10 Best Airlines To Fly To London In 2023 [Budget-Friendly]

American airline is the best airline to fly to London if you are coming from any state in America. But if you are planning to travel from any part of the world to London, then Qatar Airlines is the best to fly with.

The capital of England, London is one of the world’s most famous cities. It’s so popular that about 22 million people came to see it in 2021. Yes, we’re talking about London here. A metropolis brimming with energy, diversity, and all of the above.

It’s true that getting there is the most difficult part. The top airlines to travel to London are on this list, so let’s have a look. Let’s get right to it, as there’s a lot to discuss!

Best Airline to Fly To England In 2023

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Top 10 Best Airlines To Fly To London In 2023

  1. American Airline

American Airlines
American Airlines

Inevitably, an American carrier will be the most convenient option for travelers traveling from the US to any part of Europe, it is also one of the best options to fly to London from any part of the world. American Airlines is the finest option if you are going from the United States to Europe.

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Even though they aren’t the safest airline in the world, they have not suffered an accident in the previous 15 years and have not had a fatality since the 9/11 tragedy. There were some minor problems, but no passengers or crew members were killed or badly hurt.

A complete list of their locations is available on their website, which has a map of all of their destinations.

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The Baggage Policy of American Airlines

Depending on the class of travel, this airline has varying luggage policies. Basic Economy passengers are only permitted to bring one personal item onboard.

Size in Centimeters (CM): 45 x 35 x 20 cm

56 x 36 x 23 cm is the maximum carry-on size.

A carry-on bag and a personal item are permitted for passengers of all other classes.

When it comes to checked luggage, things get a little more confusing. It’s best to go through it all because there are various restrictions for different nations and different types of passengers. Checking three bags may not cost you a price at some airports, while at others you will be charged for the second bag.

Transatlantic flights (i.e. flights from the United States to Europe) usually include free checked baggage (unless you are flying Basic Economy). There is a second bag that costs $100, a third that costs $200, and so forth. In addition, you must not exceed the weight restrictions imposed by your class, which are 23 kilograms for Economy (Premium Economy and Main Cabin) and 32 kilograms for Business and First Class.

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  1. British Airways

British Airways
British Airways

This is another option to fly to London with a trip full of luxury and the best onboard experiences. The flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom is British Airways. Near Heathrow Airport in London, the company’s headquarters are located. After easyJet, the airline is the second biggest UK-based carrier in terms of both fleet size and passenger traffic.

  1. Norwegian Air International

Norwegian Air International
Norwegian Air International

If you are on a tight budget, then you should consider traveling by Norwegian Air to London. To maximize your time in London, you may want to look for the cheapest flights possible, so that you can spend more time at the city’s best pubs, galleries, restaurants, and museums. Norwegian Airline is one of the cheapest, budget-friendly flying companies you can fly to London.

To be fair, London is a pricey place to live and visit. As a consequence, tourists on a tight budget may be more eager to arrive, having done their best to save money.

Hundreds of inexpensive airlines fly into London from all over the world, but we’ve narrowed it down to the finest.

  1. Finnair

Finnair has flights to London from Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC. Helsinki, Finland, is home to the corporate headquarters of this local and international airline. It’s one of the world’s oldest airlines, having been founded in 1923 under the name “Aero.”

A first-class option is available on certain flights, while the economy, premium economy, and business class seats are available on other routes.

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  1. Lufthansa

German airline Lufthansa has been in business since the early 1950s. For more than six decades, this airline has learned from its failures and ensured that the service it provides is nothing short of excellent (you might even get some freebies like a hot towel or face mask).

One of the few European airlines that flies to virtually every country in the globe, with over 193 foreign destinations (not including flights to towns inside Europe) on offer.

This is one of the coolest things about Lufthansa: Since 1993, they haven’t had a tragic accident, even though they are owned by Lufthansa.

According to the most reliable European airline rankings, Lufthansa is the safest option on the continent and the safest European airline to travel with.

