13 Best Airlines To Fly To Mexico in 2024 [Pros and Cons]

The best airline to fly to Mexico from any part of the world is AeroMexico. In terms of domestic and international flights, there are a variety of Mexican airlines to choose from. I’ve tried them all in the five years I’ve lived in Mexico and traveled across the country quite a few times and I have the experience to give you information on the ones that will best suit your trip.

13 Best Airlines To Fly To Mexico in 2024 [Pros and Cons]

Rating Airline Name
1st AeroMexico
2nd Viva Aerobus
3rd Interjet
4th Volaris Airlines
5th AeroMar
6th Calafia Airlines
7th Mexicana de Aviación
8th Tar Aerolineas

AeroMexico, Volaris, Viva Aerobus, and AeroMar are the primary Mexican airlines to consider while making travel arrangements inside Mexico. There are a few new entrants like TAR Airlines, but I have yet to see any of their flights departing from the Mexican capital.

The Best Mexican Airlines To Fly in 2024

The Best Mexican Airlines
The Best Mexican Airlines in 2024
  1. AeroMexico

Here in Mexico, the national airline is AeroMexico. It is a member of the Sky Team, which means it is part of the Skymiles program. If you often fly between the United States and Mexico City and have a Delta credit card, you may earn miles when you fly with AeroMexico.

Customer service, food, and drink choices, and check-in process are the finest on these flights despite a wide range of quality. Virtually all tasks may be completed with the aid of technology. Checked baggage can be dropped off at any of the airport’s baggage drop locations.

Terminal 2 of Mexico City International Airport is only for AeroMexico and a few additional airlines (like Delta). Checking in at that terminal is a delight because it’s compact enough to expedite your trip through airport security.

Both locally and internationally, AeroMexico has the most flights. From Mexico City to Cancun, Orlando, London, and San Jose, Costa Rica (as well as the west coast of Mexico), I’ve taken them on several flights of varying lengths.

You can’t but fly with Aeromexico because according to Skyrating, Aeromexico is among the best Mexican flights for international travel.

Flights that include checked luggage, a meal or snack depending on the length of the flight, and plenty of legroom are often more expensive than flights that don’t include any of these amenities. So we have chosen Aeromexico as the best flight to take from the U.S. to Mexico or any part of the world.

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Pros of using AeroMexico:

  • You can fly to any destination with AeroMexico.
  • Automated boarding process.
  • Best security system
  • Onboard passenger safety
  • Best customer services and relationships.

Cons of using Aeromexico

  • They are not budget-friendly, which means it is expensive to travel with.
  1. Viva Aerobus

There have been some positive encounters with Viva Aerobus when traveling domestically in Mexico, though. Even though I was delayed at the airport in Mexico City, the Viva Aerobus service was excellent. I’ve traveled to and from La Paz and Huatulco. So, it got to our list of best airlines to fly to Mexico in 2024.

In certain ways, Viva Aerobus has a poor reputation, and it’s possible that they do deserve it on occasion as well. They have a reputation in Mexico for continually overbooking flights, particularly during the busy holiday season. Despite their best efforts, they are always running behind schedule.

Their internet booking procedure is a bit of a hassle because you have to physically uncheck all of the boxes for additional stuff you don’t want, such as paying for a seat, an additional suitcase, or insurance.

To be clear, if you plan on checking bags, I do not suggest flying with Viva Aerobus. Particularly at Mexico City International Airport, the check-in procedure is notoriously difficult and time-consuming. It seems like there are always long lineups and not enough employees.

At least until takeoff, flying is a pleasure. When I’ve traveled with them recently, I’ve had a lot of leg space and a drink or little food included in the price.

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Pros of using Viva Aerobus

  • Good customer service relationship.
  • Cheap to fly with.
  • Safety of onboard passengers.

Cons of using Viva Aerobus

  • Poor arrival time
  • Flight cancelation and rescheduling often happens
  • Luggage clearance is often difficult
  • The website is not user-friendly.

