[Full Guide] How To Bring Golf Clubs On A Plane

How To Bring Golf Clubs On A Plane- It’s common for airlines to classify golf clubs as regular luggage, with a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds and no additional price for exceeding that weight limit. Clubs are replaced by the carrier in the event that they are misplaced (just be prepared to deal with the paperwork and, in all likelihood, long hold times on calls should you need additional assistance)

So to travel with your Golf Club on a plane, you need to make certain you have a long-lasting travel bag, fly the airline of southwest, and book a non-stop airline reservation.

So let us get to the details.

How To Bring Golf Clubs On A Plane In 2023

To ensure that your golf clubs arrive in one piece, have you ever wondered how to transport them?

A love-hate relationship is common for most people when it comes to traveling. With clubs, getting to and from a location can be a chore, especially if you have a lot of luggage.

Bring your own sticks, and you’ll need to pay for checked luggage and cross your fingers that they arrive safely at their destination. Renting a set, on the other hand, isn’t much better. A new pair of irons and woods that you have never used or that are different from the ones at home are not ideal for a trip to a new course.

If you’re going to be traveling and taking part in an exciting game, you’ll probably want your own equipment for the journey. Here’s how to travel with golf clubs and arrive at your destination without incident.

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How To Travel With Golf Clubs

If you’re planning on taking your clubs on a trip, I recommend that you first consider the expense of renting a set versus bringing your own. Rental is not ideal, but if you’re new to the game or not participating in a competition, it may be the most convenient option for you. Check ahead of time to check if the course offers rentals, and book them if necessary.

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In contrast, if you’re going to take your own gear, you’ll want to be prepared for the worst (i.e. having your clubs lost, stolen, or damaged). Airlines routinely misplace bags, including golfers’ most valued possessions, and clubs can be damaged. Though it doesn’t happen every time you fly, it’s still a risk.

There are two primary objectives when it comes to transporting golf equipment: to ensure its safety and to keep costs down.

Traveling with golf clubs might be a challenge, but these tips can help:

Fly The Airline Of Southwest

Southwest Airlines is a terrific option for a variety of reasons, including excellent customer service, affordable prices, and the best benefit for golfers: no checked bag costs!! In addition to checking your golf bag, you can also use it as a carry-on bag. There are some airlines that charge $25-$50 for checked bags and have stringent weight and size restrictions, making it pricey to bring numerous sets of luggage with you.

Book A Non-Stop Airline Reservation

As bad as having to wait in an airport or scramble to catch your next flight, there’s nothing worse. Do not forget your clubs when running to catch your next flight; they need to make it as well! During this period, baggage handlers may be less careful with your luggage and do major damage to your walking sticks.

It’s best to arrange a nonstop flight if you’re taking your gear along. Since less time is spent on transportation, your favorite set is less likely to be damaged when you use it nonstop.

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As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about your suitcase becoming damaged because it isn’t being handled between flights. Book a direct flight to save some money and get to your destination sooner.

To avoid long lineups at the airport, look for flights that depart at times when the airport is less crowded.

Make Certain You Have A Long-Lasting Travel Bag

In order to get your luggage on the plane, you need a reliable travel bag. You can fit all your clubs, shoes and accessories in a bag that weighs less than 50 pounds on most planes. Even with the exception of inexpensive carriers such as Allegiant Air and Spirit Airlines, all checked luggage must not exceed 40 pounds.

In order to avoid a ten-pound bulge in your luggage when you arrive, you’ll want to look into this ahead of time. The last thing you want is to be irritated and flustered as you go through security at the airport (I say that because this has happened to me before). I had to pay an additional $50 since my bag weighed more over 40 pounds!

In addition, I recommend taking photos of your bag, your clubs, and other stuff before you put it away. If something happens to them while they’re traveling and you need to make a claim with the airline, you’ll have this documentation.

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I’d suggest, depending on the sort of bag you have, switching to a different one if at all possible. Use a cart bag rather than a stand bag, which is more likely to be damaged by luggage handlers, because it is thicker.

If your woods have headcovers, place extra towels in your bag in between your irons and wedges. As an alternative, you can use your shoes as a shield for your irons and wedges while you’re on the road.

The Best Hard Case For Golf Travel

When it comes to choosing a travel golf bag, there are two major options: a hard case and a soft travel case. In terms of protection, a hardcover case is the best bet, but it comes at the cost of being bulkier, heavier, and more difficult to transport.

You can see my recommendation for a hard-shelled golf bag here:

Soft Case

The alternative option for traveling is a soft case, which offers less protection for your gear but is considerably lighter and easy to transport. My personal preference is to use a soft case because it’s easier to get into cars, and I’ve never had anything broken (knock on woods).

Here is the best soft-case luggage for travel:.