Here are countries you can fly to using Lufthansa Airlines outside London:

  • United States
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Morocco
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • India

The Baggage Policy of Lufthansa

Carry-on baggage (up to 8 kg or 17 lb) is complimentary for passengers flying in Economy or Lufthansa Premium Economy. In First and Business Class, you are permitted to bring two complementary pieces of baggage.

The maximum carry-on dimensions are 55 x 40 x 23 inches.

The restrictions for checked luggage vary slightly.

There is a limit of one checked bag per passenger in Economy Class (up to 23 kilos/50 lbs). Two of these pieces of baggage are allowed in Economy Premium Class and Business Class, while three are permitted in First Class! Aside from that, you’ll have to pay more if your checked luggage weighs more than the permitted 50 lb. weight limit.

If you’re coming from North America, you might want to choose the Economy Light class. To put it another way, this class provides the lowest airfares from the United States and Canada to Europe, but with the restriction of one piece of free carry-on baggage. To check even single bigger luggage, you’ll have to fork up roughly EUR 23 ($28).

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  1. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways prides itself on providing exceptional customer service, supported by a substantial financial commitment from the oil-rich Arabian Peninsula.

When I traveled with Qatar once, I was blown away by the attention to detail, from the heated towels before and after meals to the on-demand snacks and beverages to the state-of-the-art entertainment systems with built-in charging stations.

Even more unexpected is that they’re really cheaper than the typical European and American carriers.

One of the best things is that you may take advantage of their direct flights to several European capitals from major US airports. Isn’t that interesting to know? So, some of the countries Qatar airlines flies to in Europe countries include:

Many of these travelers are headed to countries all around Europe, especially Eastern Europe. Some of their destination included:

  • London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Barcelona & Madrid, Spain
  • Paris, France
  • Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and more

Luggage rules for passengers In Qatar Airways

If you’re traveling from the United States, Qatar Airways’ baggage policies are identical to those of most other airlines, and they’re really pretty liberal. If you’re from the United States, Canada, or Africa, you’ll get two 23kg/50lb pieces of carry-on luggage instead of the customary 25kg/55lb for Economy check-in outside the Americas.

There can only be one piece of hand baggage, which is restricted to a weight of 7kg/15lb.

  1. Turkish Airlines

Another best airline to fly to London or any European country is Turkish Airlines. Nearly two-thirds of their routes go to European and British locations. As a result, they have been named Europe’s Best Airline six times in a row.

Here are countries you can fly to using Turkish Airlines:

  • British Countries
  • Japan
  • South Africa
  • United States
  • South America
  • India
  • China
  • The Middle East

Australasia and New Zealand have no direct flights to Europe. In any case, you may check out their locations on their official website.

The Baggage Policy of Turkish Airlines

There is no First Class on this airline, only Economy and Business Class!

As a result, the regulations governing checked luggage are simpler and less complex. Most of their luggage limitations are based on where you’re going, so keep that in mind as well! The luggage kilo idea is used by certain airlines, whereas the baggage piece concept is used by others. Choose the one that permits you to bring more luggage.

In economy class, you may bring one carry-on bag, whereas in business class, you can bring two. To the extent that they aren’t more than 8 kilograms in weight.

Size: 55 x 40 x 23 cm – Maximum Carry On Dimensions

If you’re talking about checked luggage, the rules are clearly different. Both in the economy and business class, Turkish Airlines allows two pieces of checked luggage per traveler on flights to and from the United States.

What’s the big deal? If you’re traveling business class, you’re allowed to check up to 32 pounds of luggage per person. Economy passengers must not exceed the 23-kilogram limit for checked baggage. I’m sorry, I know.

There is a kilo-piece luggage difference on other foreign flights. If you’re flying under the kilo concept, you’re limited to 20 kilograms in the economy and 30 kilos in business class for your carry-on bags.

As long as your trip uses the luggage piece concept, you’re in luck: the regulations are nearly identical to those for domestic flights. One bag per passenger is allowed for both Economy and Business Class passengers. Each piece of baggage must not exceed 23 kilograms in weight, and 32 kilos in weight, for the Business Class.

