat seats might be difficult. Look at the online seat map, but if there is a 1-2-1 seat arrangement, then you have a strong probability of getting lie-flat seats on your flight.

7. Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet taking off from Los Angeles International Airport.
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All of these cities are serviced by Delta’s Honolulu flights: Atlanta, Minneapolis, New York-JFK, Portland, Salt Lake City (SLC), San Francisco, and Seattle.

From Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City, Delta’s Airbus A330-300, configured for international Business Class, flies nonstop to Honolulu (Honolulu International Airport) regularly with lie-flat First Class seats. They also operate a seasonal service on a Boeing 767-300 with a lie-flat seat connecting Salt Lake City (SLC) with Maui (OGG).

Unfortunately, they still use their aging Boeing 737-900ER, 767, and 757 aircraft off of the West Coast. No lie-flat seating is available on this aircraft since it is old and scruffy. Between LAX and HNL, it’s possible to get a flight using Delta’s Delta One lie-flat product every now and again. There are multiple flights a day from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL); however, only one trip on the Boeing 767-300 has a flatbed.

There is a bed indicator in the search results for Delta flights with lie-flat seats, making it simple to locate these types of trips.

8. United Airlines

United Airlines Boeing 737-990 aircraft taxiing along the runway at Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, California USA
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you’re flying to Hawaii from Newark, Washington, Chicago O’Hare, Denver, or Houston, you can expect United First Class lie-flat seats from those airports to Honolulu (HNL). The Boeing 767-400ER widebody with the airline’s upgraded BusinessFirst international cabin with totally flat seats is typically used on these trips. Both the Boeing 767-300 and the Boeing 777-200 have a 2-1-2 seat layout; hence they might possibly be on the Boeing 767-300.

You may expect to travel domestically in first class on Boeing 737 aircraft from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Seat-back entertainment is not available on United Airlines flights on this route. Occasionally, United flies from San Francisco to Hawaii with lie-flat seats on a few chosen flights, but you should double-check the seating chart to make sure.

Honolulu, Hawaii (HNL) to San Francisco (SFO) flight is the best option (HNL). Boeing 777-200s flying this route for United Airlines feature lie-flat seats. Even though United flies from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL) many times daily, the Boeing 777-200 it uses only has one trip per day with lie-flat seats.

9. Qatar Airways

airplane of Qatar Airways above the Frankfurt airport on February 25,2016 in Frankfurt,Germany.Qatar Airways is the national airline of Qatar, based in Doha.
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As with Emirates, Qatar Airways prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, supported by a substantial financial commitment from the oil-rich Arabian Peninsula.

When I traveled with Qatar once, I was blown away by the attention to detail, from the heated towels before and after meals to the on-demand snacks and beverages to the state-of-the-art entertainment systems with built-in charging stations.

Even more unexpected is that they’re really cheaper than the typical European and American carriers.

One of the best things is that you may take advantage of their direct flights to several European capitals from major US airports. Isn’t that interesting to know

10. Alaska Airlines

An Alaska Airlines Embraer E175LR, with identification N637QX landing at Edmonton International Airport
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Alaska Airlines flies to Hawaii from eight West Coast cities: Anchorage, Bellingham, Oakland, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose, and Seattle. All four Hawaiian Islands are accessible with these flights: Hawaii (the Big Island, Kauai), Maui, and Oahu.

Alaska Airlines’ service and in-flight cuisine are superior to that of other American airlines. On the menu from the West Coast to Hawaii, you’ll find an appetizer and two meals to choose from. In most cases, it’s either pork or chicken, and from what we’ve heard, it’s also really tasty. Dessert, usually ice cream, is served after the main dish. You won’t be disappointed with this ice cream.

As an Alaska Airlines passenger, you’ll receive a complimentary orchid on your meal tray.

However, digEplayer rentals for economy class passengers and complimentary digEplayers for first-class customers are available on all Alaska Airlines flights.

In their First Class cabins, Alaska, Southwest, and Sun Country do not include lie-flat seats.

For this reason, it’s important to double-check the aircraft type before making a reservation, as the lie-flat experience varies widely across different planes. I hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision, but you should always inspect the aircraft before making a reservation.

Best Airlines To Fly To Hawaii

couple on the beach in hawaii
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Maridav

When it comes to flying to the captivating islands of Hawaii, the choice of airline can significantly impact your travel experience. The 10 best airlines to fly to Hawaii we have explored have proven themselves as exceptional options for a journey to this tropical paradise.

With their commitment to customer satisfaction, reliable service, and comfortable amenities, these airlines offer an elevated travel experience that will make your trip to Hawaii truly memorable.