13 Best Restaurants In Chicago To Eat

What is the best restaurant in Chicago to eat right now? If you’re visiting the city and need to grab a bite to eat, this list of the best places to eat in Chicago will help. Chicago has a lively food scene and an abundance of options when it comes to where to eat.

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat and enjoy all-country delicacies or a great place to celebrate a special occasion, you will find the right restaurant for the occasion in Chicago.

You will find restaurants in all shapes and sizes, from Michelin-starred restaurants to budget-friendly restaurants in this city. Here are the 13 best restaurants in Chicago where you can enjoy both traditional and contemporary local cuisines.

13 Best Restaurants In Chicago To Eat [ All Countries Delicacies]

To come up with the best restaurants in Chicago to eat all countries’ delicacies, we had to check out some of the top cuisine online handles and have come up with the best 13 that are listed below.

#1. Abba

Abba Restaurant is a modern fine dining restaurant that combines local and intercontinental dishes for a complete experience. The restaurant offers delightfully malleable Mediterranean cuisine, covering full flavors for vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores.

Also, the menu includes traditional and contemporary European dishes, including rare plates of seafood and seasonal specialties.

#2. Lula Café

Lula Café is one of the best restaurants in Chicago, and it has been serving delicious food prepared and served perfectly for years. The eating house is known for its diverse menu, which features international cuisine that fits any palate.

The dishes prepared in this restaurant include a wide variety of cuisine from the Middle East and Europe to Asian meals, from traditional American fare, salads, and turkey sandwiches, to roast chicken and a full sushi bar. The cuisines prepared and served at Lula Café are simply amazing!

#3. Claudia

Since its opening in 2015, Claudia has established itself as one of the most celebrated Chicago restaurants, providing an intimate atmosphere and exceptional service that makes it an ideal place to dine with family or friends for a memorable evening.

Claudia offers a wide variety of cuisines prepared and served in the restaurant. Their menu has something for everyone, with classic French, Japanese, and Italian favorites such as lasagna and cheese-filled ravioli, as well as seafood worthy of big cities like Chicago: shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, and fried shrimp wings.

#4 Andros Taverna

Andros Taverna is a chain of Greek restaurants that serve excellent food using quality ingredients. The cuisine served in this restaurant is prepared and served by local chefs. Andros has been serving authentic Greek and Mediterranean food with a fresh focus on ingredients in our breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch offerings.

The dishes served are souvlaki, gyros, and moussaka, along with more contemporary offerings that include grilled fish and homemade pastries. Also, wine lovers will enjoy this restaurant that offers over 100 different wines available by the glass.

In addition, the atmosphere at the restaurant ranges from casual to lavish depending on the location and size of the restaurant

#5. Ever

Ever restaurant is not left out among the best restaurants in Chicago, and the cuisines prepared and served in the restaurant are simply out of this world. Each dish is beautifully prepared and presented in a way that will make you want to come back for another meal!

The cuisines prepared in Ever restaurants are based on proteins and seasonal vegetables converted into a tasting menu that you are sure to enjoy.

The Restaurant is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether it’s a casual dinner or an elegant evening out, you’ll be sure to enjoy the cuisine prepared by our trained chefs.

#6. Giant

As a leading restaurant in Chicago, Giant Restaurant, a tightly-packed 44-seat dining room, offers mouthwatering cuisines and excellent service to all its customers. The restaurant offers a wide array of globally inspired food with a focus on flavor and texture.

The menu includes classic dishes such as extremely solid portions of pasta, tri-tip steak, fried prawns, microwaved chocolate cake, burgers, and seafood. Don’t forget to save room for dessert!

#7. Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza offers many options to eat at this place; however, it is well-known for its wide variety of pizza toppings that are prepared in a traditional Italian style, and its famous Pizza is the Chicago-style deep dish pizza. You will love having that delicious pizza.

Also, there is a wide variety of seafood dishes, salads, and pasta dishes you can choose from. More so, Pequod’s comes with a full bar that serves drinks as well as beer and wine.

#8. Osteria Langhe

Osteria Langhe is best known for serving authentic regional Italian food. An extensive selection of wines and beers to accompany your meal makes this excellent restaurant a great choice for those looking for authentic Italian cuisine and the atmosphere in Chicago.

The menu is prepared to utilize local and seasonal ingredients, incorporating traditional recipe elements and adaptable cooking methods to produce authentic Italian cuisine.