  1. Emirates Airline

Emirates Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London
Emirates Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London

If you aren’t coming from the US, the Emirates is a wonderful option for getting to London and any European nation.

If you are traveling from the United States, they are not the best option, but if you’re flying from Australia or New Zealand, they are a superb option. They ranked one of the best airlines in the world thanks to their great customer care, and regular fliers love them as well.

Moreover, they’re one of the most reliable carriers on the globe. This airline’s planes were involved in three accidents in the previous 15 years, but no one died in any of them.

Here are countries you can fly to using Emirates Airlines:

  • London
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • China
  • India
  • Chile
  • The Middle East

The Baggage Policy of Emirates Airlines

One piece of carry-on luggage is permitted for Economy Class travelers, which must not exceed 7 kilograms in weight (15 pounds). One carry-on bag (the dimensions of which are given) and one briefcase are permitted for First and Business Class travelers.

Size: 55 x 38 x 20 cm – Maximum Carry On Size

Another reason that Emirates is such a well-liked and respected airline is its check-baggage policy. While there are weight restrictions for different passenger classes, everyone is able to check up to ten bags, providing they do not exceed the weight limit.

In some cases, however, and not on all flights, this rule does not apply; However, you can find out more about their luggage allowances on their website.

It’s 30-35 kilos (depending on the price type) for Economy Class passengers, 40 kilos for Business Class passengers, and 50 kilos for First Class for travelers.

  1. Swiss International Airlines

An interesting tidbit about this airline is that they were once owned by Lufthansa. It is also one of Europe’s safest airlines, having had no fatal incidents in the previous 17+ years. In reality, this airline’s last deadly disaster occurred in 2001, which seems like a long time ago now.

This is clearly a Swiss airline, given the name. And just like every other Swiss product, they’re near to perfection. However, their low pricing is a far cry from what you’d expect from a Swiss company. Any major European country may be found for an excellent price, especially when you book in early.

Here are countries you can fly to using Swiss International Airlines:

  • Brazil
  • United States
  • China
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • The Middle East
  • Morocco
  • Israel
  • Canada

All three continents are covered by SWISS’s services. As far as I can tell, they don’t travel to or from Australia or New Zealand. However, their website lists all of the destinations they do serve.

The Baggage Policy of Swiss International Airlines

Like Turkish Airlines, SWISS provides first-class tickets, which means they have additional baggage restrictions.

One piece of carry-on baggage is permitted in the cabin for passengers flying in Economy Class. If your carry-ons don’t exceed the 8-kilo restriction, you can bring two of them on board in First and Business Class.

The maximum carry-on size is 55 x 40 x 23 cm.

The restrictions are a little different when it comes to checking luggage. First and foremost, there is an Economy Light class on some flights that provides extremely low fares but does not include any free checked baggage — just carry-ons are permitted.

Each passenger in standard Economy Class is permitted to check one bag, which can weigh up to 23 kilograms. If you’re flying First Class, you may check up to three bags total, each of which can weigh no more than 32 kilograms apiece. If you’re flying Business Class, you can check up to two bags totaling a combined 64 kilos (96-kilo max).

The luggage costs alone are enough to make the First Class ticket worthwhile if you plan on moving to Europe. ‘

  1. Cathay Pacific

When flying with this international airline, you can be certain that you’ll get top-notch service. Full-length beds come with 600-thread-count linens, plush pillows, and a pillow mist to help you drift off to sleep.

You may be confident that you will arrive in London rested and ready to experience the attractions. With privacy doors, in-seat electricity, and complimentary WiFi, the first-class suites may also be set up as a working place.

In addition, you’ll be treated to a prix fixe menu eating with a focus on sustainable and ethically sourced products, as well as fine wines from across the world. The in-flight entertainment is also state of the art, with 18.5-inch HD screens and noise-canceling headphones. Box sets of television shows are available, as are the most recent Hollywood releases.