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  1. Interjet

Interjet was one of my favorite airlines. Although I don’t know for sure if they consider themselves a low-cost Mexican airline, I prefer to classify them as one because their fares are often rather reasonable. Interjet is usually my first choice when there are just a few flights to a particular location and the cost difference is only a few dollars (unless AeroMexico is the same price, then I choose AeroMexico).


I’ve traveled with them a few times and had largely positive experiences. When flying with Interjet, you may get one free checked bag even if you select the cheapest ticket. Light, Optima, and Priority tickets are available.

One checked suitcase and one carry-on bag are included with the Light package (although I believe this has changed depending on your destination, so always double-check).

Two checked bags are included with Optima, as well as the option to select your seat when booking. Three checked bags (who needs this many?), a seat, and priority check-in and boarding are all included with Priority.

Snacks are also provided on short flights by Interjet. In my perspective, this is a huge bonus. If your flight departs after 12 p.m., you’ll receive one complimentary drink (beer or spirits) as well as a bag of chips to tide you over. To me, that was a thoughtful addition.

When flying with Interjet, my only complaint is that they frequently arrive late. This a major setback if you’re attempting to get a connecting flight. When my flight from Cancun to Mexico City was canceled due to mechanical difficulties, I was forced to wait an additional two hours at the airport. My journey to the United Kingdom was delayed so much that I was afraid I would miss my connecting flight with them (it was fine in the end).

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Pros of using Interjet Airline

  • Best budget flight fee (Low-Cost Mexican Airline)
  • Good customer relation
  • Bonus and tips for passengers onboard
  • Additional checked luggage

Cons of using Interjet airline

  • They frequently arrive late.
  • Flight Reschudle sometimes happened
  1. Volaris Airlines

Volaris is gradually becoming my least favorite Mexican airline. If you’re looking for affordable airlines in Mexico and have flown with them once or twice in the previous year or so, you’ll be disappointed.

In Mexico City, check-in used to be a breeze thanks to automated machines, but they’ve since been removed and now, like with Viva Aerobus, you’ll have to wait in line if you haven’t previously done so using the app (always use the app).

Volaris has entered the market with two distinct fares. For a lesser cost, you may have two cabin bags (so no checked bags included). The “Clean Base Fare” is the name given to that ticket. Select “Regular Ticket” if you want your checked luggage to be included. In most cases, the price difference is in the range of a few dollars.

In comparison to other low-cost carriers, you’re looking at a substantial base. There is no complimentary food or beverages onboard, so you’ll need to bring your own. As a 5-foot-2-inch person, I have little legroom in this vehicle. A recent trip from Mexico City to New York had no entertainment or food (save what you purchased) on board, and it was frigid.

While I understand that these are standard features of budget travel, it’s hard for me to see why anybody would fly Volaris when Interjet and AeroMexico frequently offer similar amounts for superior service on the same routes.

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Pros of Flying with Volaris

  • Tips for a regular passenger.
  • Low-cost flight fee.
  • Complimentary food onboard passengers.

Cons of using Volaris

  • No entertainment room for passengers.
  • Flight fees may be used to book other flight companies that offer superior services.
  1. AeroMar

After only two flights with AeroMar, I was impressed. For the most part, the aircraft are used for short domestic trips inside Mexico. On my way back to Mexico City, I traveled the same route. Although it’s only a few hours in the air, the experience nevertheless seems like a luxurious one.

In my opinion, because the planes are so small, they seem like private charters, yet they’re big enough to avoid feeling like a propeller-powered plane.

Flights from Mexico City to other parts of the country, especially the smaller ones, are typically rather reasonable. They’re primarily active in the South of the United States. Another benefit of utilizing AeroMar is that they fly out of Terminal 2 at Mexico City International Airport.

They do, in fact, operate a few flights a day to various locations in the United States, as per their website. Since I haven’t flown with them abroad, I can’t speak about the experience, but if it’s anything like their local trips, I’m confident it will be a pleasant one.

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Pros of flying with AeroMar

  • Best traveling experience with this Airline

Cons of flying with AeroMAr

  • Planes are so small that they seem like private charters
  1. Calafia Airlines

Calafia is a good option if you truly want to feel like you’re traveling on a private plane but aren’t. They mostly fly between the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, and Cabo San Lucas.