You get to pick your choice from a variety of dishes, including kinds of pasta, beef tartare, pizzas, salads, and seafood.

The quality of the cuisine will allow you to experience a journey through traditional Italian cuisine, with all its flavors and temptations.

#9. Avec

Avec is one of Chicago’s most popular restaurants that has continuously been improving in its food, presentation, and service. The food prepared is prepared by a dedicated chef who ensures the meal is prepared with local flavors and freshness while maintaining consistent quality throughout each dish.

The elegant restaurant serves both French and American cuisine with modern decor. It offers an extensive wine list, as well as craft cocktails and exceptional service.

To accompany the mouthwatering cuisine is the non-stop live music and dining experience that will make you want to come back for more.

#10. Demera Ethiopian Restaurant

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant in Chicago was founded with the vision that people of all cultures would come together through their food. So, if you are in Chicago and you crave Ethiopian cuisine, you need to visit this Uptown restaurant serving some of the most flavorful cuisines to be found.

Demera Ethiopian Restaurant serves high-quality food and prepares cuisines from Ethiopia. It has unique decorations, which are very attractive and create a cozy atmosphere.

Some of the popular dishes prepared in this restaurant include Demera Messob, which features three different vegetables and three types of meat of different preparations, and the Beyanetu, a combination of vegetables and meat.

Also, there is a variety of wine and cocktails available, but customers often order the team’s signature: Tej, the traditional Ethiopian honey wine prepared in-house from a centuries-old family recipe.

#11. Kasama

Kasama restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Chicago serving high-quality food, service, and ambience all at an affordable price. The food is prepared by the best chefs for your dining pleasure with an array of cuisines like authentic Japanese and fusion dishes including sushi, ramen, sashimi and okonomiyaki, Chinese, Pilipino, Kerala, Vietnamese and biryani to name a few.

#12. Dear Margaret

Dear Margaret Restaurant in Chicago offers a variety of cuisines, which you can enjoy while dining here. With its magnificent and luxurious ambiance, this restaurant has earned a reputation for providing quality services to its guests.

The cooks and chefs here are extremely talented and are constantly creating new recipes for their customers. The meal changes with regularly updated cuisines from around the world and specialties prepared as requested by customers.

The menu includes French-Canadian fare and contemporary American fare, featuring innovative seasonal dishes alongside wine pairings from our carefully curated wine list.

#13. Spacca Napoli

Spacca Napoli is a famous Italian restaurant hidden in an unlikely spot, the North End of Chicago. It primarily serves authentic Italian-American food, although it also has a variety of pasta dishes and calzones.

The delicious food, warm service, and upscale atmosphere are indicative of a great Italian restaurant. The menu features an array of traditional Italian dishes such as homemade pasta dishes, meat ragu, lamb, and chicken dishes, as well as a variety of pizza options and breadsticks.

Best Italian Restaurants Chicago

The best Italian restaurant in Chicago is Monteverde restaurant. Chicago is known for its restaurant scene, and while many amazing Italian restaurants are serving traditional Italian dishes, we’ve narrowed down our list to the best Italian restaurants in Chicago. These are the top picks for the best Italian restaurants in Chicago. They are:

  • Monteverde
  • Spacca Napoli
  • Signature
  • Testaccio
  • Alla Vita
  • Riccardo Trattoria
  • RPM Italian
  • Enoteca Roma Ristorante
  • Mart Anthony’s Italian Restaurant
  • La Scarola

These top Italian restaurants serve authentic cuisine that has been perfected by chefs and cooks from around the world.

Best Outdoor Restaurants Chicago

The best outdoor restaurant in Chicago is the Tzuco. Numerous outdoor restaurants in Chicago offer a menu with a wide range of cuisine, drinks, and views of the city at its finest.

Whether you’re looking for savory food like wood-grilled steak and lobster fingers or sweet treats like warm cider doughnuts, be sure to check out these incredible dining destinations.

  • Tzuco
  • Parson’s Chicken & Fish
  • Frontier
  • The Duck Inn
  • The Dawson
  • Truth Italian Restaurant
  • Daisies
  • Ina Mae Tavern & Packaged Goods
  • Mama Delia
  • Pizzeria Portofino

Best Seafood Restaurants Chicago

The best seafood restaurant in Chicago is Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab. Chicago is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the country.