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

Bag Boy Backbone Travel Covers are a terrific addition to any bag. In your bag, you’ll find an aluminum rod that can be used to extend past your driver. Your softcover will be less likely to snap a shaft in transit if it has more structure. With this device, you can keep your forests safe for a long period at a little cost!

If you don’t have any rain gear, you’ll want to bring your shoes and towels as well as your 14 sticks. Aside from making it simpler for TSA, I also carry liquids in my bag because I know that it will be lighter than my luggage.

Last but not least, don’t keep any valuables in your luggage like a GPS watch or a rangefinder in case something goes wrong..

How To Take Golf Clubs On A Plane

how to travel with golf clubs
how to travel with golf clubs

Don’t forget to attach a carry ID to the outside of your suitcase once it’s filled and secured. For your own peace of mind, it’s a good idea to pack an additional one in your suitcase. Your full name, email address, and phone number should always be included.

Another nice idea is to add a ribbon, sticker, or something else that makes the case clearly recognized. The last thing you need is for another enthusiastic golfer at baggage claim to seize your suitcase instead of theirs.

For those who don’t own a car, this entire process may seem like a lot of work, especially if you live in an area of the country where public transportation is scarce. If you want to make your travel day as smooth as possible, there are many options available to you.

Shipping Golf Clubs: A Guide

Is it important to you that you don’t have to worry about transporting your equipment?

There is now a third-party option available to help you out.

A few companies have come up with a solution for golfers like us who have to deal with the TSA, baggage fees, and so on when traveling.

Sending your items via shipping will save you the trouble of transporting them from your house to the airport parking garage. It’s easy to transport your sticks from A to B with fewer hassles and worries thanks to a slew of different services.

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In order to ensure a stress-free travel day, you may wish to check out the services below.

Ship Sticks

As the “top golf club shipper” in Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice Awards for 2016-2018, Ship Sticks is a dependable option for shipping your clubs.

Listed below is a breakdown of how the service is implemented:

Use their web tools to schedule your shipping.

The relevant bags must have shipping labels printed on them and these labels must be attached to the corresponding bags.

Allow a Ship Sticks provider to pick up your baggage, or drop them off at a drop-off location (not available in all areas)

Take pleasure in the on-time delivery of your bag. In addition, you may keep an eye on them as they travel.

Even though airlines don’t offer much protection, your clubs are completely insured, on-time delivery is guaranteed, as well as shipping protection. This is in contrast to airlines, which don’t offer much protection. A small amount can be paid to enhance your insurance coverage from $1,000 to $3,500.

Using Ship Sticks has this advantage!

Ship Sticks’ Cost

It sounds wonderful, but how much does it cost to buy Ship Sticks? It all depends on when you need your clubs and where they are going.

Ship Sticks generally cost the following amounts:

It costs $119 for a next-day or two-day delivery.

Cost: $79 for three-day delivery

$39 for ground shipment

You can save a lot of money if you plan your vacation in advance and use ground freight instead of a checked bag fee on most airlines.

In addition, if you sign up and provide your email address, you will receive a $10 coupon for future trips. Start saving money by splitting the cost with a friend!


Alternatively, you can mail your set through Lugless. In the same manner as Ship Sticks, Lugless will print and ship your clubs to your hotel or course.

Due to the fact that the site sends many types of luggage, not simply golf clubs, the cost is determined by where you intend to go. You might want to take a look at their pricing page to see if shipping your clubs is worth it.

Ship Golf Clubs FedEx or UPS

FedEx or UPS are the only other options for shipping your clubs. You’ll need to drop off and inspect your clubs at a FedEx or UPS location in your area. Based on weight, distance to be traveled, and time to arrive, shipping costs are calculated.

Learn more about these services by visiting the FedEx golf club page and the UPS golf club page.

Flying With Golf Clubs

Questions about bringing your golf clubs on the road? Make sure you’re familiar with the most common before you go on your first adventure.

What Is The Weight Of A Set Of Golf Clubs?

Many aspiring golfers wonder, “How much do golf clubs weigh?” before setting off on a journey.

“In short, the average set of golf clubs weighs roughly 30 pounds,” says Golf Storage Guide (13.6 kilos). This equates to a full 14 clubs in a bag of average size. The weight of a typical golf bag is from 3 to 5 pounds.”

Most airlines mandate that your carry-on luggage weigh no more than 50 pounds, but it’s always a good idea to double-check and weigh your bags at home before heading to the airport. A typical set of steel-shafted clubs, bags, and equipment weighs around 35 pounds. At around 25 pounds, a set of graphite shafts and a stand bag could be ideal.

Graphite vs. steel shafts is two examples of this. The second option adds a gram or two to the final tally. It’s not just the contents of your backpack that can have an impact. If you have a stand bag, it’s typically lighter than a cart bag.

To keep airport costs to a minimum, weigh your golf clubs at home on a scale to ensure that you don’t have to pay the overage.