They may not always be the most affordable option, but they do have access to routes that no one else does. Calafia took me from Palenque to Tuxtla Guttierez, Chiapas. Because they travel between smaller airports, it isn’t always necessary to return to Mexico City for a connecting flight.

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Pros of flying with Calafia Airlines

  • Calafia is a good option if you truly want to feel like you’re traveling on a private plane

Cons of flying with Calafia Airlines

  • They may not always be the most affordable option

7. Mexicana de Aviación

The Mexican airline known as Compaa Mexicana de Aviación, S.A. de C.V. (or simply Mexicana) was founded in 1927 and is one of the world’s oldest airlines to maintain a single brand name throughout its entire history (after KLM, Avianca, and QANTAS).

Before it ceased operations on August 28, 2010, it was Mexico’s largest airline and its national flag carrier.

The company’s newly appointed management team made the announcement of the group’s dissolution shortly after the group filed for Concurso Mercantil (the Mexican law equivalent to U.S. Chapter 11) and U.S. Chapter 15. A bankruptcy judge ruled that Mexicana must begin liquidating its assets on April 4, 2014 in order to satisfy the airline’s debts.

Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, Mexico City was home to the company’s headquarters in the Mexicana de Aviación Tower.

8. Tar Aerolineas

They cover much of central Mexico, however to a little smaller number of cities than Aeromar. Check out their website here.

Tips for Flying Mexican Airlines

Now that we’ve covered each Mexican airline, we’ll go over some general advice about flying with them.

  • Most people who are going from one coast to the other have to travel through Mexico City. The two legs of your trip need not be booked with the same airline.
  • If you locate a cheap flight to Mexico City, you may always check to see if a different airline offers a cheaper flight to your final destination. It’s similar to a situation where you can pick and choose the items you want to buy.
  • Given that you will be using the services of two separate airlines, it is imperative that you leave yourself plenty of time for connecting flights.
  • You should think about getting there in different ways, too. For those traveling by air, Monterey serves as a connecting point en route to other locations.
  • If you really need to save money or time, you can always fly most of the way and then take a bus to your last destination. Warning: It may take some effort to book two legs on the same day with the same airline.
  • If you can’t check in for both legs at the same time, you’ll need to leave the airport after the first flight, return to check in, and go through security again. Considerable time may be required for this.
  • Keep in mind that as of recently, the state of Quintana Roo is now in a different time zone than the rest of Mexico.
  • If you booked your ticket a while ago, although the system is usually up to date, double-verify your arrival and departure times.
  • As a piece of advice, check the baggage allowances thoroughly. Some airlines, like Volaris, have recently instituted stricter baggage policies, limiting passengers to just one checked bag and allowing only the barest minimum in carry-on allowances.
  • If you show up to the airport with more bags than you told Vivaaerobus you would be bringing, you will be charged a fee.
  • An important piece of advice is to take into account the period of the year in which your trip will take place. Holy Week Most tourists visit Mexico during Christmas and Easter. Costlier and more crowded flights can be expected.
  • Some budget airlines now use Cancun Airport’s Terminal 1 so it’s important to double-check where your flight leaves from.

Which Airline Is Best For Mexico?

The best Mexican Airline right now for both domestic and international travel is Aeromexico.

Is Viva Aerobus Better Than Volaris?

Yes! Viva Aerobus is better than Volaris owning to affordability and a robust recovery system.

Which Airline In Mexico Is The Safest?

One of the safest Airlines in Mexico right now is Aeromexico coming and it is Allegiant Airline and Frontiers airline.


It is a matter of fact for one to do a background check of the airlines he will be booking for whatsoever trip he or she may want to make. However, we have cut the stress for you on the best airlines to fly to Mexico if you are flying from New York City, Las Vegas, America, London, and any part of the globe you want to make your trip from or to.

Do you feel, there is an airline omitted in the course of our review? Then let us know via the comment section.

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