Whether you are looking for a casual dining experience or a more formal setting, there are plenty of outstanding seafood options in Chicago that feature the city’s most notable seafood destinations, including fresh fish tacos, fresh oysters, New England-style chowders, and more. They are:

  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab
  • Shaw’s Crab House
  • Eddie V’s Prime Seafood
  • GT Fish & Oyster
  • Catch 35
  • Hugo’s Frog Bar & Fish House
  • Ocean Prime
  • Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab
  • Ocean cut
  • Luke’s Lobster City Hall

Best Gluten-Free Restaurants Chicago

The best gluten-free restaurant in Chicago is Brightwork Kitchen. Chicago has a large number of gluten-free restaurants that you can enjoy. You will find below the best gluten-free restaurants in Chicago. They are:

  • Brightwork Kitchen
  • BIBIBOP Asian Grill
  • The Purple Pig
  • Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab
  • Scoops Dessert Bar
  • Bloom Plant Based Kitchen
  • AO Hawaiian Hideout
  • Home Slice
  • Big bowl
  • Bloom Plant Based Kitchen
  • Best Restaurants in Downtown Chicago

Best Downtown Chicago Restaurants

The best restaurant in Downtown Chicago is Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio. Whether you’re looking to have a single, memorable evening or an entire weeknight dinner, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Chicago various restaurants.

Wherever your interests lie, here are the best restaurants in downtown Chicago.

  • Monteverde Restaurant and Pastificio
  • The Publican
  • Soju BBQ
  • Oriole
  • Smyth & The Loyalist
  • Bonci Pizzeria
  • Au Cheval
  • El Che Steakhouse and Bar
  • Formento’s
  • Leña Brava

Best Trendy Restaurants in Chicago

The best trendy restaurant in Chicago is The Whale Chicago. Trendy restaurants in Chicago are the best places to dine during your stay in the city. Here are some of the places where you can enjoy the trendiest dining experiences with your friends, family members or colleagues.

  • The Whale Chicago
  • Wake ‘n Bacon        
  • Etta – Bucktown      
  • LÝRA
  • The Perch
  • Penumbra
  • Maple & Ash
  • Boka
  • Aba
  • Girl & The Goat

Best Restaurants Chicago

Whether you are looking for a delicious and memorable meal, or a great place to take your friends and family to have some fun, Chicago has it all. These are the best restaurants in Chicago, featuring top chefs, authentic cuisine, and a bangin’ ambiance.

  • Milly’s Pizza In The Pan
  • Jimmy’s Pizza Café
  • Parachute
  • Eden
  • TriBecca’s Sandwich Shop
  • Sushi Hall
  • Sugar Moon
  • Pretty Cool Ice Cream
  • The Albion Manor
  • Armitage Alehouse

Michelin Star Restaurants Chicago

Chicago is home to world-class dining experiences and luxurious hotels. Most restaurants in the city maintain the highest level of quality, working towards achieving the coveted three-star rating from The Michelin Guide. The Michelin-starred restaurants in Chicago are:

  • Alinea – Three Star
  • Ever – Two Star
  • Moody Tongue – Two Star
  • Oriole – Two Star
  • Smyth – Two Star
  • BOKA – One Star
  • Claudia – One Star
  • EL Ideas – One Star
  • Elizabeth – One Star
  • Elske – One Star
  • Esmé – One Star
  • Galit – One Star
  • Goosefoot – One Star
  • Kasama – One Star
  • Mako – One Star
  • Next – One Star
  • North Pond – One Star
  • Omakase Yume – One Star
  • Porto – One Star
  • Schwa – One Star
  • Sepia – One Star
  • Temporis – One Star
  • Topolobampo – One Star

Best Restaurants in Chicago with a View

If you’re looking for a romantic spot for your next date night or simply want to catch a gorgeous sunset from the comfort of your pew, here are some of the best restaurants in Chicago that have breathtaking views.

  • The Robey
  • Homestead on the Roof
  • Nobu Chicago
  • Aba
  • Cabra
  • North Pond
  • Beatnik on the River
  • Utopian Tailgate
  • The J. Parker
  • Bar Avec

Rooftop Restaurants Chicago

The rooftop of Chicago’s most unique hotels and luxury apartment buildings is a rooftop restaurant full of dining, drinks and entertainment. The best rooftop restaurants in Chicago are:

  • Aba
  • Rooftop at Nobu Hotel
  • Cindy’s
  • bar Avec
  • Tanta
  • Azul Mariscos
  • BiXi Beer
  • Lonesome Rose
  • Homestead on the Roof
  • Shanghai Terrace

Best New Restaurants Chicago

Chicago has a lot of great restaurants. New ones are popping up every day, and there’s always something new to try! We’ve rounded up the best new restaurants in Chicago, which are listed below.