Who Should You Travel With On A Plane?

Now that you know where your jet could land, here are some of our top selections for international airlines servicing London. In order to get started, we’ll have a look at the following:

  • The best budget airlines
  • The best airlines for points and miles
  • The best luxury airlines
  • The best airlines flying in from the US

The Best Budget Airlines

The best budget airline to fly to London is Norwegian Air International. To maximize your time in London, you may want to look for the cheapest flights possible, so that you can spend more time at the city’s best pubs, restaurants, galleries, and museums.

To be fair, London is a pricey place to live and visit. As a consequence, tourists on a tight budget may be more eager to arrive, having done their best to save money.

Hundreds of inexpensive airlines fly into London from all over the world, but we’ve narrowed it down to the finest.

Best Airline For Points And Miles

American Airlines’ reward program, dubbed AAdvantage, is a well-liked option. At the time of this writing, the airline was about to mark the 40th anniversary of its loyalty program. In 1981, it was founded and presently has over 67 million members worldwide.

Best Luxury Airline To Fly To London

The best luxury airline to fly to London is the Emirate airline. It comes with trips full of fun, enjoyment, and all luxury you may think of traveling with.

Best Airlines From The Us To London

The best airline you can fly to London from the United States of America is American Airlines. Full of ecstasy and full, direct flight to the location, you do not need to bother if you are safe while on the trip.

What’s The Cheapest Month To Fly To London?

September and October are the best months to book a ticket to London. However, between November and December 12th, you’ll be able to locate some good offers as well.

How Much Should I Budget For A Trip To London?

The typical cost of a week-long vacation to London seems to be as follows:

  • $2,002 for solo travelers
  • $6,741 for a family vacation
  • $3,596 for a couple
  • Typically, a hotel room costs between $77 to $351 in London.

How Far In Advance Should You Book A Flight To London?

According to research, the optimal time to book a flight is 23 weeks in advance.

Which Us Cities Can You Fly Direct To From London?

The following are just a few of the cities in the United States from which you may travel to London:

  • Ottawa (YOW)
  • Perth (PER)
  • Osaka (KIX)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Philadelphia (PHL)
  • Newcastle (NCL)
  • Oslo (OSL)
  • Paris (CDG)

Do You Need A Visa To Go To London?

There is no visa required to enter the United Kingdom if you are a US, Canadian or Australian citizen traveling in London.

What Is The Cheapest Airport To Fly To London?

The cheapest airport to fly to in London is London Gatwick.

What Is The Best Airline To Fly To England?

The best airline to fly to England is American Airlines.

What Month Is The Cheapest To Fly To London?

The months of January, February, and December are regarded to be the busiest. Oct. is the cheapest time of year to go to London.

What Day Of The Week Is Cheapest To Fly To London?

Midweek flights to Europe, particularly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, are often less expensive. Flights from the United States to London, the busiest route, are often more cost-effective than flights from London to the continental United States through inexpensive carriers.

What’s The Best Time To Visit London?

The greatest season to visit London is between March and May when the weather is pleasant and the city’s parks are full of blossoming flowers and greenery. While late spring is a popular time for tourists, it is also a time when hotel and airfare rates rise because of the increased demand.

Which Airport Is Easiest To Get Into London?

Airport of London Heathrow (LHR) The world’s busiest airport, Heathrow Airport in London, handled 80.1 million passengers in 2018. With five terminals and a location only 14 miles west of the heart of London, Heathrow is the most convenient airport to use.


Those are the top airlines to travel to London, as per our exhaustive list. In the absence of exhaustive coverage, we hope that this has given you a sense of the kind of airlines to keep an eye out for, based on your preferences and the location of where you want to fly.

In an effort to reassure passengers, airlines have taken substantial efforts. As of this writing, the outlook for adventurous foreign travelers and digital nomads is improving.

Good luck with your London travel plans, and do share your tales of misadventure in the section provided below. We eagerly await your return with stories of your travels. Please have a safe and enjoyable flight!