How Much Does It Cost To Take Your Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Fees might vary widely, depending on the airline. Ship Sticks has put together an excellent infographic on airline baggage fees that you can check out. Between $50 and $150, depending on how many bags and how much weight they include. The most cost-effective method is to use ground shipment and plan ahead of time.

How Do You Pack Golf Clubs So They Don’t Break?

To keep your clubs safe, use towels and socks to cover your irons and wedges. You can also buy bubble wrap and individually wrap each club, although this will take more work on your part. Additional protection can be gained by wrapping pricey shafts as well.

Unscrew the heads of your woods and store them in your bag wrapped in towels as an additional method of keeping them safe while traveling. Make a note of or snap a photo of each club’s settings if you do this. Getting the perfect settings and then forgetting them is the worst thing that could happen.

A telescoping shaft that extends all the way to the bottom of your bag and sits over the heads of your golf clubs in the final option. Make sure your soft-cover bag doesn’t get squashed while in transportation by utilizing this.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly With Easyjet Or Jet2.Com?

For foreign travel, you may want to use these two companies as well. Both Easyjet and Jet2 golf clubs cost roughly $40 euro each.

How Much Does It Cost To Put Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Taking your golf clubs on a plane costs how much money? Fees might vary widely, depending on the airline. Ship Sticks has put together an excellent infographic on airline baggage fees that you can check out. Between $50 and $150, depending on how many bags and how much weight they include.

Can I Take Golf Clubs On A Plane?

Yes. Taking a single golf club on a plane as hand luggage is prohibited by airlines and government agencies because it could be used as a weapon. Your golf club will have to be checked in with the other checked luggage, so make sure to safeguard it.

Do Airlines Charge For Golf Clubs?

Yes. Golf clubs, which are typically checked as a second bag for $35 on most US airlines, are not included. Third-bag fees can run anywhere from $75 to $150, depending on the airline.

Do My Golf Clubs Count As Checked Baggage?

All airlines allow golf clubs and other golfing equipment on board. As long as the bag does not exceed the weight restriction, there is no additional or excessive tax. Your checked luggage includes a golf bag. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Do Golf Bags Fly Free On Southwest?

As long as the ski gear is packed and labelled separately, Southwest Airlines will accept up to two bags (one holding one set of snow skiing equipment and the other two containing one pair of snowshoes) as one item. and golf carts. In addition, you’ll be able to soar like a bird!

How Much Does It Cost To Check Golf Clubs On American?

If your checked bag weighs more than 50 pounds (23 kilograms) or measures more than 126 inches (320 centimeters) in length, width, or height, you will be charged a cost of $150. As dangerous goods, swingless golf club load strips are not permitted in checked or carry-on baggage.

Flying With Golf Clubs Without A Travel Bag

Fill up the pockets.

Apply a piece of tape to the driver and the long iron to keep them together.

Then, in the intermediate pockets, place the woods, drivers, and hybrids.

Clothing should be stuffed into the rain cover’s head portions.

Remove the straps from the shoulders.

Using golf clubs as a propellant Surfboards, bicycles, golf clubs and other large-sized recreational equipment can now be checked as part of Delta Delta’s regular baggage limit for passengers flying with the airline.

How To Protect Golf Clubs When Flying

Take use of the extra room in your carry-on bag by bringing more towels, bubble wrap, or packing material. Use them to keep the club shafts from rubbing against one another while being transported.

Flying with golf clubs Allegiant

Allegiant air treats golf clubs as checked luggage, and the airline charges the appropriate costs per person, per bag, and per flight segment. If a bag exceeds the 40 lb. weight and 80 in. size limits, it will be subject to applicable costs. Per passenger, a maximum of five baggage are permitted.

Traveling with Golf Clubs: Final Thoughts

It is my goal that these travel suggestions will make your next flight a lot more enjoyable.

Maybe it’s time to arrange that trip to Scotland that’s been on your wish list forever? Alternatively, perhaps you’d prefer to play golf in the sunshine rather than in the snow?

It doesn’t matter how you do it, there are many of alternatives to checking your clubs with the airline when you fly with them. Consider flying Southwest and booking a direct flight if you intend to bring them along. Then, to keep your clubs safe while in transit, buy a high-quality travel bag.

When it comes to sending golf clubs, I’d prefer Ship Sticks. Their business strategy is built around shipping clubs, so it’s hassle-free. To ensure that your clubs make it from point A to point B, they clearly know what they’re doing.

It’s fine to utilize UPS or FedEx instead if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. To get the greatest value, I advise you to shop about and compare prices from all three service providers. Your clubs will be safely packed and delivered to their destination by them.

Regardless of which method you choose, make sure to pack them tightly with towels, socks, or bubble wrap. Also, in case something goes wrong, make sure you have images handy.

Otherwise, have fun exploring the world and start playing some of those golf courses on your bucket list while you’re there!