  • Signature
  • Cultivate by Forbidden Root
  • Bazaar Meat
  • The Hot Dog Box (Portage Park)
  • Lyra
  • Peanut Park Trattoria
  • TriBecca’s Sandwich Shop
  • Armitage Alehouse
  • The X Pot
  • GoodFunk

Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago

The best Mexican restaurant in Chicago is the Carnitas Uruapan. Chicago has a bustling restaurant business with numerous intercontinental restaurants established in the country. Here are some of the best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago.

  • Carnitas Uruapan
  • Birrieria Zaragoza
  • Mi Tocaya Antojería
  • Taqueria Chingón
  • La Chaparrita
  • Topolobampo
  • Birrieria Reyes de Ocotlan
  • Taqueria Traspasada
  • Solazo
  • 5 Rabanitos

Best Vegan Restaurants in Chicago

If you are looking for the best vegan restaurant in Chicago, you should check out any of the listed restaurants below.

  • Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen
  • Quesadilla La Reyna del Sur
  • Chicago Diner
  • Soul Veg City
  • Daisies
  • Kitchen 17
  • Urban Vegan
  • Sunda
  • Handlebar
  • Paulie Gee’s

Best Indian Restaurants in Chicago

Indian restaurants are established across Chicago and are one of the most visited indigenous restaurants in the city. The best Indian restaurants in Chicago to dine with friends and family are:

  • Indian Garden Restaurant
  • India House Restaurant
  • Gaylord India Restaurant
  • Chicago Curry House – Indian & Nepalese Cuisine
  • Sabri Nihari
  • Cumin
  • Himalayan restaurant
  • Jaipur
  • Rooh Chicago
  • Bombay Wraps

Best Date Night Restaurants Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, and some of them stand out as a venue for date night. Amusing ambiance, finger-licking unique cuisine, excellent service delivery, and more are the experiences guaranteed to you and your date. Consider visiting any of the listed restaurants below for your date night.

  • Virtue
  • Bavette’s
  • 3 Arts Club Café
  • S.K.Y
  • The Darling
  • Porto
  • Mon Ami Gabi
  • Alla Vita
  • Sushi Suite 202
  • Aba

Best Japanese restaurant in Chicago

The restaurants in Chicago are amazing, offering quality service and food. There are numerous indigenous restaurants in Chicago. Among them are Japanese restaurants that prepare local Japanese dishes. Below is the list of Japanese restaurants you can visit in Chicago.

  • Sushi Dokku
  • Mako
  • Gaijin
  • Momotaro
  • Tengoku Aburiya
  • Omakase Yume
  • Juno
  • Izakaya Mita
  • Ramen Wasabi
  • Arami

Best Restaurants Chinatown Chicago

Chinatown in Chicago is a small neighborhood; however, it is packed with splendid restaurants where you can enjoy sumptuous meals. The best restaurants in Chinatown Chicago are:

  • MingHin Cuisine
  • Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings
  • Szechwan JMC
  • Dolo Restaurant
  • MCCB Chicago
  • Chi Café
  • Chiu Quon Bakery Chinatown
  • Go 4 Food
  • Saint Anna Bakery & Café
  • Triple Crown Restaurant

Best Chicago Greek Restaurants

Chicago is a city full of funky, modern, and fun places to visit, including exclusive restaurants. If you crave Greek cuisine, there are numerous Greek restaurants you can visit in the city. They are:

  • Greek Islands Restaurant
  • Athena Greek Restaurant
  • Artopolis Bakery & Café
  • Santorini Restaurant
  • Taxim
  • Athenian Room
  • George’s Hot Dogs
  • Salonica
  • Iguana Café
  • Pita Heaven Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Chicago to Eat

From our list, you have learned that Chicago has a wide range of restaurants with various cuisines, from the less familiar Ukrainian, Chinese, and even Indian. Take your time to visit the 13 best restaurants outlined and discussed because these are the places where you can enjoy both traditional and contemporary local cuisines in Chicago.